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Jun 2017 · 806
Lost Soul
Zeus Jun 2017
i am the lost soul, the forgotten one, i'm the one you forget to remember and when the time comes your memory of me will fade away as falling stars do, drift in the rifts of my mind as you ride through the passage to my heart, don't hold on these rails are old and rusty they might break and you might fall into the webs of the darkness that hides within me, i can not save you from the creatures that drag you away, don't hold on to the swings of my mind the rope might choke you, don't eat the fruit of my heart it might seem sweet and taste even better but the poisoned fruit will **** you slowly, the pleasure is not worth it and the hell that follows is wrath not know, don't hold on to my hand i'm ice cold and i might freeze you in the moment and you might hate me after,
don't look into my eyes they'll give you endless possibilities and give you the future you need but it is all an illusion, don't listen to my words that fall from my lips, the truths i speak are covered in sweet nothings and lies that make them sound even better, and the towers i bounce from are the endless holes i fall in, i live in a world i did not want, i push a body for my spirit is almost dead drained and flickering away, i bring the broken to life and fixing them with pieces of myself, i am shattered and tattered, i am in pieces but the endless smiles i leave are worth the lost pieces,

i am the lost soul, the forgotten one, i'm the one you forget to remember and when the time comes you memory of me will fade away as falling stars do,
stay away
stay away
the monsters within are starting to lurk
the monster within is starting to peek
the me with within is starting to crawl out.
well i liked this one even after  i was done writing
May 2017 · 115
Zeus May 2017
Call me...

Call me when you're scared
Call me when you're scared of the nightmares when you're scared of your thoughts and the emotions I give your heart to feel scary
Call me when you're high
Call me when you're drinking  so I can over react and tell you to drink less call me when you're high and that **** messes up your mental and all you can think of is me
Call me when you're angry
Call me when you're ******* ****** at the world call me when you hit the wall and bash it like it was me call me when you want to scream for no reason at the top of your voice call me cause you know how I love that tone
Call me when you miss me
Call me when you miss my sweet words and when you want a few soft kisses and a lot of unnecessary skin contact call me when you want love,  call me when you want a one night stand in the day time
Call me when you're ready
Call me when you're  ready to open up all me when you're ready to cry in my arms you know our conversations are just our own
Call me when you happy
Call me so I can hear your smile call so I can hear you laugh call me when you're filled with joy and I know I'm not the cause but nevertheless,  your happiness is a source of joy for me, call me when you find him and he makes you happy because baby you being happy brings the Sun and moon together.
Call me when its time
Call me when it's time and your grown getting married,  when you're older having kids and when you're wiser thinking of me.

Call me..
May 2017 · 343
Zeus May 2017
I hate you with everything i have, but you're everything i have,
i hate you with a passion but you're the only one who shows me love and affection
why are you so good
why are you so bad
we shout fight and argue like we're not meant to be and that shows me we're not meant to be, apart.
you scream you yell you tell me how much i hurt you but you hurt me just as more, you say you hate me even more, but you're always coming back for more
we kiss push pull and end it all with "sorry it wont happen again"

i stare at the darkness within my room thinking of you as you sleep, your voice rings in my head pounding and pounding and pounding on the inside as thoughts of you try to escape to this pen and paper i sit next to,  i cant help but wonder what i would be without you, you calm the demons within my mind, you shade light to my darkness,
then you text me at 3AM just to tell me you miss me,  

its our daily dance and it's all we ever do
its only a pity I'm never close to you
Apr 2017 · 316
Zeus Apr 2017
"Zeus I'm pregnant", she'll never say
Tears of joy, happy smiles and tight hugs, we'll never give
"Can you feel her kick", she'll never say.
Falling asleep on her laps, day dreaming of a little female me, I'll never do
"Can I get you this. Can I get you that" she'll never hear
Laughter filled with admiration, fights filled with adrenaline, apologizes filled with remorse, will never have.
Baby cloths shopping, baby name we'll never do
"It's time" with a smile on her face, she'll never say
Panicking rush, silly fumbles excited faces ecstatic heart races, I'll never have

1st cries, first breathes 1st sips, She'll never take
Sleepless nights quick passing days, we'll never see
Fast pace days, friendly family and friend smiles and congratulations. I'll never hear
Nightly prayers and daily scriptures, I'll never read to her
Past writings and future notes, she'll never hear
First tantrums, she'll never throw
First teeth, she'll never have
first steps, shell never take
first words, she'll never speak
First books she'll never read
First days of school, she'll never see

First report card, she'll never bring
First fights, She'll never win
First friends, she'll never make
Flashing years, other baby on the way, we'll never have,
School presentation's, school awards, she'll never get
Best friend, she'll never make
"I'm so proud of you" I'll never say
Teenage phase, teenage problems she'll never have
First dates, she'll never have
Late night private talk, late night private walks, we'll never have
Emotional talks, heart to heart talks, argumentative talks we'll never have
"Zeus she writes just like you" they'll never say
"Zeus she writes just like you", I'll never be proud to heat
Daddy Care, love and support, she'll never feel
"I'm always here" shell never hear
"Daddy I love you", she'll never say
"Daddy he's the one", I'll never here
Over protective side, she'll never see
University graduation, she'll never have
Tears of joy, "I'm so proud of you" we'll never say,
Fist driving lessons she'll never have
First break up and make up, She'll never have
First "I'm sorry, take me back" She'll never hear,
First nights away home, first late nights away from home, she'll never have,
First sit downs, we'll never have,
First dances, he'll never take her out on

First jobs, first "you're fired", she'll never have,
another baby on the way, excited as ever feeling, we'll never have
First apartments, first houses, she'll never own,
"I do" as she cries, she'll never say,
Big beautiful wedding, flower filled and joy surrounded wedding, she'll never have,
"Daddy I have another Zeus coming", she'll never say
Tears of joy, proud moments I'll never have,
A chance to read and continue this note, she'll never have....

