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Holiday 3h
Remember the name they wont remember your face.
You're stuck in this cage you won't ever be free.
Is this my conciousness or that memory lane?
Got a thousand different ****** expressions for every occasion.
This picture and a thousand words wont put it together.
Every puzzle piece that puzzles thee is straight from the devil.
When you beat the odds you're finally gonna be on my level.
That time will be never but I respect the effort.
Put the snare on the bass and the bass on the treble.
Pull the hook too fast what you catch wont register.
I put the mute on blast and collapse the whole venue.
She looking for a big bag so her small *** on beggar.
I'm looking for a figure 8 On the ice from the neck up.
Holiday 7d
In one of those moods.
Lemme tell you what I never told you.
In a cold room I don't move.
I can't think for a world because it's so blue.
So much blood on the floor you could fill a whole pool.
I stay wrestling storms but it's no use.
I never cared for myself I did it for you.
On my sleeve I wear what I felt in the fabric of truth.
Theirs little fuel to a fire when you're gasping on fumes.
This cage you call earth is nothing but a zoo.
Different species what they say but we all are baboons.
I'm just a tree in the wind trying to bare me some fruit.
it's all means to an end but where it begins doesnt bloom.
To make ya way to the top you got to double the roots.
So forget the cash and money and running the country.
This is my life here and heavy stuff I've been lugging.
Holiday Feb 19
In the future Nostradamus  we go stupid straight *******.
This the union illuminati cut that music pop a molly.
Flee the pain, you see these bodies my Jalopy.
Going hard press the gas pray to god.
First it's small then it's large.
Tear the roof through the floor.
Get that push she on the pole.
Brings all these roots to the lord.
I'm the moon, I'm the scorch.
This the tune I settle scores.
I'm that cube and I'm that orb.
I'm the shield I'm the sword.
I'm the clear and the warped.
I'm revered I'm ignored.
I appear and then distort.
At eht rear coming forth.

Mix a lil fire and water and you create a bridge anyone can walk on.
Holiday Feb 16
Thorn thistle on my windows cop my style on every single.
All these victims off the richter, walk is flame I'm talking cinders.
Out the way my list on schindler postulate I'm arching figures.
Clutch this game till I get blisters; Tell your scarface I'm on Simba.
All these steps like Lou Ferrigno; Smashing; I'm on that roof like an attic.
Adding the bank roll the fastest I square up Like Ted Kord in action.
I wear Mithril and platinum You're all players in practice.
I coach the game with a passion, you hit the net I get baskets.
You with the feds you keep asking I paint your court with a racket.
Holiday Feb 15
They all want a Death Star, I look at a Death Clock.
Mesmerized by Deaths Charm, look at how the dead walk.
You wanna press pause, while I paint this Like Bob Ross?
Watch the two towers fall, like sauron from a taun taun i just rigged with carbombs.
Is this the Lord of the Rings while I'm on Hoth so many horns on my head they call me darth maul.
Sense her beeps But I don't Honk.. weaving through cars like yall are parked.
Lightsabre staff glowing straight orange galloping the porshe over the orcs.
The way I box like a morgue it's like death is my uniform I cleanse the heirs Boy I'm like a humidoor.
I look right and left at the same time for sport. I hit the gas pedal until my foots under the floor.
I'm thrice levels above the rappers they get dwarved.
Holiday Feb 14
Half and half go and grab a cup.
Back to back but we stand at the front.
The moon is cast and now we snagging the sun.
This the nuclear blast from what you thought was a dud
We go Dum ditty dum dum, Dum ditty dum dum
I'm what a bumble bee once was.
Chasing the "Buzz Buzz" Snare plus these conundrums.
Maybe I found the answer with dumbluck.
First string in theory I'm coming undone.
The riddle game appearing as "just us."
And they're so humdrum inside out upside down just like an ONION
They all wanna know what hood or mud slum that I come from.
Holiday Feb 9
All the way up
All the way down.
Am I on the way up?
Am I on the way down?
Lead me in-to the dark.
Breathe me into the clouds.
Freeze me in your arms.
And don't let me out.
I'll be a sculpture in your house.
Take my offer don't reject my smile.
Proof is the death where there's no sound.
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