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Morality Art  Magic Mystical Supernatural paradise (Covon)
Literacy Science  Miracles Mysteries Spiritual paradise (Heaven).

Jedidiah. Solomon.
immanuel. Jesus.
Eve,Sheba,Mary, Jezebel
Omo-ti-Eleda-iwa-bi Most-High-Ka.
Son of Man.
Son of God.
A time for everything.
Net & Amplifier

Night & Day
Dream & vision

Boredom. loneliness. idleness. Fear. Pain.

Uloho Compound igwe of àmé. Sir Sanomi Compound Inspector General.
Umusu Compound Army General. Omni-mini Compound st Johnson st.
Universe, Local, international,
One day the conscious one who inspires Ideas in sequence
"that little child" was walking,
and he found sitting in one corner
the four wealthiest men of the universe
showing their prowess
of the richness of their fare,

The lion was there the ruler of the earth
the shark was there
the ruler of the waters
the eagle was there the ruler of the air
& even the dragon the ruler of the clouds,

They were all friends whose bond stick closer than blood
& brothers who stay firmly together
even in adversity
their absorption is absolute
far greater than couple Union,

This was their conversation;
the creator has taught perfectly
about knowing woman,
truly he has established every job,
even the mechinaries
are not new to him,
Consider how he formed the ant
& established their ways
then you'll realise
he already set everything in place
before we existed in the womb
Of the universe.

This was Noah in his Temple with the Arch Angels,
Melchizedek in his Cherubim & Seraphim Shrine,
Job in his Igumen Throne,
Adam in his home church with his Oro.

Our Lord is an oriented spiritual frequency who has made his Royal priest pearls of lightning,

Our God is a rivers of supernatural ideas that never runs dry,
he has made even his Angels wind,

An everlasting awaken conscience
is our Father
even his christ are pure white clouds,

Our King is a perfect & true inspiration
his princes are flames of fire,

These are they who squart as lotus blooming before the temple,
These are they who stand as chariot with wings before the Shrine,
These are they who lie down in the garden of green,
These are they who sit highly exalted in their throne room,
& They who bow down before the orb & sceptre

I speak as;
the Conscious Conscience that Inspires Spiritual Order in the Supernatural Realm.

Le-Ithiel - the One who is the Oath of Principles & Laws of Sequence,
Jakeh - the One who is free from illitracy & immorality,
Ha-***** - the One who bore the yoke of Err & Imbalance,
Agur - the compiler; who first gathered maxims,
We-Ukal - A Leader; Son of the Author.Creator.Owner.Ruler.

To every matter there is a 6 & 9 then a 0.

I speak of the transfiguration of;
iANOVH in his temple with his Celibate Monks
MOSES in his shrine with his Beatified Rigourous Saints 
& PAUL in his garden with his Burdensome & Travailing Revivalist
ELI-JAH in his throne with his Ascetic & Stoic Philosophers
Yes, I speak as their One & only begotten.

Where have you been
Our son they said;

we have explored the earth
& brought to light all that is hidden
& still did not find you,
we have gathered
the wind in our palm
in search of you,
we even ascended
to the highest cloud of heavens
to see if you will be there,
we descended to the depth
of the dark waters
still we found nothing,

I returned from nothing
measuring & measuring
scaling & scaling
I replied.

I found wanted
Prostitution, rehabilitation,
seduction, poverty, corruption,
& pride.

Remember how you formed
the world from void
out of lightening our Lord,
how you created the universe
from a small *** of darkness my King,
how by your spirit you garnished
everything in the beginning
oh God
this children has deliberately
forgotten my Father
how by your word
the heavens came into being
& the earth was formed
out of water & by water.

wherefore I became nothing
that nothing might be lost
Thou Almighty Supreme
Greatest & FearfulOne.

Remember how you taught me
the highest of treasure
is to have sense & I'll be respected,
the most important
is to be able to dissolve any issue
& I'll be valuable,
the greatest is to show care at all time
nothing can be more impressive,
& Inner calmness is priceless
the richness of it's smile
never to be bargain.

they who brag to be stars
to be gods/goddess
to be angels
to be kings & queens

The fools say education
is not useful anymore,
Prayer warriors are broke,
Monks will not make heaven,
Angel will be their guardian servant,

Your stigmata is nolonger a sign
the tilak has no more value
education is now a thistle
& respect have completely disappeared
all that is left are thorns.

But as for me I was warned,
all that is left are slaves
to vanity.
the old occupies space
their young cannot wait to do the same.
I'll open my mouth one last time
In deep sayings
of the "hidden manna",

I'll speak in
Incantations (sacred sayings)
as one Oriented
In Oath & spells
From roots & truth,
I'll reveal it all in sequence.

Sons of the soil;
the ****** shall give birth to a child,
mother nature is our ******.

