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As is your heart is the starter, your body is the mover, and your soul the motivator.
As is your mind the placer of thought and deed,
so is yourself the chooser.

Knowing ones self is the center of all knowledge
knowing once self brings you the peace which is as is.
As is sun to darkness
As is sadness to happiness
so is the time and space where one can become as one is,
choosing will lead to either destruction or salvation
life notes
Why i write

This i write out of my own well being, the moment to share and to stay alive, i have been and always be me in my sense, the world will never understand all of me or try to, that is how it was made to be, the strong survive, the weak die. living in a world where nothing makes sense to you can be a drain and be a bad trip to another life, feelings of ill and feelings of regret, subduing you with ever step forward, ever step back feels like a mile, every thought  becomes a radical illusion, i don't  do poetry because of the fun i get from it or because it is great, its my way of knowing the facts or real emotions being placed in writing, making a world where a viewer can try to understand the real feeling behind it.

Why i write

As day turns clear, when day gets dark, when your mind is open or when it is closed, everything makes sense or no sense at all, words make a time of feeling worth seeing and feeling, take it from the seeds of a tree there are no big impacts when it is planed, but as small as it is the longer is grows the bigger the impact, as is life to us all, take note now or lose yourself,
write now or lose the inspiration or stay silent and never speak again. you decide your fate...

Why i write....
Self healing
I wish there was a time to escape to a better place,
and how to engrave your name in stone in a heart that spreads stones like along the river bed, cause in all of this pain i can seek, a stream a place to few your name like a memory forever and so i speak with a full heart i'd love to be there again, loved to love again, love to feel that again, but for now i just wish....
love is priceless if you have it keep it safe
Self conflicted and disturbed, all thoughts pass through my mind with vengeance and misery, trying to control this hate growing inside and killing all part of emotion like a scythe through the grass and a flame eating away the dryness of this life, never knowing the pain and guild that was inflicted to ones mind and soul.
I am a hate breather, negative eater and just all parts of chaos that make all the more sense in a world which only knows conflict and has no brain, pondering why things are as they are, are not questions to be asked in this world, do so and be branded to unknown one, for now and always... A negative eater and wishful peace of mind is a complexity of the wise and a curse to the unknown one...
controle the anger
What was asleep is now awake,
What once would hide in the dark is back yet again, i did not want it awake, i wanted it to stay away but the more i tried, the stronger it got

Now wings burn once more, lights dim down and it all starts again,
Darkness awakens when that part of your heart gets hurt or lost in a war of feelings and pain, the suffering starts again.

I wanted it different, i wanted to be whole but seems you where the key to open that door yet again in my life, i could hate you, i could mentaly rip you from my mind,
But darkness has awaken again
When anger takes over
Knowing and feeling that it will all end, is maby far fetched, but maby there is some truth to it,
All i can say is,
When words end its clear as day and as silent as night.
When words no longer matter, when words have no more mening behind it ,no more emotion, no more weight and no more reason.

It clear as day and silent as night.
That your heart has stopped.
What starts like a seed, can become a ****.
What starts as a conversation, can become an argument.
What starts as love can become hate...
Just like life starts with being born, it ends in death...

The same as taking thee with sugar, thats how all things start, the first step, becomes your last...


Will you start now or keep far away, its everywhere, believe it or dont...
Be the judge of your life, be the blood that pumps through you, become the human you know you are...

Be less afraid and start...

Addict to life...
Comming from a safe place and deep mindset
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