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It's a Saturday night in fall
and I'm the only boy at the slumber party.

Our festivities begin outside,
the cool wind keeping our knees together
as we sit by the pool
and discuss how cool we'll be.

Inside, her parents eye me,
like the Terminator
scanning a potential threat.

We play charades
and twister
and paranoia,
and we laugh and judge and scream.

At 10 p.m. we're told to sleep,
and I sneak up stairs to meet the stirring girls
who giggle in anticipation.

They get to work.
They paint my nails,
They make me up,
and at some point of reflection I see
I can no longer see me for me.
We fall asleep.

When I awake,
White pillow caked with
black and fleshy pink,
my friends put me back how they found me -
The only boy at the slumber party.
The first time I wore nail polish, I hated it so much I picked it off! I was scared my fingers had disappeared.
I fear college will **** me one day.
Perhaps for some dark reason,
unknown to me until
it's too late.

The people who love me
now reassure me,
later pat my lifeless back.
Y'all I cant even,
College is so scary
what if I make a mistake and i get in debt for the rest of my life?
I once knew a girl named Nicole,
Who bore into my head a hole.
From that hole came laughter,
and from there on after,
Never a moment was dull!
I changed the subject's name, but the original message still stands. I really need to write more limericks, they're really fun!
one million times
Imma draw my mama's face
so I don't forget.
This is my first published poem! wow I'm such a professional

— The End —