These are the 3 form of Gods will:
The good, permissive & perfect.
(the tree of good  principles
& the only evil in it is disobedience,
The tree of perfect & true standard balance).

For the image of God is his "Character behaviour = Morality"
the likeness of the Lord is his "perfect calculation = Literacy "
So understand when I say
I & the Father are one,

For when the Father said
"two shall become one" (Absolutely absorbed)
this is what he truly mean

You must be in a deep sleep
having your ribs punctured out
by observing thoroughly in your mind
a woman's Morality & Literacy
If she's truly matured.

For when God formed a woman
all he made is a literate who is morally matured free from distortion & contamination,
so anything less than this is
"woe unto man".

Remember it was never said he who marries finds a good thing,
But he who "discovers true marraige materials"  (a morally matured literate woman) finds a helper & obtain favour from principles & laws.

Therefore the flesh of a man's flesh
is a woman of the same soul attraction (so carefully check if your features truly Jibe).

  The bones of a man's bones
is a woman of the same conscious interest (so carefully cross-check if same things excite you both).

& To be taken out of man
is to share the same intention (observe carefully if you both share same view & Ideas of things).

Also recognise to be a "Man"
is to be fully matured;
Attaining your daily growth
of literacy & morality
until you achieve the balance
of your true standard of living (Eden),
Flowing in your perfect atmosphere
of stability,
growing in your true
level of quality development
for this is the promised land.

*** is the absorption in one anothers personality,
It is absolutely sacred
& not to be abnormally used
even for once.

So forget about pleasure
Seek for balance!
Let your beauty
comes from inward attributes
then you'll find comfort in everything you do,
For this is the true joy of living
& Man's complete duty.

I speak as the Son of Man
& Son of God

And people often say
" with God all things are possible",
but with God stupid things are not possible (imbalance & err),
For God himself is balanced by his literacy
& morality is his standard
he is not an author of confusion.

Truly everyone choosed their choice course
ahead of existence,
God never lay a curse (burden) on anyone
even the stars bears Him withness
that he has measured clear balance &
clean standard daily for everyone.

For when ever men are gathered in the gates of Christ (wisdom)
Him is presence and they are caught up in the air.

When ever men tarry in their inner room to be endue with literacy & morality they get caught up on high
to Him's presence at attain peace.

For the Creator so Love everything he has made that he finalize his government by judging the illitracy that causes every error & the Immorality that leads to every imbalance against the universe,

This is the ritual he made
sending his only begotten who fully acknowledged the perfect balance that Literacy brings & the true standard that morality yeilds.

He did this ritual not to measure sins punishment or condemn the universe
but to justify his Principles & Laws as smooth & flawless
& to exposes completely the foolishness & wickedness of sin
"that he himself has not added a grain of burden to the sons of men but they as sheep has often gone astray alone in search for many things".

Therefore know this
for the streets do not love you
But the universe do,
Ignore the outward noises
& Listen to what nature is always telling you.

Then you'll avoid being the poor fool
Who tries to gain the whole world
But never carters for his soul true needs.

Come now I'll show you how Inspiration formed Ideas;

The Conscious keeps his "Universe" (space) safe,
The Spiritual do not need approval of
"Chance"  (connection),
The Mystic explores beyond "Age" (experience),
The Supernatural is not bound by "Season" (luck),
The Sacred one is not hindered by "Distance" (location),
Glory rules over "Time" (appointment),
Grace rule over  "days" (growth),
Holiness is the highest "Class" (qualifications).

To be Sacred is to be always clear in reasoning & clean in Judgement,
To be Holy is to be righteous in thoughts & upright in conscience,
To be full of Grace is to become flawless
& smooth in outward & inward expression,
To be full of Glory is have perfect emotion
& Truthful spirit.

To possess Wisdom is to become a mystic who attain sacredness for the sake of balance,
To get understanding is to attain spirituality & all it's glory at all cost for the sake of true comfort,
To attain peace is to become first & foremost holy then you'll attract true supernatural beauty,
To love, one must be conscious & full of grace then he'll possess the eternal joy.

For the shrine is made for cleansing only & nothing more,
Do not seek for anything else in the temple aside your daily bread,
Be faithful with the garden it's herbs, vegetables, fruit & even flowers & trees will keep you in perfect health even the shade is beautiful at sunrise & comforting at dusk,
The only festival accepted in heaven is one which ceremony promotes literacy & morality for every other is futile.

Do not be mislead:
The one who can forgive can also punish think of how in the beginning he covered the world in thick darkness and made it formless again,

The one who bless also curse remember who formed the world from waters upon waters & restricted the waters this is how far you can go,

The one who approves also rebukes remember who gathered the wind in his palm & authored spiritual realm,

The one who heals also kills think of how he wrapped up the universe as a cloud in his cloak.
Remember "oh" remember.

