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Oct 2016 · 201
No Help
Zeus Oct 2016
I'm mad you left early we didn't get to have our man to man,
Y'all didn't get to meet this young man
I have to come up with my own plan to take care of my clan with God by me I know I truly can.
I'm still searching for who am
Its drives me so insane
I needed you
I needed your view
I'm as quiet as you
And I'm trying to grow long hair as you

These fine girls are a distraction so I'm antisocial
I don't blame y'all .
I just wonder why God had to take y'all
I know I know He has his timing but couldn't he give me more time,
Doesn't it matter how I feel
You're the only one who would have known my real

She told me to write about death,
I feel I've seen more deaths than births, or maybe I just don't notice the smiles on peoples faces when they see a new born cause no one is here to hold me and I'm not even grown,
Maybe I don't see the ******* light because the darkness raised me and taught me my version of happiness,

Could you have helped me with my problems? Tell me you've been though this? I'm on my knees but its all in vain
No you don't understand my pain

Holding back tears as I expose fears to the world that can't see what's there...

Title : No Help,
#Memories #WritingMind
Sep 2016 · 243
The Problem
Zeus Sep 2016
The problem is
I'm a psychopath
In love with a girl
I cant get my hands on,

The problem is
I want to hold her tightly
And choke her
At the same time

The problem is
I want to kiss her soft lips
And push her against the wall
And bite her her lips

The problem is
She tempts me
With the short dress
The showing skin
Those seductive brown eyes
The deep slow breathe
Gasps of attention
And the sweet voice

The problem is

I'm the problem
Sep 2016 · 225
Zeus Sep 2016
And the more I stared at her the more her face seemed more familiar, it started to seem similar like I met her in a past life,

Her lips seemed so soft and I could feel them even if I had not kissed her,

Her eyes showed innocence with a touch of curiosity and a dash of pain with her fountain of memories, I could feel the emotions in her voice even when she didn't speak, I could see the battle scars on her soft clear skin because the war has always been internal....

Her grey dress hugged her body exposing her every curve but still not exposing her every part,

Her long hair seemed to fall like a stream and I could feel it running through my fingers even of I was a few feet away and when she looked my way I I foolishly looked away and when I looked back up she was gone
Sep 2016 · 308
Zeus Sep 2016

Your lips are too soft I think I shouldn't kiss you anymore
"That isn't fair",
Your love is too strong I think I should leave
But I wouldn't even dare,
This room is too hot I think we should take our cloths off
You take that as a dare,
This light is too bright we should turn off the lights
Darkness all around like light wasn't there,
This place just got a bit cold we should keep each-other warm
You're already here,

You're so good to me
"This isn't one sided".
Sep 2016 · 383
Zeus Sep 2016
So much hope for something so hopeless always left me speechless beauty so amazing I was always breathless for a minute I was mindless but never rhyme-less so much pleasure to bad it wasn't harmless.

To My dream girl the one I don't see anymore cause of my black dreams. im a King running an empire I never respire meaning I never stop for air number one question did you even care its so unfair people don't believe.

im used to lying I pray I'll never give up trying.

I try to be good but I guess good isn't good enough I know everyone has had it rough.

Iv gone through so much with so many its amazing how they forget so quickly and incidentally it never happens coincidentally it happens oftenly openly n frequently.
i wrote this over a year ago
Sep 2016 · 3.0k
rap or poetry
Zeus Sep 2016
the day old question

rap or poetry?

one of both got me out of depression
i'm writing words to leave an impression

i honestly want power
but i still write for my flower
she keeps me stable
tells me i'm able

able to do anything i put my mind to
so do i have to remind you?
i always want to be beside you
i got to know everything inside you
and your demons just make me laugh
i know you've had things rough
young lady you're really tough,
but i'm here to take your pain

rap or poetry?

i run to one of both

i grew up to be a king
i went from being picked on to being picked upon
once upon a time
i once stumbled upon a rhyme  
and with time i earned my crown
i'm a dark knight i killed prince charming buried him and kicked cinder-whats-her-name to run the kingdom by myself.

rap or poetry?

i run to one of both
to release rage,
i'm quite good for my age,
i run to the words to tell a story
a story of repeated history
i run to the words even though i'm not the first
not the first to feel joy or anger or sorrow
not the first to have views and beliefs
not the first to run to the words to express  myself
i used no capital letters just to try something new,
i think rap and poetry are the father and mother to most youths even if we don't realize it.
Sep 2016 · 263
Something Short
Zeus Sep 2016
Do you ever think about me

cause i think about you all the time
Sep 2016 · 776
Zeus Sep 2016
So many are superficial or just too fictional, verbal commands from television that are subliminal,
Memorials that are servicing to the the living that are loving to the dead with words,
Open minded in a closed situation remaking an already existing invention I need an interventionmy social stature leaves me socially awkward, rather socially incompatible im incomparable to the masses, im barley bearable in a 3rd world country im a quiet rebels king is my birth label for eternity iv been working endlessly to get wealth, thank God for giving me my 1st stepd like baby steps Im learning to crawl before I run.
Sep 2016 · 472
Zeus Sep 2016
Darkness isn't so bad if its the only thing you have
Darkness isn't so bad if its the only thing you can give
Darkness isn't so bad if its the only kindness you know
Darkness isn't always sad
Darkness isn't evil
Darkness isn't understood.