My childish ambitions, that will never be
i cant explain what i feel when i think of you, my last public note
Apr 2017 · 455
Zeus Apr 2017
I'm their pride and joy, so I can't mess up cause its them it will destroy,

Having your name isn't easy. every time i write it down I remember I already have a standard to live up to but I have no one to look up to
Couldn't you have stayed a little longer !
Couldn't you have talked to me a little more!
Couldn't you have given a heads up about how hard life is!
Couldn't you have died a little later!!
These days all I can do is write to you in vain a letter cause I know you'll never read this,
Being this good isn't easy and 3AM doesn't do me right.

Would you have liked my work
Would you have encouraged it,
my writing gift is all I have but I would trade it to have you here
I've done this so many times
I've written so many rhymes
I'm just trying to get the anger out of my life
I need you in my life
I need a you in my life
I'm the only you in my life and that isn't fair,

Raising daughters that ain't mine, raising sons that aren't mine, building a nation just give it away

Trying to touch hearts I can't even feel my own....
i just need you
Mar 2017 · 606
like every other teenager?
Zeus Mar 2017
am i crazy or insane or just hiding behind the pain of growing up and facing life,
i'm suicidal or so i tell myself.

i guess im just like every other teenager
"no one is for me"
"love isn't for me"
"they don't understand me"
"they treat me so unfairly"
like every other teenager, i sing the teenager anthem,
"i'm trying find out who i am"
"i just want to have fun"

but i've never been able to act my age, i've always been with peers older than my age
i had to be the shoulder to cry on, i broke a few hearts but i healed many more
im lost in my sea of thoughts and always drown in my river of words, i fall for the same type of trap,
but i guess i'm still like every other teenager?
i'm filled with rage that burns deeps and hurts everyone else, im filled with darkness that takes the rage and makes it beautiful art, i'm filled with a past that makes me treat people betterly worse, i live a life that many can not relate to.
but i guess im still like every other teenager?..
Zeus Mar 2017
I’m no Betty boop I’m not the prettiest bird around
so it’s hard to explain how I deal with the daily pressures, these writings are my mask, I hide behind the words and pour my heart out hoping to be heard out, I’m not looking for attention I just want recognition.
Right now I don't know what to do because I prefer the dark cold alone nights with nothing but the moon my music and my words which I dot cross and dash out, the world is my canvas and my mind is the pen which I use to express my pain,
I’m not sure if you'll understand but I had to give up everything because this voice within my head destroys everything I touch, I can't hold like she wants me to cause I might ruin her good soul,
But I need somebody, I’m not just the perfect somebody,
I look around and see the pretty girls wondering if they see me, I look around and see fast cars wondering if I’ll have more than one,
I look at myself and wonder why I’m so an understood am I doing something wrong or am I doing everything wrong, I know it's one of the two, am I deep? Or am I just one of the few?
emotional writer but I feel nothing except this numb feeling, I’m not sure if you'll understand but this pain is within and it’s the only feeling I know, I might be hurting I might be loving it still feels the same
Jan 2017 · 633
just an acciddental poet
Zeus Jan 2017
All these broken words on the floor
all these broken promises on the floor
all this black blood on the floor
all the same mistakes I've made before,
i think i might just make once more
for you i would make them twice more..

all this pain i cant feel, the drugs must be working
i might just leave if you cant leave with it,
all this love but i still don't feel it.

all the burn marks no can see
all the bruises that no one can see
all the fake smiles that no one can see
all hidden behind the angel wings no one can see,
all topped with the horns no one can see

i've got some new friends lose
some new hearts to break
some new minds to ruin
some new lips to taste
some new hate to create

as i write i show the darkness and the rage
i show the voices that scream beautiful music
the nightmares that are fantasies to me
the nightmares that are fantasies to me..............
Jan 2017 · 451
Love, Infatuation And Us
Zeus Jan 2017
Would you like to know the difference between real love and imaginary love..
When some thing happens between you and the person you say you love, from a small fight to a big fight maybe even a few days or weeks without talking
Something like that could happens and you two start talking again, spending time with each-other again if the feeling gets stronger then its love, if the feeling is not there anymore then it is not love.
True Love never fades, it either becomes stronger or turns to hate but it never fades,
Imaginary love (infatuation) fades out after some time or after an event that hurts one or both of you....

i saw you say it was love,
to you saying it was a crush
i know one day you wont even remember but i will,
because i love you enough to give up every desire and intention i had for you,
i love you enough to see you make stupid mistakes and set you straight,
i love you enough for the both of us,
you loved the idea of me,
you loved the idea of we
you never loved me
and you think its hard to face
put yourself to in my place
always keeping a happy acting like I'm fine
telling that one simple, to give your heart peace of mind,
always remember i gave your heart a piece of mine..
Jan 2017 · 316
Zeus Jan 2017
LISTEN TO ME!, In the moment i am NOT a poet!!, but when i grab my anger and hold it!, i am NOTHING more than a crazy bull, being used by the violence i am just a tool!!, i **** out verbal slang and terminal ****** slur, i am a vulture sir, i am a mess, i stir up the rest, i am filled with rage,and the rage calms the VOICES in my head the SCREAM SHOUT YELL!!, but this noise is peaceful......