Consider this before you become foolish & say there is no God, Father, King & Lord
& Sin against our forefather Creator
who rule over us all.
For the son of man & son of God is only a product of their perfect Literacy & true morality & nothing added..
In the beginning was God's word
& his Word is his complete intention,
from his meditation he attracted all Ideas that interested Him in his Word
& his very "law of attraction"
was what interested Him,
for his Spirit is his very law of attraction.

For the word of God is God's true character
& the Spirit of God is God's perfect sense.

There's alot of pleasure in the world, but it takes common sense to balance everything to give life
it's true meaning.

The three essential qualities of life are; nutritious meal, decent clothing, hygienic environment.

For the one who was alone & built the universe as an everlasting school of enthusiastic,
only he truly knows loneliness & boredom in its complete measures
of idleness.

clean literature by clearing away all ignorance
for just as Science do not lie,
but takes solvings to be correct
& morality to be balanced
Art also needs sure literate to be pure.
Only then can one discover the good in everything without distortion.

Has not wisdom garnish it's throne,
has not understand adorn it's shrine,
has not peace decorated it's temple,
is not love a bedecked garden home,

Go to the highest heaven
ask for the Literate who is perfect,
go also to the lowest depth of hades search for the true morality,

then you'll find
" Omo-ti-olu-iwa-bi Most-high ".

For by knowledge of holiness
God created everything,
by common sense he enables
all his creature to walk in moral path,

by acknowledgement he has given us perfect reasons to realise "true quality & ugly vanity" thereby taking caution.

God has also enable the experience to give counsel to the young,
so that his little ones may breathe in essence,
with their sight taking pleasure in purity only,
that they might grow in an environment of equity
discerning err easily.

For assuredly I know his Providence is an eternal rain,
& his holiness shall forever reign
gloriously guarding our heart in
moral path.

God gives true brilliance & genius
to rule our conscience,
6sense & insight as an eternal guide to our will,
though test & trials have been placed on everything,
he instilled on everyone loyalty & patience in the days of our discipline that meekness might be found in us if only we are faithful to virtue, in the season when he measure the true value of everything he's made.

You oh God judge our perception perspective while sharing your everlasting offering of pleasentness.

They who covenanted with you
knows for certain
until the torment of your discipline appears along side your glory,
grace, holiness & sacredness,

foolishness & wickedness of err & imbalance will never disappear forever.

For this sake you covered Kush as black smoke,
turned Kemet into thick darkness,
made Ur a burning flames
Hell-às an everlasting fire
& Zion a true & perfect light
while covered in the dust & ashes of Uz.

Your axe is at the root ready to uproot
the tree of error & imbalance,
even the sword from your mouth has withered it already.

Therefore in our covenant we say
Ise & Amin.
The illiterate is a fool
because he does not fears error,
The immoral is wicked because he does not hate imbalance.

For the Universe is a School,
Nature is our Class,
Every Breathe is a Lesson from the Spirit,
death is only a result
of error (distortion) & imbalance (contamination)
of the world,
Living is an eternal paradise Journey.

Wherefore be completely obedience to Laws/ principles
Ignore immorality completly
& you'll eat your daily bread
& find fulfilment & satisfaction

To observe is to see things as they truly are & calculate until you understand their true nature
& why they function the way they do.

To meditate is to absolutely absorb Literacy & morality.

The only true knowledge in life is "becoming virtues"
the only thing the teacher can do is to fix you in the path of observation,
one must earn clearity in thinking
& true realization themselves.

The Supreme & ultimate state of the universe is ;
Absolute absorption in perfect Literacy,
& true Morality.

Life is all about being absolute literate &
absorbing morality this is the wholeness of Human,
Realms & virtues only exist as a supernatural shield for spiritual protection & maintenance,
Wherefore one must only access the realms & possess virtues for cleansing purpose alone.

Never be entice by money, fame, material possessions & physical looks in your discernment
& yes do not even crave for the highest seat but sit at your true qualification.

There was a man whom unto the Christ he was an ant with a number 666 (sin)

unto the Royal priest he was a pig with a number 333 (repentance)

unto the Angels he was a lamb with a number 777 (forgiveness)

unto the Peculiar prince he was a goat with a number 10/10 (perfection)

Unto that Son of man
the heavenly clouds open,
the book of life (blood) became living and active,
the wind listened attentively
& the stormy waters became still for him to walk upon,
Yet even though he died,
he was born again (resurrected)
as the Son of God
the only begotten accorded with deep & great respect.

Wherefore I'll not speak of myself
but I'll speak only of such a man
because I realise he is the only true advantage man has over animals in the eyes of God.

Listen my son;
my important investment,
life is all about being naturally balance while functioning in your true standard of character-behaviour & ability in the school of value & essence,
exploring destiny & purpose under the law of karma "the guidance of fate".

