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the only difference between a safe house and
a prison is intent,

so don't lie to me.

i've bent bobby pins enough to pick it

the too close for comfort, the itch on your back,

how we tally it up, rally the rebel yells and the
outliers like broken lighthouses.

train tracks out of me, tack the endless question,
tackle me to the ground and start over.

I have enough scars, so forget it.

the food is on fire, but at least it's cooked.

cool metal handle, lukewarm water and smoke,
candle-like in the candlelight.

what was raw before is now ash. you've
made a difference, but

was it an improvement?
You're older now, soldier.
Your wars aren't the same.

Dust and the blinds they collect,
days that feel red, almost enviable
in their passion.

Shaky hands again, dry mouth
again, sirens singing low in
the black water day after day.

Death should mean something.
Encore for the epitaph!

It isn't real, but it is. It's replaying
in your head. It isn't real, but

it happened.
A life without fear is a life without friction.
Looking at you head-on,
looking at you sideways,
alleys and staircases and
awnings throwing their
shadows over you,

both obstructing and constructing.

You dream in color, so
you live in color, wish it were
that simple, wish I had a leg
to stand on, but I've just got
this oar.

Sliding all over the polished
dark, lost in the open field
when the sun eats everything.
You can go blind if you stare

too long, the fuzzy black spots
nibbling at vision, how it burns
even when you close your eyes.

Yes, I know, darling,
but try telling my dreams that.

Eclipse the meaning; it's better
to let others make the assumptions.

I'll stare as long as I like, thanks.
the heart: a place where it happens.

flesh to flesh.
blood to blood.
we made a pact,
you and I.

we made a pact.

cartwheels, sun skip
              hop and
wow I need a scotch.

counting to ten, then 20,
phonics and the 50 states.
listening, listening. there
are spies everywhere.

what's mine is yours and vice versa.

sapphire sparkling under
the water and the ants
struggling on the surface.

pull me under and we're
mermaids again. pull me
under and keep me there.

keep me here. we made a pact.

we made an island, so
gather the coconuts. lead
the cannibals across the

I'd never let them eat you, promise.

pinky promise, glittering
promise, stick a needle
in your eye
and all
that rot.

the reward isn't the gold at
the end of the rainbow.
gold means the game's over.

the reward is the rainbow.

the forever (implied), the
countryside (ransacked).
who likes an ending?

it was somewhere
after eyeliner, perfume,
words maybe,

something golden.
 Jun 2017 Zeus
Erin Nicole
 Jun 2017 Zeus
Erin Nicole
To talk to you
To get near you
To feel your touch
To listen to your voice
To hear your laugh
To make you smile
To see you blush
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
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