LISTEN TO ME as i say to you, if you love me then HATE ME and NOT my work!!.. my work with words is all i have so on my knees i plead to you have mercy on the one TRUE love i have!, the one true thing that keeps me stable when your OVER REACTION hurts even me!!..

LISTEN TO ME and we go back to the facts i have to face, i face no faces for the shadows that haunt my room!! speak in tongues and seek REVENGE on the unknown that left them with me, the starch and scream trying to ESCAPE FROM ME , i guess the shadows hate my jokes...

Jan 2017 · 623
Zeus Jan 2017
if i show you the real me promise not to run away
if i show you my true colors promise not to laugh,
not to cry,
not to fix me,
if i show you my true intentions promise not to think we are meant to be,
if i show you my past promise not to change how you treat me
if i show you how to write promise not to leave me
if i show you my crown promise not steal it,
if i show you my thunder promise not to be afraid of the lightening,

if i show you my heart promise not to break it
if i show you my dreams promise not to get scared
if i show you my mind promise not to say its too dark..

I'll accept whats happened to you,
so pick up your past and bring them to me
don't leave your imperfections or insecurities at the door,walk into my life with them,
bring your problems to me and I'll hug you to make you feel better,

i walk in darkness with my eyes closed just so i can see clearly,
i walk with the darkness because in the silent noise of the cold heat i feel fearfully safe..
Jan 2017 · 877
i hate it when they like me
Zeus Jan 2017
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i have met good hearts, good hearts i tell you, they get close, they get really close and i get to know them, i get to touch their souls, they show me parts no one has ever seen before and i heal scars they've been hiding for lifetimes, i show them the light with the darkness i carry.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i meet the most beautiful young ladies ever, they have beautiful faces, beautiful bodies and beautiful minds, i wont lie, sometimes i'm like a child in a candy store trying so hard not to taste anything, the temptation is too great so i stay away.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

they pour their hearts out to me, they tell me they like me, they love me, they tell me they would be lucky to have me, they tell me the sweetest words ever but i can not give them what they ask for, i can never seem to give them what they ask for.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i try to make them feel better, i try to stay close but i hate when they like me, i hate when they like me because when they like me they tell me how they feel and i can not give them what they want, i can never seem to give them what they seek so they leave.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i hate when they like me because when they like me they end up hating me.
this is not a poem, this is what happens when a writer pours his heart out, this was written for every girl i called a friend but left because we couldn't be more than friends.
Dec 2016 · 601
Zeus Dec 2016
but you have no choice other than to go on without me.
Dec 2016 · 449
Dark Confessions
Zeus Dec 2016
She was in a long white beautiful dress it was the best day of her life, she was in smiles and everyone could feel her joy. tears would fall from her eyes as she got ready for her big day. she couldn't keep her composure, she was simply over whelmed by what was about to happen, her perfect princess wedding was about to happen,
her groom walked in, wearing an all black suit reflecting his soul as he claimed every time someone asked why he chose it, as he walked in, he saw how beautiful she looked,
she looked at him and shied away as she said "my dark kiing, its bad luck to see your bride before the wedding"
he walked to her and he said "you look so beautiful, I couldn't wait to see you"
she smiled and said "you have made me the happiest woman alive, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you"
the bridesmaids left the room leaving the bride and and the groom to have their last moment as singles,
he got closer to her and pushed her hair back. he whispered to her "I love you" and she couldn't contain her joy, she pulled him close put her arms above his shoulders and kissed him like it was her first and last kiss with him. she felt a warmth from within her, a warmth that quickly turned to a cold and stinging pain from her side
she looked below and her bright white dress began to turn a deep thick red, she saw silver blade with a gold handle, her warm blood poured out, she looked back up with shock and tears  in her eyes, tears which began to fall as her body began to fall as well. her groom caught her as she fell, he gave her one last kiss, the last kiss that would be the last thing that she felt as her world began to fade away.

he laid her down, he put her body over her dress, she was like a flower, a red rose that just shade its color
as her blood still poured out, her body started to become cold, his suit was covered in blood, he looked at his hands and they were covered in her blood, he thought to himself, "my last angel back in heaven where she belongs",

one of the bridesmaids walked in to a horrific sight of the dead bride and she screamed...

to be continued..

this is the first of many short stories found in my collection, Dark King Chronicles.
Dec 2016 · 402
Zeus Dec 2016
how come everyone is so happy and at peace. everyone has a smile on their face, they have true joy.
how come I don't have that, I want to be happy too I want to have the fun that they have.
its quite strange
I'm told to wait my time but time waits for no man so why should I wait for it,

I just feel so annoyed filled with rage and anger,
that's not even the worst part
the darkness feeds off this
it feeds off this.
all I do is argue with ones I care about, all I have is doubt in the ones I care about,
I don't understand! why is everyone happy and I'm not!
I tried religion
I tried drugs
they didn't work
I'm just so angry! I want nothing to do with anyone
why am I this angry, I'm not mad. I'm not upset I'm just so angry and filled with rage,
I've become so angry I forgot ton I was in pain
I forgot I was in pain.
why am I this angry
why can't I calm down
I can't sleep anymore because Even in my dreams I'm just so angry
I just want to know why I'm angry and everyone else is happy.
they smile in pictures, they laugh out loud they enjoy their life, and here I sit angry as ever , why am I angry,
I help but can't be helped
I'm a therapist to the therapist,
I'm a crying shoulder to cry on
I keep you safe but who keeps me safe,
every time I hit a wall it hits back and I keep hitting and hitting and hitting
everyone goes out yo party
they go out to drink they have each other and one another,
I have my wings and broken halo
I want to go out and live life like they
but I ******* can't and its so ******* unfair,
so why is everyone so happy!!!! why are you all happy!! don't tell me you have you bad days! I have my dad life moments of happiness are under a minute moments of anger go in for days weeks and months, you only feel how I feel once a week for 20 minutes. ...
that's nothing compared to what I have to deal with
why is everyone so happy
why am I so angry
Dec 2016 · 239
Zeus Dec 2016
i actually quit writing
then found myself pouring my heart out
i caught myself in mid-stride of writing

