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Anna Earth Mar 30
I am a lighthouse
I am a whale
I am the first taste of your favorite ale

I am a mountain
I am a bug
I am the extra few seconds during our goodbye hug

I am all of the stars
But I am not the moon
I am the half smile when you say, "I'll see you soon"
Anna Earth Jan 13
You speak in poem
and you don't even know it

Your words are so beautifully put together
that they create the perfect sound waves

that make
my hearth

I can barely hold your gaze
one long second at a time

But in that second I forget I was hurting
and I am reassured
you are all I need
Anna Earth Jan 9
Kristi said, "Not everyone deserves your details. Pick one good friend you trust and talk about it".
Anna Earth Jan 9
Which means that the place that holds my Love is broken
and can't be contained.

Chattered in pieces or broken in two?
Doesn't matter.

Where does Love go?
And how does one
or heal?

With Pride?
"What do you mean you don't want my love? You don't deserve my Love. I'll give it to someone who is worth it. Someone who will appreciate it."

The Truth: you're someone who absolutely deserves my Love, you're overqualified, actually. I know you would take care of my heart.

With Anger then!
"You're so stupid. I don't even like you that much. You're not good for me. I dodge a bullet!"

The Truth: that says more about me than you. It speaks of my insecurities and my hurt. You're absolutely beautiful to me and there is no hate in my heart for you.

With more Love.
"I have to be honest with myself. Own up to my mistakes and
acknowledge what I did right. Surround myself with good company and ask for help. I have to take care of my heart."

With poetry...
Anna Earth Dec 2019
And just like that she had my whole heart

I walked away
My eyes too heavy to hold her gaze

And just like that she had my whole heart

When I did get a peek at her eyes
Those stargazing eyes
I saw her hesitation

And just like that she had my whole heart

She loves me
I know that for sure

And just like that she has my whole heart
Anna Earth Oct 2019
Let me try again
but before I begin
I just have to say
I'm not the same
I was yesterday

Something has taken over
Something is gaining power
The person who is really me
Has been hiding
in my shadow

I don't know what to do
This is bigger than me and you
And now I'm writing poetry
Rewriting the meaning of loyalty

Something is taking over
Something has the power
The person who is really me
Is broken and is tired

Let me try this again
With this paper and pen
What is written and what is said
Is the chatter in my head
Anna Earth Oct 2019
You don't love me like I do
But all I want is a kiss from you
And every kiss after that one too

I don't want you all to myself
Please, do kiss and tell!
You're my heaven and I'm your hell

I'm sorry if I get carried away
All I want is your touch and play
But I know you don't love me like like I do
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