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 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
What's it take
These days

To write a poem

That makes the world go mad
That brings the crowds to their feet
That spreads like wildfire
Through a dry winter forest

Is it those excessively long words?
The ostentatiously loquacious
Platitudinous ramblings
Of an insecure mind aspiring
To authentic intellect?

Is it perhaps...
     the "creativity"
               of      varied      spacing
  or...    could it be..... the lack
                              of capitalization
               the loathsome little letters
               screaming out
                         hey, look at us!
         ... or maybe it's
               the punctuation marks,
     littered, haphazardly
          through the text
                    (whether used correctly)
               or, theyre not?!
     despite worrds mispeled
          and a grammar might is broken
   can these gimmicks increase interest
        though miswritten or misspoken?

Is the trick alliteration
Whose bite brightly bids us
To center on the snappy sounds?
Although all along
     unvoiced underneath
Ideas idle in the isles
   (or perhaps the aisles)
Of the mind
To meld and craft and bind
Our thorough thoughts
And worthy words
Into lines
Heard by herds
Raise the
                  Praise for which we
                  Privately, desperately

Maybe it's a magical mix
Of splendid in-your-head rhythm
Marvelous meter that perfectly clicks
Flowing smoothly without schism

Well-spaced stanzas
Well-used time
Well-crafted phrases
Well-thought-out rhymes

Well, maybe not...
     those gems are often ignored
     cast-aside, unread, even abhorred


Because the modern world
doesn't need your rules
your restrictions
your regulations
your misguided boundaries
your oppression
your antiquated ideas
   of "the right way"
   to write
   to speak
   to act
   to live
   to (fill in the blank)

No, what the modern world needs

And poetry whose words
Say the same thing
Repeat the same meaning
Echo the same lyrics
Rephrase the same thoughts
But in an ever-so-slightly
Changed up way

After line
Of synonyms


What's it take
These days

To not give in
To narcissism's spiral?

But more importantly:
What's it take

To make my poem go viral?
Only halfway cynically written, I swear!
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
Whit Howland
I have the urge
to tweak
better yet

the dominant

out on the open
is a boat

painted blue
like the water
which is calm

it's placid

the yellow sun
off the water if

you were in that boat
you might get what is called
a blue water tan

we are happy
we are jubilant

not sad

Whit Howland © 2020
Abstract word art
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
Chad Young
The light of the manifest heaven is, alas, as a breeze in the middle of the night.
The hellish blaze of former times still resonate in my heart.
Knowledge is as a copious fountain in the Earth's riverbed,
And wisdom grows on every vine even if it dwells upon the dust.
The measurement of time is the only level left between the people of the world.
Seeing clearly the brighter side
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
Ashlyn Yoshida
Red on marble
Spattered floor
Brains like static
Begging for more
You're insane
You're insane
The blood gushes darker
You can't turn back time
What's done is done
A scar to hide
For the rest of my life
I'm wailing
to cry.
What's this? A backstory of the scar from the girl in Staring Stranger? Is there going to be more? Yes. Yes there will be.
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
I didn’t know
That when you left
I wouldn’t see you
Ever again.

I waved goodbye
I smiled bright
Until they called me
Late at night.

Sometimes I think
When light has gone
You were a lost cause
All along.

But then when rays
Of light arrive
Tears of betrayal
Leave my eyes.
 Feb 2020 Fandiaz
Little Bean
Him and her,
a perfect duple.
Him and her,
seeing double.
Him and her,
a perfect sight.
Him and her,
high as a kite.
Him and her,
slated to be.
Him and her,
my personal tragedy.
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