i think i'm addicted to it
i'm not sure if anyone else really writes like this or loves to write like this
writings is the only form of expression i know

at first i wanted to be the best writer
then i just wanted attention
now i just want to help people get through life

the power of words and writing is limitless
the power writers posses is beyond imagination
the only thing that limits a writer is imagination.

i hope this writing takes me somewhere
i hope my writings leave a mark
i hope my writings tell my story even when i leave.
Zeus Dec 2016
Zeus why limit yourself you know it drives you crazy.

i just wanted to do something that would impress you.

you have my heart you don't need to impress me.
i know the word limitation kills you so you shouldn't

limitation to me is nothing as long as you smile.

you always make me smile even when you say nothing.

you're just being sweet you're always so good to me.
i don't deserve you, that's why i try so hard.

you already have my heart mind body soul and commitment

to keep all that i will always do my best.
if my best isn't good enough then i'll do better.

my dark king you shouldn't stress, you're the sweetest ever.
you mean so much to me more than words describe
if i could paint my emotions for you i would.

you're more sweeter than me, more than you know.
i'll always try to impress you and make you smile.
i hate 10 word writings they're never enough so i decided to write more than 10 words using 10 words i don't know if this has been done before but i like it!!
Dec 2016 · 502
you wont understand
Zeus Dec 2016
i wish i was like you
i wish i had the attention
i wish i had the ******* looks

you wont understand
you have it all
you could snap your fingers and have it all

why was had it to be you
God why not me
i've been through all the pain
i've taken all the bruises and cuts

i know you'll say
"be grateful"
"someone has it worse"
but you dont know what i've seen

i wish i was as gifted like you
i wish i turned heads like you
i wish everyone wanted me like they want you

you'll sit there reading this with that look on your face

but think of this, every time you leave you leave me alone and when you come back i'm worser than you left me and you blame me.
i just want to be like you so you can understand the pain you give me
Dec 2016 · 625
her and me
Zeus Dec 2016
she wanted that luxurious life
I just want the simple things
she wanted to fly around the world
I just want to stay home and smoke
she wanted the lasted cloths
I just want more sprite before the shops close
she wanted to ride on the latest cars
I just want to write late playing music in my car

see we're from two different worlds
but we're the same
we're heading in the same road
but we're heading in opposite directions

she had the world at her feet
I had the sky on my side.

she lived that high-life
i was just high through life
she wanted a ring so i never gave a crown
she wanted  lingerie so i never gave her a gown

we're not the same, but we're one
our fights were just the beginning
it always ended in the love we made
Dec 2016 · 311
why (10 words)
Zeus Dec 2016
why would i act holy when i know im evil
Dec 2016 · 319
You (10 words)
Zeus Dec 2016
I want them to love me like they love you.
please like my page "Writing Mind", I appreciate it.
Dec 2016 · 608
Tired of Writing
Zeus Dec 2016
I'm so tired of writing
I'm tired of showing my heart and having no one to understand
A few try but its too late for Me, I adore them I love them so I push them far away,

I'm tired of writing
My heart cries out
I wish my eyes could cry out, letting the tears out would help a lot
A few drops fall but they mean nothing,

I'm tired of writing
But I come here and people say I'm good, I feel at home in the comfort of the worlds
I couldn't stop writing if I tried,

I'm tired  of writing
My soul hurts
I feel my life being ****** out, a drill keeps digging into my chest, but the cold dark breaks it every time ,

I'm tired of writing
Everyone just sees words
I give you my heart but you still fail to see the cracks, broken and missing pieces,

I'm tired of writing
But I know no other way.

