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Zeus Jun 2017
i am the lost soul, the forgotten one, i'm the one you forget to remember and when the time comes your memory of me will fade away as falling stars do, drift in the rifts of my mind as you ride through the passage to my heart, don't hold on these rails are old and rusty they might break and you might fall into the webs of the darkness that hides within me, i can not save you from the creatures that drag you away, don't hold on to the swings of my mind the rope might choke you, don't eat the fruit of my heart it might seem sweet and taste even better but the poisoned fruit will **** you slowly, the pleasure is not worth it and the hell that follows is wrath not know, don't hold on to my hand i'm ice cold and i might freeze you in the moment and you might hate me after,
don't look into my eyes they'll give you endless possibilities and give you the future you need but it is all an illusion, don't listen to my words that fall from my lips, the truths i speak are covered in sweet nothings and lies that make them sound even better, and the towers i bounce from are the endless holes i fall in, i live in a world i did not want, i push a body for my spirit is almost dead drained and flickering away, i bring the broken to life and fixing them with pieces of myself, i am shattered and tattered, i am in pieces but the endless smiles i leave are worth the lost pieces,

i am the lost soul, the forgotten one, i'm the one you forget to remember and when the time comes you memory of me will fade away as falling stars do,
stay away
stay away
the monsters within are starting to lurk
the monster within is starting to peek
the me with within is starting to crawl out.
well i liked this one even after  i was done writing
  May 2017 Zeus
Erin Nicole
The saddest part was realizing we could have made it work. If you were truly in love with me, you would have fought for me. But you didn't, and that just means I loved you more than you loved me.
  May 2017 Zeus
Erin Nicole
And she was lost
she didn't know what she felt anymore,
She was both happy and sad at the same time.

She would never tell
how she felt,
she would stay quiet
and keep it for herself.

She had lost so much
and gained so little,
she would laugh
and she would smile,
she would act like everything was fine
but she new
she was living a lie,
behind her smile
she held a broken heart.

She would forgive over and over again
just because she was afraid to lose
someone who never saw her real worth.

She expected too much
and never learned to let go.
she got attached too fast
and when time came,
a part of her was gone too.

And all those promises
in which she believed
flew away just like the wind

And she waited,
and waited,
but he never came.

All she ever wants
is to never feel again
because every time she feels,
all she feels is pain.
  May 2017 Zeus
Erin Nicole
Do you ever just have the
biggest ******* crush on
someone ever and you just
know it wont work because
they're too old or you're
not good enough or they
and too attractive for you
so you pretty much spend
what feels like eternity
having the explainable
feeling for them until it rids
of the small bit of heart
you have left until you find
another person to have the
same ****** feeling towards.
  May 2017 Zeus
Nida Mahmoed
My dear world,
Your children's scream in pain,
But no one hearing,
In this ***** mans game,
The edge of the machine,
Cuts so deep,
An eye for an eye,
Makes the whole world blind,
Yet we think another bullet,
Will save us this time!

By; Nida Mahmoed
  May 2017 Zeus
Elizabeth Squires
an oscillating red light
appeared in the night sky
so bright its tone of blazing
was a shooting star
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