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Devon Aug 2021
When everything felt warm
And when skies were still blue.
I blame all those things on you.
I woke up every morning to two things,
The morning light warming my face
and your radiating embrace.
They were the same,
you were my sun.

The day you taught me how to sleep,
I've since forgot.
But I'll always remember,
That true rest only comes when you're here,
but you're not.
Devon Nov 2019
“There are days where I believe that my morning resurrection is met with nothing but passive malice.

That the world is nothing more than a solid pinnacle of frictions, blocking our path to the next.

The great next, the forever better next.

Some see this blockage as absolute and choose to set thier grave at its base.

Once again, our race choosing to bend before the self proclaimed unfathomable.

To most, these are truths. But for me, I believe different.

We can make the ground move, just through our will. We’ve grasped matterless vacuums of space, for no reason more than our curiosity. We can draw ungodly power from every glint of gold our eyes find in whichever direction we so choose, passion.

Passion, such a small thing to some. But for those who choose to break down their own barriers and transcend the fog. Passion can obliterate any obstacle.

Never forget, even when beneath a large marble idol. That we were not made in the gods image. They were made in ours.”
Devon Jan 2017
"I live in a constant state of crying for ghosts and willing to die for most...
Ghosts come in many shapes and sizes. Some are from those who left this world, other are from who just left you.
Devon Nov 2016
"To watch the water of the open ocean dance as it bathes in sunlight, there is not a more calming sight."
I wrote this during my last deployment. It means a lot to me.
Devon Jun 2016
"Beauty in detail, gives you the largest picture."
I'm sorry for how long I've been away. My artistic lust hit a brick wall. I notice how most of my writings/poetry (if you can call it that) have been about love. Which is odd, because I can't recall what being in love felt like. So I've been doing some searching on that and I'll continue when I find out what exactly it means and feels like to be "In Love."
Devon Apr 2016
"I want to devote my mind, body & soul as a canvas, to the brushstroke that is your life."
Devon Apr 2016
"The hands that hold together the words, "Self" & "Love" are only as tight as the strength that you give them."
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