I'm so tired of writing...
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Dec 2016 · 382
Nights (10 words)
Zeus Dec 2016
I'm scared to sleep without my music. I get lonely.
please like my page "Writing Mind", I appreciate it
Nov 2016 · 381
Past (10 words)
Zeus Nov 2016
Mum once looked at me and said love isn't real
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Nov 2016 · 719
lost soul 2
Zeus Nov 2016
she said she loves me.... she said im her only... i know shes telling the truth.. i look at her and i fall in love... her picture reminds me of her... i see her in my dreams... i know you'll meet her someday... someday you'll meet her... she's not imaginary i swear.... she's not imaginary trust me... trust me she's not imaginary... she's just doesn't like being seen by people.... she's scared to show herself.. but she shows herself to me... she keeps me warm when my soul gets cold... she tells everything.... she's funny.... she's smart she can count backwards and plays with big numbers... she's beautiful she doesn't wear make up she says it too much work.... she has long beautiful hair i love to play with it... she has big beautiful eyes... when she's thinking they move rapidly... when shes mad at me i love to look into them... when she's cries it breaks my heart and i cant look her in the eyes.... when she smiles her eyes smile too... shes got soft big lips... i like to kiss her when she's mad at me... i love to watch her lips move as she talks... she has a beautiful body... i like to stare at her when she has no cloths on... i like to hold her from behind... she loves to dance and every-time she does she's the happiest soul i've ever met... i like to see her happy.. when i see her mad she shows how much she cares for me.... i hate to see her cry... i hate to see her get sick... she's just like you and me she feels.. she's real... she's just shy that's all.. she's just shy.. yeah that's it.. she's just a shy young lady...
from my short story collection called Chronicles of a King : Lost Soul
Nov 2016 · 400
reasons (10 words)
Zeus Nov 2016
the things i cant change should make you love me
this has become easier to do , the emotions are flooding in and pouring out,
Nov 2016 · 304
her (10 words)
Zeus Nov 2016
When i started to love her she started to run.
Nov 2016 · 542
my style of writing
Zeus Nov 2016
I see my future coming, coming to get me like i stole something, something doesn't feel right these days, days pass by and i notice nights, nights dark as my heart seem to be my home, home is where my heart got stolen, stolen time I keep running from the future, future me says fate and destiny say I'm great, great is an understatement to me, me myself and i cant seem to agree, agree with me if you're not afraid, afraid of the unknown  unknown to the world thats how I've grown, grown on my own in my darkness its shown, shown to the world thats too blind to see my true face, face to face and still faces are being hidden, hidden in plain sight, sight given to the blind generation seeking inspiration, inspiration to speaking the truth, truth that the press twist and bend, bend over to the will of the superpowers, superpowers kept in towers, towers built to grow above the cities because they want to be in the heavens, heavens angel was sent but never arrives to save them,  them them them we always point the blame but we're all the same, same and insane wee love the pain and struggle, struggle and trouble we refuse to be humble, humble yourself before life does it for you, you don't know what its like to in a third world fourth generation slave, slave is too harsh or not harsh enough, enough of the skin talk, talk about skin like it could walk, walk in my shoes not to know me but to endure my character, character built from scratch with an open mind and an honest heart, heart in hand i can give away, away from the pain, pain shown in my writing, writing the darkness made me love.
this is a game i think, i played it with my friend, we would start a sentence with the last word the other person used, i started writing like this after then,
Nov 2016 · 341
Part One
Zeus Nov 2016
It all started in a dark room, the smell of dying flowers, burning skins and the screams of condemned souls, this is hell nor purgatory, the laughing voices, asking if I was lost, asking why I cried, teasing chants that mocked every step I took, i stood at a path of two ways, one lead to a cliff to jump off, the other was a shaky bridge that leaf into what I couldn't see, the voices screamed for me to jump  they laughed and laughed and I still hear those laughs, I still feel the heat, I followed the bridge and walked on it, winds blew shaking it even more but I walked and found where it lead to, the souls kept crying telling me to turn back, the voices laughed and said this is where I die, I was covered in bruises and scars and they began to hurt even the old ones began to burn, I was on my knees the pain was too much the pain was so much that I just gave up and laid there, no reason to scream too many voiced were doing that, no need to run, too many souls where doing that, nothing makes me different or special. Then this black smoke came in and surrounded me, the voices started to scream with joy, I didn't know what was going on I didn't care, the dark smoke spoke and said I should run I asked it why, it asked if I loved my life, I told it what life. The smoke lifted me and promised a long painful death, I had all the time in the world, the smoke began to fall and let me go, I stood and as the smoke fell s body began to show, a woman began to show herself, the voices seemed to be in shock as they said they'd never seen her in her human form, the noise grew even more, she swung her left hand and there was silence, in a room alone we stood,
She had long hair she was tall, she was beautiful with soft light skin her body was slim and well shaped her eyes sparked but that was just the souls she was keeping, her voice was smooth and her lips where full and soft, She was naked she said she didn't want to hide anything she had a halo and a tail,
She said she has only met someone like me once before and that was herself, every soul feels pain but not like me, she moved close to me and hugged me, putting my face in her breast and he wrapped my hands on her waist, she whispered that she was going to take care of me and help me fight the pain, she pulled me to her bed, we spent the night together and she said she's never leave, I thought she did this to everyone but when we became one she gave me herself and she got half of me and I could feel her heartbeat I could hear her mind move, she told me I was her new knight to always protect her forever..
from Confessions..... coming soon
Nov 2016 · 662
As I Am
Zeus Nov 2016
Come get a hug, my body is made of thorns and they extend when someone gets close
Come get my heart, its in 56 pieces and frozen
Come look into my mind, its dark, scary and haunted by memories
Come hold my hands, they're cold
Come lay next to me as i sleep, I scream and kick because of the nightmare I don't have
Come sit and listen to my life stories, people call them poems and writings,

I can't absorb your sins, I can take your pain
I cant show you the light, I can show you my darkness
I can't erase your past, I can give you a better future

Can I show you my scars they're only as bad as the story behind them
Can I show you my past, its only as ripped as i am
Can I  tell you about the voice in my head, they're noise is the sweetest music o know
Can I show you my life, promise not to runaway,

I cant sleep with the light on, I can't wake up with the sun out
I hibernate that's when i feel safe, I don't run away from the world
Time passes by me waving and laughing, its having the time of it's life
Eternity isn't enough for me.
Like my Facebook page "Writing Mind", its quite interesting.
Nov 2016 · 346
Joy (10 Words)
Zeus Nov 2016
Nov 2016 · 408
Zeus Nov 2016
i want to write something great
but more importantly I'm hoping you can relate,

i want to be expressive
even when the world is depressive
and my peers are repressive
i still want to show my writing ability
its my only escape from reality
trust me i don't rhyme intentionally,

