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HonestlyEunice Aug 2018
When I go to school, people ask me if I'm fine.
Of course I am. Your just not on my mind.
In my mind you will find
something that will blow your mind
something confusing but fun
and you'll be the only one
to wanna visit
HonestlyEunice Jun 2018
I need someone to talk to. Right now I am so broken and now I don't think I can go on any longer. I am in tears and I am hyperventilating. I can't really breathe and I need help. Please help me
HonestlyEunice May 2018
Isn't sad?
When no one can hear your cries?
When no one can understand you?
When you try to explain why you cry once every hour?
When you wanna tell them to stop hurting you?
But you can't.
You never can.
People tell you your worthless, they call you names, you tell people and they just won't.
The feeling of being alone is already impacting.
But to feel like no one hears your voice hurts.
It's like being underwater.
Its like you can't breathe and you're suffocating.
Is this depression at its worst/best?
Guess I better get used to it. Cause Its my life now
HonestlyEunice May 2018
I can never have feelings. I really can't. My brothers call me over dramatic when I cry, my mom calls me crazy, and my... I don't even know if I should call them friends. Anyway, they don't like it and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. And to be honest, I know this isn't a poem; I just need to release somewhere. Its better than self-harm, right?
HonestlyEunice May 2018
Everyday, I try to see the world a little more different than I did yesterday.
I always try to see that people can do good.
I have hope that people will change their ways.
And I hope that some will listen to my words and change.
But its all hope.
Hopefully they will change before its too late.
And most of all, I hope people will make peace with each other.
HonestlyEunice May 2018
She is like a rose.
She is beautiful as she is broken.
She carries the world on her shoulders and makes it look like a pair of wings.
Her smile gives you butterflies and her voice sounds like the voice of an angel.
Yet she has insecurities of herself.
She carries the world on her shoulders and feels like a million bricks is on her shoulders.
Her smile is a fake one and her voice is broken.
She feels unloved because no one shows it.
And sadly, that girl is me.
Sorry if it *****. One Of my first poems that I wrote.
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