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Harlie Feb 2018
Tell you my story
Tell you my hurt
Tell you what I’ve faced
Tell you that you can be okay
Tell you even when you think your destine to break
Tell you that you can overcome this
Tell you that life is mean but you have to fight back
Tell you to spill your heart and let people in
Tell you that not everyone is against you
Tell you that you deserve the best
Tell you that you are you
Tell you that you can’t be replaced
Tell you to pick yourself up
Tell you I wish you the best with kindest regards

Based on kindest regards by Witt Lowry
Harlie Feb 2018
I loved him and I lost him
I pretended I was okay when I was not
I let myself love him entirely
I could never do the same for myself
I broke one day
I pushed and begged to die
I hurt him
I hurt myself
I am now alone
If I had loved myself maybe I wouldn’t have lost him
Harlie Feb 2018
I have my monsters
I have my demons
Always pushing me down
I keep getting back up
But then one day I couldn’t
I fell and had no one there
I had to become my own person
I had to see the pain in my eyes
I had to see the broken mess I became
But I learned that my demons could be killed
I faced my problems
I stood brave
And slowly I chased them away
And then came the day where I was no longer being pushed down
That day is the day I finally found myself

Based on the song Monsters by time flies
Harlie Feb 2018
Begging to die
That was me
Key word “was”
Now I still fight those demons
I still have regrets about what they made me do
But I am stronger than them
Or at least I need to make myself believe I am
Put back together
Trying to be happy
That is who i will be
Harlie Feb 2018
We all are happy until we aren’t
We are all perfect until we are broken
We are all different
We are all in different battles and circumstances
We are all fighting with a monster that just wants to tear us apart
But something we do have in common is
We can understand and consider
We can care and comfort
We can be the strong one for someone who needs them
We are all capable
We all are going to hit rock bottom but always remember that those who believe in you will pick you back up
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Harlie Nov 2017
I suppose I miss the skipped meals
I suppose I miss the number dropping
I suppose I miss the concern
I suppose I'm going back
I suppose I'll stop eating again
I suppose I'll start getting sick again
I suppose that I'm not better
I suppose I enjoyed the slow death
I suppose it didn't matter
I suppose all I wanted was to be skinny
I suppose that's why I'm gone now
Relapse *****
Harlie Oct 2017
Why must we hurt?
Without reason
Why must we suffer?
Without knowing
Why must life be so cold?
People come
People go
Emotion lingers but soon fades
Why must we use false hope that cut like blades?
We know that we won't always understand
And yet it still burns inside
We rush emotion as if it had a timer
When really it's like a fine wine
The longer time it's given to process the better the outcome is
But I guess it's life
We must suffer
To find reason
We must hurt
To know
We must be cold
To feel the sun
This is life and it's not always fun
Just a feeling I've had lately
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