I've been writing for so long
not matching words seems wrong
they say poets only write sad songs,

thank God i'm not a poet
i write my dark truth
i have a dark heart and i pour it,

i want us to sit on the roof
looking at stars
writing bars
creating stanzas
as hours pass us
but such moments don't yet belong to us,

i have so much to say but its all lost in my thoughts, my heart goes out to the broken hearted, i wish i could fix you and take your pain cause my darkness can handle it all,
i have so much to do but its all in the hands of time, i hope fate isn't real cause i don't want a predetermined destiny,
i have so many people to repay half of them are gone i hope the other half don't leave too soon.
i have so many futures to make, i hope they never lose hope in themselves.
i know this isn't dark but even i cant be dark all the time.
Nov 2016 · 656
Me vs. You
Zeus Nov 2016
It's cloudy with a chance of pain
no one pays attention
even less pay respect

6 feet under when I'm on cloud 9
i cut myself with the thoughts of happiness
a future that wont happen hurts more
more than the nightmare i live,

i know you're there
i know you don't care
i feel you near
but you keep silent like you're not here,

you would rather see me scream
you would rather hear my pain
i have done no wrong to deserve this torture
but karma thinks otherwise
life supports her
and death just stands there watching,

this misery won't end
i have so much to say
you say i should say nothing at  all
"take the pain like a man" you say
"please end this" i pray

you say you want to remove my darkness
but my darkness is who i am
i will never submit
you won't quit
you whisper "it will only get worse"
eternity isn't that long, I'll survive.
Nov 2016 · 324
Truth (10 Words)
Zeus Nov 2016
Welcome to the world built from the ashes of Eden.
The emotions are starting to rain in
Nov 2016 · 717
Dark King Creation
Zeus Nov 2016
He wasn't that tall, he wasn't that smart, he wasn't that light He never let his spirits fall, he always loved the writing art, he knew he knew his future was bright, He wasnt yet 20 living in the 21 centaury when the children talked back to the grown ups and having babies was as common as having hiccups, He lived a happy life or so it seemed, he wanted to die at night that's all he dreamed, his life was a nightmare his nightly prayer was asking God why life wasn't fair, one year after the other he lost another, "another person I love taken above why do you take all I have" he cried out, open heart bleeding out, "get me clear !! be a man don't drop a tear don't let the world see your fear" he was told, "be bold as you get old the world gets cold" no one ever said so my heart only bled I mean but.. his heart only bled, one by one they kept to fall "who will I call please don't take them all do you have a plan at all" to the sky he would constantly cry, he cried until he lost faith he lost hope, "they can't love you they just want to use you" said his own mother "its school and nothing other" said his father, "am I a child of another?" his mind would wounder.. He fell to the darkness, he was killed by the light and healed by the darkness and it took him back to the light, "do I have bad behavior? It is the reason Im not treated fair does anyone care" he would think, the words told him "young king we'll always be there", he gave a second chance to the second chance giver once again he was a believer but with a change, he grew with age, he grew with rage and learnt how to cry with ink on a page, his head was heavy but not with thought but a crown now the school clown was evil with a knife and frown, a dark king a dark knight for the darkness he now controlled, sited on a dark throne he grew wings and started collecting gold rings, no he's not evil he's just open minded, now they all bow to me !! I mean now they all bow to thee, he understood the world was cold so to help warm it he planned to burn it all, He grew strong but the cost was the love he knew created the rage he brew it wasn't anything new but it more than anyone knew He's all grown and in the words its shown he sees words around him because the words, the darkness saved him and made him the King he is...
I think this isn't as good as fighter but i still like it. a piece of my soul is in this one, I'm proud of this...
Nov 2016 · 418
For Real (10 words)
Zeus Nov 2016
This is so fun now I can't stop doing it.
hahaha I've been thinking of ways to do it I now have an itch maybe sometime in the future they'll be more serious and emotional but for now this is really fun to do
Nov 2016 · 485
Zeus Nov 2016
She must have not been older than 17 living in the 1600's an era pledged with kings and queens, she ran away from her poor home wanting something more something worth living for, she packed her bags, gathered all she could and started off, on her way she was shutting the door behind her, she walled for hours, she walked for miles, she thought of turning back but she was determined, a stranger in a carriage being pulled by 2 horses came up from behind her to her side wondering if she needed help, was she lost he asked, was she looking for someone he asked, could he give her a lift he asked, she agreed and got into the carriage, the carriage started to move she started to see the ground move faster than it had when she was waking, they began to talk, he seemed nice she thought, smart and honest she thought, as the carriage moved further he got closer, and closer, his hands started to walk to her, her body tried to run away but she couldn't escape, he pulled her closer, she felt the carriage get colder, her mother always told her, be careful with men who are older, He kissed her neck but she pushed him away his sweetness now turned to aggression she got the impression that he was going through a depression and this was his only way of expression He ripped her top off exposing her *******, the ******* of a growing young woman soft round and smooth he simply couldn't help himself but touch them, was he to blame her young succulent body was hard to tame to himself his hands couldn't remain and simply looking at her drove him insane The carriage stopes and out she hoped hoping to out ran the man who pounced on her like a fox she ran and ran but he chased and chased he caught up and dropped her down he climbed on top and it was clear he wouldn't stop he pinned her hands but still she fought his aggression turned to rage her resistance pushed him to the edge he pit his hand under feeling her trimmed hedge she fought and fought as she constantly thought and thought why was he doing this how could he do this with tears running down her eyes her fear started to come as she realized all the stranger visualized She broke a hand free and scratched his face thinking this will put him in his place! It worsened the phase as he began to hit her beautiful face one punch to punch he thought to himself, she'll make a beautiful lunch he beat her till he saw red, yes she blead it was clear she shouldn't have flead she turned purple and black he said I'll leave a mark on your back, She saw no hope, he was still on top and she began to choke, tears still falling she began to hear her mother calling and her blood kept pouring, she saw a knight by his side but saw no hope by her side, he wanted to stock his **** in her so she decided it was time to stick his knife in him, she frees her hand once more, she grabbed his blade and went right for his head cutting his ear off was like cutting her fear off she stood and wondered what she feared off! She stood as he caught his bleeding ear and said now look who has the fear come closer dear I need you near I need you here where's that cocky cheer he went back on terror he crawled back trying to run but it was her turn to have fun she looked up to the sun and felt an evil take over for her this wasn't over she now moved closer and teased him, she asked what would please him, Rough time wasting she grabbed his hand and cut his finger off, she wanted to see his blood she wanted to see it flood so she grabbed his other hand and cut is wrist he tried to form a fist, a fist to throw but with a blow she drove the knife through that fist. She heard him scream and in her eyes she saw a beam, a beam of his fear it was now clear she would let him die slowly, as the wrist cut drained him of his blood, he had no strength to fight she whispered to him don't follow the f__king light ..
I'm do proud of this note I don't know why but I am honestly so proud I wrote this, I should be used by now but once in a while s note like this makes proud to be a writer
Nov 2016 · 351
I Can't (10 words)
Zeus Nov 2016
It killed me to write something this short, i cant.
10 words isn't enough for me, i just have to express myself, its like being trapped in a box, limited space air and movement, i deeply credit everyone who can limit their words
Zeus Nov 2016
Out of strength
Out of breathe
Out of my mind

