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Lauren Sep 2018
She is beauty,
Yet she will never see it

She is strength,
Yet she will never feel it

She is everything to me,
Yet she will never understand it

So I will tell her every **** day how precious she is and maybe in time she will see it, feel it, understand it and never forget it.
Lauren Apr 2018
If I cut deep enough, will the pain pour out of me like the rain,
Cleanse my soul and make me new?

If I cut deep enough will the flowers start to grow?

If I cut deeper than their words
Maybe today will be the day

And if today is the day, I ask one question

Did I cut deep enough?
Lauren Jun 2017
Am I allowed to look at you like this...
Cause when you looked me in the eye
I didn't know it would be such a crime
Because mumma always warned me about the bad guy but never the girl with the cute smile...

Though when I look at you, it all disappears
The thoughts turn to harmless words
His face erased
And the bad dreams are gone for good
And I sit and wonder am I allowed to look at you
But then I remember I don't care
Lauren Jun 2017
A touch here, a touch there
The sudden fear to then appear;
memories, I wish would disappear

Silent walls, silent screams
Slowly turned to violent dreams

I can feel them
rising up my chest

I can hear the words i never said...
Lauren Jun 2017
i can feel it, in the pit of my stomach
the memories, they’re back
the thoughts come rushing in
and i can’t stop

The sickness crouches up my throat,
his hands on me, his breath on me
it wont stop. He wont stop

Smile, it’s okay. you’re safe here, you’re at home
he only lives 3 bedrooms away, it’s fine
it’s not like his touch is everywhere.
it’s not like he consumes my every thought

You’re safe now, he reaches out his hand
i stare at his hand, i know what it’s touched,
i stand there waiting for his gaze to trail
it never does, he moves closer; i step back

My skin, is no longer skin
it’s glass and who knew
all it took was one touch
to break me

i’m gone.

— The End —