Athena 4d
Convergient boundaries
force rock and long forgotten heat
to the surface
just as babes are forced from
the idle disarray of thoughts
of which form the ****
and into the
alert, calculated and controlled thoughts
of which form their lives
Daily we tread on what we love and hold dear
All of what keeps us whole and healthy and alive
stomped out and replaced with plastic
and bad news
We mold ourselves into disfigured amalgamates
to conform to an image that we did not make
We are unnatural
Athena Nov 12
She's beautiful, my mind seemed to scream
With eyes like that I could have been forever lost
but instead I felt FOUND
And I think I found her, too
Fierce and determined, she lead me out of the cage
that I built around myself
and into the light of my sexuality
She did this in the way she played and teased
She did this in the smile she gave me
and the words she told me
She showed me the life that she saw in herself
and she took my hand and lead me to the mirror
and held my head in place and told me to look deeply
Because, she said, the same life was in me
She held my darkness in her palms
and instead of giving it back at the days end,
she kept it in a jar and said that those dark spots were unimportant
because all light casts a shadow, after all
She's beautiful, that *******
Beautiful through and through
Athena Nov 12
Amber eyes
Warm caverns and mountaintop kingdoms
filled to the brim with the treasures of man
and the roaring of beasts
Wings stir the air and bend petrified trees
Grand plumes of fire
reflect in opaline scales
The dragon soars into the heart of the sun
Athena Nov 12
I raise the glass of my eyes
and upon this action I drink swiftly your expectations
until I am full of you
Your heartbeat is my own
Your love is my love
Your darkness my deepest sorrow
Sleep Peacefully
Athena Nov 11
Little Lover, You called me
so sweet and divine
sensual, thin and curvy
But when You beckoned me into your arms, Big World
I was not greeted with the warmth You promised so chastely
but was instead met with a chill that went bone deep
And it is for such reasons that I must denounce your claim on me
and my people
Simply because, sweet, divine world
'Tis You who is sensual, but also manipulative
'Tis You who is thin, starving for the disaster you feed from
'Tis You who is curvy, with your many different faces and angles
You are not very Big at all
Indeed, I find You to be quite Little.
Athena Nov 11
I click my pen again and again
Again and Again and Again
click click click click click
but it still doesn't feel right
and the world is about to end
A thousand times I'll tell you that I don't know
I don't know I don't know I don't know
I'm so frustrated
But I can't stop talking
I don't know are my favorite words
and my most indecisive enemy
I wiggle my legs
up and down and down and up and up and down
I'll twist my feet
point my toes and swirl my foot around to make the shape of a heart
make the shape of a heart
make the shape of a heart
make the shape of a heart
Again and Again and Again and Again
You ask me what I'm doing but
I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know
A million times I'll blink my eyes
a million tries
to blink my eyes
Blinking and Blinking and Blinking
but none of those tries leads to triumph
because I still feel absolutely horrible
and my world is about to end
Six times
Nine times
Three times
I leap out of bed and I run to stand in the hall
but my mind tells me to go back to my room and I do
and then my mind tells me to go to the hall
and I stand there and then I run back
What am I doing?
I don't know I don't know I don't know
Why? Why? Why?
Stop asking that question
I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it
a million times over I hate it
But in the end I'm still stuck in the hall
clicking a pen
jumping up and down
Obsessing and allowing the Compulsions to eat me alive
and end my world
Athena Nov 9
You met me as a little bud
Bursting from the earth in loud and obnoxious color
I was incomplete even then, with petals few and far between
And leaves specked with holes because even the most darling of caterpillars couldn't resist taking a bite out of my heart
But now I wonder what might take place should we ever meet again
And alongside such wondering I might find that perhaps you hadn't seen so much of my growth as I might have hoped
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