I can't fight you anymore
I can't keep chasing you anymore

You can have me
I'll accept you as you are

You can destroy me
You can keep me to yourself

We're back in the loop
We're back in the stream within a lake
You have me for eternity
Enjoy the last minute you have of me

This isn't supposed to hurt
The pain makes it worth it
You strangle me and leave me gasping for air
In your arms I don't need to breath

You take from me
I give you to you
You tie me down
With you I feel safe

I hear myself say "I don't want you"
I feel myself say "I need you"..
Nov 2016 · 405
A Thing
Zeus Nov 2016
Its your soft skin I want to rip off
Its your sweet voice that echos softly in my ear that i want to stop
Its your soft lips dripping with raw love that I want to shut
I swear your body calls me to hold it but I just want to grip

You're my loud whisper
You're my honest lie

The pictures i create of you are so very wrong
But doing everything I picture would be so very right
Your cloths could fall off you so smoothly but I want to rip them off

You're shaped to perfection
I'm on my knees trying to hold back this darkness
But you're the light that craves me,
If i let you in i might ruin you
And you insist that its a risk you'll take

You're my sweet spot killing me with every bite you give
You're my drug pulling me to addiction with every hit I take

I can' t let you go so i tie you down just to watch you lay there
I  toss and turn in my bed as you twist and we intertwine in my head
I want more and more of you right now but you're a tease its not fair.
this is from a piece of my book called obsession
Nov 2016 · 769
Like you
Zeus Nov 2016
I want to be like you
I want to be liked like you are
I wanted to be adored like you are
I want say attention like you do
I want to get my way like you do

I want to walk confident like you do
I want to talk confident like you do
I want to be flattered like you are
I want to be admired like you are

I want to have four thousand people at my feet like you do
I want to have four thousand more waiting in line for me like you do
I want to have the choice of picking from the options like you do

I want to be as clueless as you are and still survive the world like you do
I want to be a handful like you are and still be wanted like you are

I want to be smart like you
I want to be gifted like you
I want to be pretty like you.
Nov 2016 · 321
Me, You and Her
Zeus Nov 2016
"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God"

I have so many questions for you.
I have so much to ask
I have so much to learn?
But you're not here to teach me

In the darkness I found myself

I grew up in darkness
I got saved by darkness
I'm still with the darkness
But you were with the darkness too

The darkness she shows her beauty and how she only wants to help

By darkness I  don't mean ignorance
I don't mean being blind
The darkness is a safe place
By darkness i do not mean evil or bad
By the darkness i just mean a safe place
A place no one knows but a place i know way too well

In the beginning there was nothing and the nothing was with God and that nothing was Darkness
"And he said let there be light, and there was light"
"Creating the heavens and earth"

You gave up the darkness to make us
Do I have to give it up to?
I'm still a baby and she protects me
She helps me deal with the world you abandoned her to create

They tell me to let go of the darkness but no one understands, I don't expect them to, the pain I felt before, I've felt your pain a million times more, I've felt your troubles one to many times, in the darkness I pour out my heart and she helps me heal as i give her the happiness she never had.
Nov 2016 · 334
Young King
Zeus Nov 2016
Young King,
Still talking to God
I've been through hell enough times
This kind of lifestyle taught me patience and hard work
but it had me give up love and commitment.

but I'd rather give them a bigger house
than little me's

19 and I'm 4steps ahead.

Young King,
pour your heart out and give them the forbidden fruit
i know ******* is a wonderful thing
but we're on a road to something better,
complaining about life wont help so just live it or leave it
at your age you should control your rage unleash it on that page and they'll call it poetry,
know yourself, you owe that to yourself

we're not as pretty as her so we have to work twice as her
we're not good as him so we have to work to be better than him

they wont face the facts cause fact is you're going to be great.

