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We are shrouds of starlight
Shining like the most illuminated sunset
We are somewhat functional in our conditioning
With hundreds of moving pieces to contend with
We are examples of million dollar architecture
Manicured lawns and poolside furniture
We are fantasies of the suburbs
Disposable diapers always readily waiting
Like soldiers in times of need or war
We have become triumphantly stupider
Bored of reading and taking time to reflect
And it appears we are not yet collectively ready
To rebel against the swelling tides of tyranny

I wonder if she was asleep when i walked into her room
Or if she could hear me speaking to her
While she waits and dreams of millions of sparrows
Butterflies grace her eyelids with hidden sight
We sink deep into radical islands of beauty
And make noises despite our empty lungs
We speak for the lack of honesty
Large houses distract you from the edges
Of sorrow and grief
Please feel free to erupt into a million pieces
Do not stand idly by while corruption waits out on the street
We are shedding our soldiers and stories
From weeping eyes of brown caramel
And like your daughters we are ***** and distrustful
And a boiling *** of water knows no mercy, child
We now must face the test of our temperaments
As if the increasing tropical heat is only a mild, and subtle
Warning of the inherent need for all beings to remain wild
Hanging heads are feeling,
turned up ones seeing,
to sides they're hearing.

Over shoulder fear
and a lonely tear
falling down the spine.

Socks are for fearful rocks
as we meet to our feet,
bare in gratefulness.
My hands and feet meet
while *******.
You get me up.
You want me to get up myself.
I see, I listen, show the hollows.

You see, you listen,
you knew it from the start,
I'm not made to follow
a construction
made from dissociated souls.

I get up myself,
show who I am
in the way unfolding.

The signs blow wild ocean
into my face,

"Nothing to hold,
nothing to hold,
other than a healthy soul,
in dancing hulls."

Just so you know,
never were you responsible for my falls,
I will fall again
to get up.

We might be able to be gentle in winter, too.
Turning snow to boiling springs,
while everything around compresses.

I am levels below
and levels above,
being human is just complex
forgetting the simplicity of love
on different tracks.

Feel life coming up,
meeting me in admiration

"let loose,"

though nothing further from my truth,
as forcing next

as long as we can come forth

to love tenderly

in winter.

My secret is -
there's nothing I love more
than cold wind
kissing me full force

in touch with my heart
and seeing
my incomplete completion,

making love

or just for this one holy reason.

Inuit kisses,
two unicorns cuddling speechless,
nothing to prove, nothing to move,

we soothe the wounds
and heal,

just feel
it is.
I lay on the hard tiles of my rooftop balcony
The city lights make the night sky like a dark day
billowy clouds roll by as only the strongest stars shine
wistfully, I pretend to wish upon the dim little lights
The lyrics to that old Disney song echoing childhood
my wishes take stronger form, as I beseech the Heavens
I don't care for the hopelessness and the doubts I feel
I fight them with every ounce of my willpower
but it is not enough, Divine help is the only hope
It always comes when I least expect it, but it always comes
The love that I feel, and the fear, the endless restlessness
a mind consumed by the misfiring synapses of ADHD
I want to stay, but I'm afraid that I will run away
Even though I love you, and I'm afraid you fear this too
If only your love would glue me to the ground
While God's love would heal our tattered minds
Then our hearts would be free of this fear at last
And we could share a spot while we stare at the stars
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