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Storms are coming,
they try to ruin my roots.
I'm always fighting,
but can not anymore.

Risking it all, with hope
to find myself.
I've got all I could dreamt of,
so, why am I not happy?
Still, I am here, lost and insecure,
trying to find a place where I belong.
Stay tonight,
Stay every night.
Fight what kills me,
when the darkness comes.
Take me to places,

Where just I would be your queen.

Look me in the
eyes, hold my hand,
Take me to neverland.
Where my heart can fly,
Beautifully upon the sky.
The crushing reality
stops in time.

And finally, your love is mine.

My little star,
shinning so bright.
You're my everything,
My only light.

So please... Just stay tonight.
Your worth is not in someone's opinion.

Your beauty is not in your body,
but in your gorgeous smile, kind eyes and loving heart.
You don't have to see it yet, but the day will come.

Who cares if she is thinner or he has bigger muscles, who cares about their expensive stuff. Who cares about their negativity.

I am here to tell you that happiness is waiting for you to accept it, love is behind the door to lighten your life.

World is such a better place when the love is spread around.

Ti amo con tutto il mio cuore. ♥️
We have always been told, that once you did the thing, you will do it again.
We have been told, that people
will never change. But it is
not true. You can change
in one minute.
All it takes
is one
In the minute
you change your
view, your mind. If you
regret your faults and forgive
yourself it will be forgiven you.
Every one of us makes mistakes, but still we are precious. Every person in this world makes a difference, may
be not for the whole world,
but you can mean the
world for even just
one person.
little thing
you hate on yourself
people love on you, because
it makes you unique and beautiful.
Keep the faith. Love and respect yourself more than anything. ♡
Life's going to kick you down.
I'm so sorry to tell you,
but it is true.

It does not matter how many
times you will be broken.
You'll stand up again.

Maybe it doesn't seem possible now,
but you are stronger than this.
You are more beautiful
than your wounds.

Your scars are memories of your wins.
Your future is brighter than
you can imagine.

Everybody has it's own struggles
Lot of people hide the pain.
Show your aches, there's
someone who cares
like I do.

It does not matter how is your past,
nor how many mistakes you made.
I see the good, the light in you.
I see love in your heart.
I want you to know,
you deserve
it all.
#victories #beauty #loveable #hope #faith
I thought yesterday would be my last day. I thought, I would torn apart. I fell to the deepest darkness, I hit rock-bottom so hard that even the pain was silent and I became so numb... I couldn't breath, I couldn't stand up.
I came to work and I was surprised that I am happy, truly happy. I smiled all day long and I was satisfied with myself. I still am. I feel strength and passion. I made decisions and cleared my path.

I.         Will.         Be.        Happy.
#love #yourself #happiness #selfworth #selfacceptance #breakdown
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