Young King,
I stay out of trouble and stick in my lane;
I could take you under my wing.
Nov 2016 · 394
Title ?? I Still Don't Know
Zeus Nov 2016
Why do you only see them?
Why do you always pick them?
Why do you talk to only them?

I'm not pretty like her her her her or her so I have to work hard
I'm not good as him him him or him so I have to be better,
I don't have your favor so I have to be on your best behavior

Where are you when they need you, I heal them, I fix them not you so you owe me you owe me a million times more, I see their pain. I feel their pain I patch their pain with pieces of me,

They live to please you and they beg you as they scream for you not to please  leave

You built all this from the darkness and I was raised from by the darkness,,
Nov 2016 · 619
I Don't Even Know
Zeus Nov 2016
They live a life hoping, praying, keeping faith, keeping smiles, They go through tragedy, pain and suffering but they still keep their faith, they still smile they still have hope, even with tears running down, blood pouring out and anger complimented by rage burning inside them, they still look at the good side,

Am I the only one who sees the suffering and pain of others, I see artificial stars being launched into space but no one feeds the hungry space in the poor's body I see zoos charge to see animals that used to roam free in lands that are now being used by humans, why lock up animals in cages, game parks and "sanctuaries" ? Humans are the ones who need to be locked and blocked from the world, I'm not talking about jails, jails just prove that the justice system fails the people its set to protect, not only does the world need protection from humans but people need protection from people, I've seen corruption at its best, strings being pulled, moved being made but never seen, steps taken but never heard,

Is this what you planned? Is the pain and suffering part of your plan?, I don't want them to justify your actions, I want you do it yourself after all I have to justify mine before you, I don't want a dream I don't want a vision I want to hear your reason but only your special ones get to hear you, they don't even hear you they hear whispers they create their own version of you just to stay sane.. Why torture them like that, I'd have rather you talk to them and give them peace of mind than let them imagine things, they're so scared to question you but how will they learn if they don't... If we are built in your image does that mean you feel pain sorrow sad anger hate love frustration regret remorse and everything we feel,

Writing to you is like writing to Santa Claus, they just have to have faith that you're real and their gifts will come if they've been good..
Nov 2016 · 454
Zeus Nov 2016
You can be Alice all you want
I will forever be wonderland

Get your masks
Get your masks
Its time
Its time to be fake again,
Put a smile on your face
Put a flower in your hair
Take your place
And act like you care

Looking through the window to your soul
I see everything but your soul,
Did you see it to the world?

Act happy
Smile always
Don't be bad
So i do the opposite
I am dark always
I frown always
A hand full of cannabis and a breath full of procrastination

They all want hugs and kisses
They want to hold hands running in the sun
Swimming in the pool
Taking pictures with their artificial smiles

We walked together
We talked all night
We planned a future
We went out
We came back in wanting more
Promising each other the world

Now I want to burn the world

I'm better off alone.
Nov 2016 · 521
Zeus Nov 2016
i don't know what you'll call this
i don't know if you'll like this

but can you

but can you be honest with me?
Do you think I'm a good writer?
Do you ever look at what i write and read it maybe twice or three times more

i just

i just wanted to find out.
i know you have better things to do
i know its not important


but you're important to me
you mean the world to me

and i know

and i know i treat you badly
sometimes i act terrible
its only because i'm scared to let you close

but you

but you mean so so much to me and hurting you breaks my heart
i had dreams of us
i have dreams of you

i just hope

i just hope you understand
maybe if you do we could work out
so if you think about us you should let me know.

but i

but i don't know anymore
i should day dream anymore
i jsut wanted to let you know.

that i

that i like you
despite my actions
know that i do
Nov 2016 · 462
DK Mentality
Zeus Nov 2016
To share is simple courtesy
I share my thoughts that's my generosity

At 16 i lost my morality
in youth we think we have immortality
I thank God for my ability
and I refuse to face reality
my thoughts are far from fictionality
I live in factionality (that means I segeregate myself, with music I serigate myself)
I grew a Dark King mentality
so I don't break down entirely

to be honest I hate humanity..
Oct 2016 · 211
Zeus Oct 2016
I'm trying put you on your feet and not just on your knees
Cause the pleasure is better when you have no pressure

I'm not perfect I'm just a man but I'm you're man, I'm not into putting labels I'd rather put you on tables
They don't pay your bills so you don't mind if they pay no respect

Your main concern is how I got this insane I could open up about my pain but I'd rather open up something else,
I'm not to be explicit? but that's the only time you feel it

Call me when you're not sober
We make heat like October
You know your pool is the best place
This isn't just a phase,
I'm not a drinker I'm  deep thinker and i like to go deeper,

I keep trying to address you
Hoping to undress you
you should hit me up
Saying you like me
Oct 2016 · 475
No Rush
Zeus Oct 2016
I'm not looking for your trust
I just want to fulfill your lust
Don't ask if we'll last,

I'm not with the cheap thrills,
I can tell you what's real
Cook you a real good meal
Bet I'll get a feel yeah I'm sure I will
This is more than physical appeal,

You're committed
That's fine
One nights stands in the daytime can become our weekly habit promise not to break it or fake it and you could take it, wear a little less that could take us a little further,

I'm not into cuffing that don't mean I can't give you good loving
We still have some  time I can do everything I rhyme,
I'll enjoy all the touching, No need for rushing you know this is more than f,,king

you know I cant spend a night, this ain't right but doesn't wrong
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