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Euphoria Oct 15
Hating the hate feeling...
extreme annoyance
I wish these get over quietly
Euphoria Oct 5
Remembering you
On the process of forgetting you...
when trying to forget someone hurts more
Euphoria Oct 5
Don't tell me how much you like me
Don't show me how much you care
I'm not asking you to love me
I'm afraid of commitments
Its too much for me
Not because I am not ready for it
I am ready, but not with you
Euphoria Sep 25
That fading Us just hurts,
That vivid truth breaks my heart,
That reality creeping its way in my thoughts breaking every fantasy crushes my soul.
This sanity isn’t doing any good,
This moment where my heart refuse to acknowledge my mind
I just can’t let go.
Would offer anything to live in this fantasy!
Ohhh God please hear this heart’s desire

— The End —