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The steel constrictor
wraps tighter around my
aching bones

Every gasping
painful breath
leads me away from home

Why do I feel like
I need you to live

Why do I
want you back.
This has sat in my drafts for literal years
The spear moved in slow motion
As if moving through water
Heading for your heart
Finding the mark
And tried
Experimenting with some new structure
Once upon
I felt the call
To take a midnight walk
And stumbling through
The misty streets
A voice began to talk

Fear not said ye
The angels call
I must have reached the Lord
But falling through
The gravel road
The stone and I’m the sword

The king of far
And futures will
Be beckoned by the light
With fist and tongue
He rules below
The tempting of his might

And yet we see
His gentler heart
Indulging in the arts
The king at last
Usurped from throne
The Jester’s reign then starts

The midnight walk
Turns into morn
And visions fade away
But jesters in
the place of kings
Will never go away
I really like this one high key, just a nice little story with a couple interpretations
Don’t cast me aside again
Or run away with my heart
Run away with my hopes and aspirations
Knowing I can’t love the same
It happens
Sitting in the dark just gives me visions of you
No matter either way the wall is built
No matter the covering
No matter the adversity
Take me into your simple arms
Your sinful arms
Return me
Release me
I just miss it all
My own muse
The words drain from my mouth
Can’t describe you
Can’t ever encapsulate you
My own muse
My words drip to the floor
Can’t satiate you
Can’t seem to overcome
My own muse
The words flowing to the cracks
Can’t slip you
Can’t ever break through the floor
My own muse
My words drying up
Can’t win you
Can’t ever seem to wash the mold
I love you so much but I don’t think you feel the same
Few suffer like the top of the hourglass
Drained by the bottom
Eternally powerless to gravity
Forced to repeat
I dunno quick little one shot
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