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Heather 2d
Says the wrong thing
At the wrong time
With the wrong voice
She’s the wrong sign

She gets tangled in vice
Mistaken for art
Can’t lighten the load
To save his heart

She can’t stop thinking
The wrong thoughts
Or fight the right battles
Take the right shots

But the right one?
She’ll come along soon
And make you forget
How I danced with the moon
Heather 5d
I know you’re there
I can feel you
pulling the desire
through the tissue thin membrane
between worlds
through my bones
porous and resilient
through my blood
displacing oxygen
through my skin
chemical annihilation

it lingers there
in the space all around me
a measured undulating haze
seeking you
it knows you’re close
it can feel you
Heather Nov 9
I wish the words
could wrap around the feelings
and deliver them
to a safe place
where the longing makes sense
you don't read my poems
they're all for you
Heather Nov 3
I let it out
a little at a time
at first
like a broken ink pen
or a wounded fish
streaming a trail of blood
a drug for the sharks
who come like missiles
out of the dark
teeth sharp
as serrated metal hearts

cold eyes
almost human
when I turn
and let it all go
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