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Cassie May 16
People say they are going to be loyal,
But do they know what it means?

Why do people make promises,
When they are going to break it any way?
Cassie May 16
Here is my story,
Since elementary.
A girl who went threw, so many tragedies.

I started kindergarten,
Then no one was picking on me.
But after first grade,
There was just way too many.

I missed all my friends,
But I made Some at Delta.
I came back to that same school,
Then I started to get picked on.

They called me names,
at that age I ignored.
Until in seventh grade,
they started calling me a ****.

I  started dating,
I was only exploring
i found this boy,
Turned out he was a *******.

He's a Hufflepuff.
he can be cute and sweet,
then the anger filled him with rage.

He started to blame me for his own problems,
he hit me,
he punched me,
he scratched me,
he called me names,
and then i started to listen to his words.

After the last abusive attempt,
I said I'm done, but my best friend had to break up with him for me,
because I was afraid he was going to hit me.

I finally got out of this relationship,
I felt free,
and I finally felt like I wasn't tied down anymore.

And while all this is physical and mental abuse what's going on,
everyone was saying that I was sleeping with him,
I was pregnant by him,
calling me stupid for dating him,
which I kind of am stupid for dating him,
but I'm glad I got out of that relationship when I did.

Also while this was going on
my parents were fighting every single day
and my Mom finally handed my dad the divorce papers
and said that she's done so they got a divorce.

Also why this was going on,
I had to get surgery to get my gallbladder out,
even though I was only 13

Fast forward to now,
I have an amazing boyfriend,
my family situation is better,
my gallbladder incisions are healed,
and my depression is at Bay,

I still have nights where I can't sleep,
but I get through them because
I know that I will have a brighter day the next day.
Cassie May 16
The wind it stirs,
This night so bright.
With all the stars,
Falling right in line.

Sits a girl crying,
Weeping tears.
Because her family,
Is slowly dying.

Her parents are divorced
But still fighting.
All of there hard work, is now always crying.

She is depressed,
Feeling dead inside.
Her feelings are gone,
So deep inside.

She does not want to live,
But does not want to die.

— The End —