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Honeybee May 2
I’m somewhat like a book except
I have a perfect cover
And torn pages
Honeybee Apr 28
“Living is a privilege”
Then please like you take all my other privileges away take this one away too
Honeybee Apr 18
I know I’ll never be good enough
But that doesn’t mean you have to point it out to me everyday
Like I get it
I’m fat and Im stupid insecure and worthless
But you are supposed to make me feel the opposite
Your my stepdad for ***** sake!
My mom loves you
Your family loves you
And you know it
But you already have kids
And I know I’m not under that category
I’m just my moms daughter
Not yours
Honeybee Apr 18
I can’t bring myself to eat right now
Probably cause I know if I eat
nothing good will happen
I’ll still get heavier
I’ll still be insecure
I’ll still throw it up
So I’m just not going to eat
Because no positives will come out of it
Honeybee Apr 17
Some people count calories
Or sodium and sugars
But I have nothing to count
Because I just
Don’t eat
I used to not eat at all
I’m doing better now
But I still feel really insecure whenever I eat
Honeybee Apr 13
I may not have been able to pick my blood family
But my chosen family
Is the most important thing to me in this world
Honeybee Apr 13
The day she came
Was the day my hope returned
We’re not blood related but she’s my family nonetheless
I love her she’s the best
She understands me in ways no one else could
She’s my inspiration in poetry
And in my life in general
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