Yet to flow freely in the fulfillment that surpasses mare satisfaction avoiding all extremes eternally one must become a living virtue.

wherefore thou must love the Lord your God
with all thy might of your spiritual conscience will,
all thy strength of your soulish desire,
all thy energy of your emotional affection,
all thy power of your mind reasoning
& pressure of thy impulse observation
& hormones processor

Only then will you eternally abide in the rapturous glory of his inspirational transcendence state of consciousness
where the joyous river of holiness
is everlasting

then you shall seek
the Devine who fasted until his feet quaked the earth, yes I AM who wrapped up the universe in his cloak as a cloud with fellowship/worship & find him,

You shall call on the Juju
who prayed until kneels melted the mountain yes YHWH who gathered the wind of spirituality with thanksgiving & be answered marvelously,

You shall ask the Immortal whose songs formed from tears of purity made the trees clapped, the ascended Abba who formed the world from waters upon waters
& you shall be given your true desires

Even you yourself shall knock on the door of the Deity who was a living sacrifice for his Word sake, HIM who casted his shadow on the hilltop & yes he who descended and move in awe while the world was in thick darkness & formless & he will certainly open his door for you.

I speak as the most prosperous man (Malmo prince)
whose riches was gold and whose "gold" is common sense.

I speak as the poorest of men (Alien town crier) whose only desire is living in forever essence as a virtue,

I speak as the greatest of men (Oracle) whose greatness is authority & whose "authority" is fully spiritualual.

I speak even as an Angel one whose character behaviour is everything,
& yet became nothing just so nothing was lost while balancing everything in their true standard & position.

Yes, I speak of the blood covenant of our king Deity,
the water baptism of our Immortal Father,
the spiritual wind baptism of our Lord Juju,
& the heavenly cloud witness of our God Devine.

To be a Peculiar Prince (Philosopher) is to become the mystic metaphysics exploring the origin of form (being) from abstract concepts of space, idea, knowing, matter,identity, time & ethics for the sake of love peace understanding & wisdom.
To be a Royal priest(Monk) is to become perfect in character behaviour,
To be an Angel (Saint) is to become perfect in moral reasoning & thoughts.
To be Christ (Revivalist) is to protect & maintain the perfect character behaviour & perfect sense of moral reasoning  & thoughts with everything in you.
& This is the Holy spirit for the spirit of Almighty is one.

To become a son of God & Son on of man is to be completely obedience in conforming to virtue & essence.
Until one is born-again of true morality
& perfect literacy

Only then can he/she flawlessly
move in the perfect connection
& best of luck
that karma (law of cause & effect) empowers fate (the development of future event) with
while exploring destiny & purpose,

effortlessly balance in standard
(stable in quality)
Joyfully enjoying the fruit of perfect
(correct intentions, proper time & right action) obedience of essence & equity eternally while flowing in functionality.

Yes, make supplication
until you become a spotless Philosopher,
a smooth Revivalist
absorbed with the absolute,
then you'll walk eternal
in the stainless path of a Saint
  as a flawless Monk.

Your hindsight will become foresight,
your love languages
will always match,
calmness will comfort you,
hurt will forever be far from you,
distance, time, death & space wouldn't separate a thing from you.

You'll become a perfect world
of rich & beautiful tapestry
a connection with out err.

Yes I was born mortal,
I am the man with bees gathered in his veins unnecessarily producing honey feelings,
I am the one with serpent venom in his brain unnecessarily processing poisonous thoughts,
I am the one with heart of a pig
wherefore I conform easily to ***** will,
I am the one with a raven eyes & snail skin you can already tell how selfish my desires will be.

But truly I cry for;
the beauty that peace brings
the balance that understanding gives
Comfort of love
Joy of possessing wisdom
Therefore I am bitter because I spot the difference easily.
Eternal light;
time tells, listen
"I am true prosperity"
pay attention,
for it is my only currency
One can only become a fountain of life if he dresses me,

like the ant;
let's build a positive frequency
a perfect vibration
waves flowing rightly in transmission

a timeless energy beyond space
satisfying all lives,
and still sufficient
a light that's forever shining

For God is love
& love is the first frequency (vibration)
through which everything was
  created in the perfect state of mind.

Only two things matters in life
Literacy & morality
but also learn this truthful lesson
the only way to forgive is understanding
the only way to forget is genuine loving
then true wisdom to shield evil will be bestowed
& the peace we all cryout for shall then unceasingly flow

Only then can we rock & roll
in this boat called forever
without getting cut off
or carried away from the team

Living eternal in the zone called;
"you're safe with me"
Where karma produces satisfaction (happiness)
& Fate fulfillment (contentment).

This is the narrow route
where your soulish strength desires is restored, mind reasoning power is purified, spiritual conscience-will might is santified, emotional passionate energy is redeemed & impulse observational pressure is saved everlastingly.

Read this again, thank you.
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