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Ijla Jan 1
I built my walls
Too high
Thought i was
Protecting myself
And now
I dont know how to
Let people in
So I end up pushing the very people
That actually give a ****
Jokes on me.....
Ijla Dec 2018
A smile sculpted on my face
A fake twinkle in my eyes
Strings of words
spilling endlessly
Followed by bursts of laughter
so sweet
A perfect facade
For my daily life
One, even the people I love
Fail to see beyond
There's no one to blame but me.
Ijla Nov 2018
I hope someday
when you look back,
instead of regretting
the things you've left behind,
you'll be able to see
just how far you've come.
- Acknowledge your growth -
Ijla Oct 2018
When you said the word "Love",
What I saw was a loaded gun.
You holding the trigger
and I, looking down it's barrel.
Standing at this very spot again
my demons were screaming.
"Runaway" they said.
"Save yourself from yet another wound."
It was instilled in my mind
that love, brings pain and suffering.
That love.. was a matter of
Until when.
Until when would you love me?
How long till you would shoot me down,
and leave me bleeding,
Suffering from the after effects.
Just like every other person
who brought up the word "love".
So as the days passed
I waited,
I waited for the moment
that you'd pull the trigger.
But you never did.
Fearing the repetition of history,
I hadn't realised
that the gun I was petrified by
was no longer in your hands.
But forgotten
on the ground.
This was something
I never anticipated.
I had only dreamt of.
It was hard to believe
'Cause dreams never came true
But unlike everyone
Before you
In your arms
Happiness finally chose me.
When you meet the one.. it wouldn't be like any other. You'd let your guards down no matter how much you've suffered in the past. 'Cause that's just what love is.
Ijla Oct 2018
Love is a bit like driving
You spend all your time
learning the theory
Practicing over and over again
But when you get behind the wheel
You can't help but freeze up
'Cause you already know
that you can't be ready
Not for every single scenario
that'll come your way
You might just find yourself
losing control
Hitting an obstacle
so suddenly
it sends you
crashing through the windshield
on to the open road
Pieces of glass
cutting into you
Blood seeping through your clothes
onto the heated ground
A ringing in your ears,
pain so intense
You'd wish for it to end
without a hope for survival.
But maybe you'll drive just fine.
Get to your destination with ease.
Drive past woods and waterfalls
and all places beautiful.
Listen to birds chirping,
the rustle of leaves.
And if you are lucky
Maybe you'd get a glimpse of
rare lenticular clouds
over coloured mountains.
Or fire rainbows
over dozens of frost flowers.
And that's why
we love anyway.
After all, love is just another leap of faith.
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