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Black Jan 16
what if I give my heart ?
will it be enough?
what if I add my time to it ?
will you take it?
imagine putting my life on the line for you ?
would you love me still .?

if my heart cry's for you
and my body yearn for you
let say everything crave for you
will you give me a chance.?

let say I mean every word of mouth
and the actions I put in place
what if I can do everything I promised
will you be mine.?

at all this what if I have nothing
else to offer will you love me for who I am.?
would you...?
What if, love, life, action, promised, everything, word, body, heart, enough
Black Sep 2020
pain the teacher

the only instructor who instructs after punishment

the only teacher who flogs you without a cain

it teaches you the bitter sweet truth

it know nobody

it is a respecter of noon

it won't stop until you learn.

the best instructor anyone can ever have.

take or leave it one way or the other everyone get trached
pain pain pain
Pain it's keeps coming, it will teach you almost all you need to know ...
Black Aug 2020
Sometimes loving some people is a mistake
Trusting them is a mistake
Learning to live with there wrong Is a mistake...
The painful part is it's a cycle it something don't stop ..
It bring pain that never ends...
The pain in my heart never stops ...for I made the biggest mistake loving a fool
Black Jun 2020
Should I be sad

For I love you
You could break me,
You could make me,
You could hurt me,
You can even play me.

Tho I love you even more,
I rendered my heart as a home at no cost,
I traded my happiness for you and My comfort for your pleasure,
My presence you'll crave for,
I trade my time to be with you, and My everything for your something,
At the end what do I get.

When i wake every night the words that ponder my mind are ...
Do I deserve to be happy?
Can good people ever get what they want?
Could i ever be loved the way I want to?

I stare at my blank wall and
All I could hear is my heart beat,
In an empty room as well as my mind,
Should I be sad? for that's the only words that runs down my spine ....
Until I find am answer I'll never stop asking .
At the end all I can say is should I be sad
Black Jun 2020
Good bye

If loving you was wrong
Then what else is right
If life wants to take you
I'll rather give my heart away instead of yours
If the world wants to stand against us
I'll rather move to the Moon with you .
If everyone says it's not possible .
I'll make it possible ...

For all I need is youΒ Β and not them..
if you stay I'm safe .
For how possible is it for one to say good bye to what's engraved in your heart ..?
Could I ever say good Bye..?
When it's standing at my face

Never say hello if you know good bye is somewhere in sight..
I know the pain may never die..
I cried in the rain just because she said good bye
I know how it feels to hear good bye.
I cried in the rain just because she said good bye so I know how it feels to hear good bye
Black Jun 2020
Words only can't say,
action too can't express more,
Even if the earth is wrapping up,
Maybe the end with you will mean more than the beginning.

If only you will let me be the father of your kid's
and you the mother of mine
Be my woman and I'll stand in as your man till the end,

I would have love to give you earth but earth is sick.
But maybe I'll only give you my heart.
Come live in it and pay no rent

The only key to a perfect life is love ...
Black May 2020
Find a heart
A heart that bind
A heart that beats
A heart that needs but share
A heart that appreciate

In the deep sea of emotion
In the fall against gravity
You know the soul of a hungry man
That's Yawn for love never changes

Even if I fall against my will
My heart never fades
even if I am beaten
Over and over again
My heart will never die
Tho I may cry
But i laugh in the face of pain
For I'll never give up on love

I find a duty alone..but a future with her
I found a life alone but a world with her
Her heart never hides
Her heart is so large
That she can love me

With a heart that never.........
Possibility never stop ..
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