It has been awhile since i wrote a tale,
Of unjust of no peace and so much choas.
It has been awhile since i got my self to a point of peace and focus...
I no longer crave to be perfect, i no longer crave to be right...
This is who and what i am, a small dot on a big world.
Just putting a stop to one sentence.
And writing a new...

It has just been....
I am me as simple as can be,
I am me as sain as can be,
I am me a simple soul,
I am me a simple mind.
Complex to see,
Complex to understand,
I am me a soul lost and diveded,
A body crushed,
A human that is unseen.
I am me,
Simple minded
#focus # self #sadness
i am me, simple and steady,
i am me, not needed.
dead inside, complex in the mind.

no one ever cared, no one ever wondered.
i was always alone, in my mind, in my soul.
my words never reached anyone.

i am me, no one.
just one that was none,
always and forever no one.

in a complex and steady kind of way,
no one until time has its say...

no one are the words that are in display,

NO ONE....
me in every way
Laying down,
On this ground...
Why do i feel my heart burning,
Why do i feel my skin peeling of,
Why do i feel like my wings are comming off.

I rember you,
How hatefull i was of you,
Why are you back..
I cant kill you..
I cant stand next to you..
Just the hate and heat that you let off,
Make me someone else,
Id rathter not be anymore.

No matter how much i try its never enough..
Always comming back when i am weak,
And now you are here,


I need my heart to heal,
I need my head to be calm,
I need my pulse to drop,
I need this all to stay sain.

I am again confronted with you,


As much as you are appart of me,
Your not welcome,
You make my life harder,
You make me less of me,
You are a heathen that just,
Takes me appart,
Makes me an empty shell.


Still burning,
Still hurting,
Still breathing heat...

Only question?

Who understads the pain,
The loneliness,
The sence of being undone.

I am forever confronted with this fire inside.
Burning from the inside out,
Till there is nothing left.

I can only say, if you understand this pain.
Then you know why i wrote this.
I wont ask, to follow.
I wont ask, to stay.
I wont ask, to hold.
I may not ask to breath,
For all that i am.

I am a sinner,
A hater,
A human,
A body of flesh and bone.

For all that i am,
Is incomplete,
A dark hole,
Of nothing but,

I wont ask...

To make me whole,
To see my words,
Read my words,
Of sorrow,

I wont ask...

To see me as i am.

A human.

I wont ask....
Its hard to be understood, its hard to say how and what you are.
He gave me strength,
He gave me might,
He gave me freedom,

How i didn't listen,
How i didn't follow,
How i failed,

Still forgiven,
Still saved,
Still living to make amends,
Still breathing to follow,

O how i was so wrong,
O how i was so blind,
The Lord forsake my soul...

A bleeding heart could only,
Mend for all the love that was and still,
Its getting.

He gave me,
Sometimes you take Gods Words for granted and at the end of the day you
see his light.
Tears of a sad man,
How i sit here crying, never ending in my pain.
Always wondering why?
Why am i so different.
Why cant i be normal.
Normal such a strong word,
In the eyes of a simple person,
Such a death sentence in the eyes of an

How i try so hard to be normal.
How hard i try to see past my faulths.

To see pass my inability to change, this wrecked form.

How i cry here wondering, again,

God give me strength to pass this pain,
This broken piece of soul,
Mend it back.

Tears of a sad man is forever lost...

How they fall down this wreched face,
Displaced and never seen.

How my soul bleeds, craving for a want, craving for a need.

When will my soul be free...

Its about me, how i strugle with everyday life
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