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May 2018 · 131
U prob are confused but lol
Zoomer May 2018
That little gay slytherin
Tied my laces together.
And then I was trippin.
As I strayed from the right
He kept on the left  
And put a little reason in my heart
To see what people can do without knowing.
Then something dripped.
The rip of a dart.
Apr 2018 · 117
Zoomer Apr 2018
why does EVERYONE HATE ME?!?!?!?!?!
i am grateful for them and even though i can hate them i dont  
Zoomer Mar 2018
That place.  That you can like
But I can hate
I hate it in the middle
The rulers give so much to ask
And we are in a pickle
There are people who are rude
And people who cause you stress
And there’s nothing you can do about it
Or else they will beat you and pound you with hateful spit , in a mess
Feb 2018 · 369
Flat head stereotype
Zoomer Feb 2018
Poems usaually stray with a emotional devour
Well I wrote this one in the shower

As a stereotype walks they think in this one place,minds are lost
They think we all have 1000 strange thoughts in this place,
When I only have 52 and sing , and pace

They think it’s peaceful but the reality is when you have to hold your head up,
it bends your neck and the liquid burns your skin

Stereotype,oh stereotype
please cry for me tonight
Feb 2018 · 247
Dent in my brain
Zoomer Feb 2018
I try,I try,I try
For you to capture me
But without forcing it
I never wanted you to see

Im standing here I stay
punishing my mind
for not being so aware of time

Sometimes you have to choke to fly
Like chains pulling you farther

It can take a rhyme to know
you softened me to sense a lover

— The End —