Long dock to bring out pontoons.
Outside grill and patio furniture.
Beautiful water to take a dip in.
Fire pit for s’mores and family games.

So many memories yet to be made.
So many people yet to be brought together.

So many things I have yet to do at a beautiful place I like to call home.

                                 With love,
Birds chirping.
Flowers blooming.
People loving.

It just all seems to great when you glance at the picture but what people don’t see is what that need too.

The poverty in Africa.
The fact that America is poor.
The killing of innocent people in Korea.

The world isn’t always what it seems.
Can you spot the fake from real?

                            With love,
When the sun sets, and the clouds move.
Your mind clears.
It opens up to maybe the possibility of love.
Being happy with the one person that was created for you.

Then when the sunrises and the clouds move in.
Your thoughts of love and happiness die.
And your thoughts of depression and hate move in.

And things get put into perspective.

                               With love,
Eyes drift to the sand.
My head burns from the sun.

Thoughts are shielded by my blue umbrella.

Worry’s wash away with the tide.

Fear’s melt away like the ice in my cooler.

And finally I am at peace.

                             With love,
Your all I think about. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.

It’s always been you.
It will always be you.
Every choice.
Every breath.

It’s you.

                            With love,
I have a demon.
Well I take that back. I have many demons.

But there is this one demon I have he is named “Hass” in translation it means hate in German.

He controls me. Tells me what to do in a public manor and I can’t say he’s good.

I try to keep him private but Hass always finds a way to trail back in like nothing has been hidden.

The darkness can only be kept for 12 hours. And when the light rises up he burns.

The recreation of Hass always seems to grow worse with each day that comes.

                         With love,
When all hope was lost and I was in the shadows there you were. Your bright kind eyes brought me into the light and since then, I’d never wanted to go back to the darkness.

                               With love,
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