Idol Minos Feb 27

A quest to find an answer
where an answer is your destination
Called out of the darkness, the children of God
drawing ever nearer to the light way over the horizon
Eyes accumulating information while illuminating universes
Every action leaves a fingerprint in history fueling the fires of the future
a flame that flickers feverishly for all awaiting the conclusion of the suffering
We are the ones who stole the fire from the flaming sword in the Garden of Eden
to chase away the darkness and hunt the beasts to be sacrificed and devoured
to shed light on the mysteries, to open what the Maker has concealed
to reveal the burning lies that ravaged paradise on this earth
A burning passion within, we mourn those burned alive
the innocent, humanity is just a war-torn family
I am the one caught in the middle
riddled with rain drops
the pain stops

Idol Minos Feb 26

I feel the chill of loneliness
alone in a sea of people
with no hope for a companion
so I retreat to solitude
with endless questions plaguing my mind
am I the only living person
in this graveyard?

Idol Minos Jan 5

A humble man people say I am
And indeed in life I may be
But in my dreams greatness radiates from me

When I’m feeling good I unite countries
clothe the poor, feed the hungry
fame is my destiny

When I’m feeling down I’m a beastly terror
I chase after cops and do unspeakable horrors
And I always win wars

But that’s just my dreams
Humble old Paul
That’s what I’m known for

Idol Minos Dec 2016

I seek wisdom outside of these walls
a prisoner locked in a cell
It ain’t hard to tell
every answer to a question
unlocks the door with a key
I dive deep into the ocean of subconsciousness
then rise up and breathe the air of wisdom
I can tell you the true value of freedom without peace
and peace without freedom
I am dark as I live not evil
the black cloud over my head
fills me up with dread
but I’d rather be alive not dead
the measure of our misery is a mystery to me
but that mystery is yet to be faced
in time I hope I find the courage to grow

Idol Minos Oct 2016

Exploding into countless pieces

travelling across vast distances of space


trembling with enormous amounts of power

I have surpassed the infinite

I hold the reins of time

slow it down, rewind it, fast forward

I polished the stars

set the sun ablaze

the planets I have put in motion

and that universe is but one page in my book

a book in an immense library

a library I have conjured with my mind’s power

my limitless imagination

Idol Minos Sep 2016

it's been awhile
since we've first met
do you remember who I am?
do you remember playing hide-and-seek?
I reminisce, how time flies,
I never even got to say good-bye
you never even got to say good-bye,
time flew by, and we split paths
and we've changed a lot since then,
we are just old friends to each other by now
I hope you're doing fine,
I wish you all the best,
we might not ever see each other again
I just want to let you know...
I miss you

Idol Minos Sep 2016

I'm sitting here all alone writing a verse

first things first I need to empty my soul

then listen to my heart yo my heart is whole

why can’t everyone be like me yo live peacefully?

I understand you feel pain but so do I

you don’t see me whine and gripe

you don’t hear me complain but I do cry

suicide even crossed my mind I wanted to die

but what I really wanted to do is live in the sky

somewhere high where I can see the whole world

these words that I spit seem to be attracted to me

I just want to be all I can be

don’t care too much about what’s on t.v.

Just waiting for the end yo I need a best friend

the loneliness rocked my mind

trapped in a cage outside of time

I'm left with nothing but these words to rhyme

words that used to punish my mind

I never did a crime all I did was think too much

wonder about God and Life and such

Everlasting life would that be possible?

Are you the same person that said nothing is impossible?

every question every answer

every door every key

Could you please open one for me?

I'm not trying to get in

I'm trying to get out

once I get out

I'm a shout

and say

Now I am Free

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