In the eyes of a bright mind I see light i look in the mirror and see darkness that makes the great person I see

Darkness is peaceful, cut the lights, close the windows and enjoy the darkness,
Darkness is my safe place,
Darkness doesn't mean "I'm depressed" it just means "I'm happy the way I am"
People misunderstand the term Darkness way too much.
Aug 2016 · 490
Something Short
Zeus Aug 2016
he-whispers-in-her-ear** can I tell you a secret?,
he-whispers-in-her-ear I don't trust you.
Aug 2016 · 524
Zeus Aug 2016
Do you think about me
I think about you
I think about we
I think about us
I think about your laugh
I think about your smile
I think about our memories,
I think about the fears

I think about the fall
I think about... about....
I think I think too much.
Aug 2016 · 451
The Monster
Zeus Aug 2016
Meet the monster under my bed
The monster that stays in my head
Meet the monster that always wants to be fed,

Meet the monster that holds my crown
That runs around the town
And always has a frown,

Meet the monster that looks out for me, the monster that was there when no one understood me, no one does so he's still here, he stands in line waiting for me to arrive he holds my place when i cant keep composure, he.s a protective monster and would **** anyone who dared hurt me, hes the ego i hold and wont let go,

Meet the monster I have
Meet the monster I love,

He helped me heal when I was crushed and down, he taught me how not to feel how to stay real to myself and lie to the world, I made him and he raised me, he was the one who had shown me that being dark knight was fine and he helped me bury prince charming,

Meet the monster i run to hide from the world
Meet the monster that reminds me I'm a king
Meet the monster that tells me to stay strong

He's the voice in my head, he's the guiding light and the protective darkness i know.

Meet the monster in call Zeus.
Aug 2016 · 552
Dear Rose,
Zeus Aug 2016
Do you think about me cause I had dreams about you, I set plan with all you,
you watched me hold on as your thorns dag through my skin like I slit my wrists I was bleeding out for you,

Dear Rose,

I saw you drop your petals and I picked them up and had shown you how to grow new ones, I gave you my time of day and stayed up through the late night night, our conversations were more than just mere talk
I know you've been hurt so have I, I saw all your flaws and gave a blind eye.

Dear Rose,

To me we were the perfect match sparking hate in the hearts of the envious, I woke up and you weren't there I realized you were just part of my imagination a fictional piece if my reality, I was holding on to the idea of a fantasy within my own dream, but the scars are real I see the marks and I still feel the pain.

Dear Rose,

I'm still the dark King you love but you'd never admit.
Aug 2016 · 312
Emotion Red
Zeus Aug 2016
Do you ever wake up with a feeling? Just an uncontrollable anger that frustrates you that just burns and has you feeling like you can destroy anything,
Its feeling thats just pure annoyance of everything around me. I want to be kind, calm and sweet but this feeling wont let me.
A feeling that just makes me want to scratch my face and rip out my hair!! Burn my skin and choke the fire!
Do you know what true hate is? Multiply that by 20 and youll have the feeling I have,
Its like everything that was bottled up, the hate the pain the misery the tormenting words, got rotten and became pure rage and the bottle spelt over,
Its a blinding feeling that doesnt left me see your errors, its a ******* greedy feeling that ***** my soul if I try to control it, it occupies the space reserved for trust and paranoia replaces the hope I cant breath right, I just want to hold the world and burn it,
I need a pinching bag, or maybe more sleep just anything to end this feeling..
Its a pain thirsty feeling seeking to hurt anyones everyone someone, it make me want to scream and be silent at the same time, its the worst I know.
Aug 2016 · 211
Zeus Aug 2016
I've seen perfection more than once thats a repetition of the hearts I've broken, I hear their crying voices talking, screaming and shouting begging me not to leave,

I know im wrong but I just have to, bleeding hearts, teary eyes, repeated lies, never second tries, I just cut off all ties with the sweet lines and I take the blame all times,

I've made perfection in the hearts I've broken thats a reputation they know, their true colours they would show but I still had to let them go.

Perfect love story with a dark knight, Mr wrong, so called king, all they feel is a dark night thats long, do you still hear my voice ring?, do I play in your head? does your heart drop at the sight of hearing my name?

I've seen perfection and it put me in an awkward position stuck between her and her if I can have you both then I wont have either then I move on quicker,

Feeling your heartbeat as your gaurds and dress fall silk skin soft lips and frigile heart "I wont break it" iv lied too much already, take steady dont rush let time fly, I enjoy every moment with you like my last,

I've seen perfection looking at my reflection seeking the monster that causes all this distrustion but I just see myself in frustration

This time I really tried but its a habit to leave whats good even when I try not to, back on my knees for you its a first for me feeling like you own me I wouldnt have it anyone way

I've seen imperfection in the mirror its amazing how our lives come into intersection I'll take it as a sign and keep you for you are perfection.

— The End —