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Hillary Magee May 26
Staring at my Mama's face
That woman is black as hell
And she been through
The back of Hell
Now Dante tell me he can't
Take it
And I just
Sit back and say
Then why did you
Paint it?
Don't make Him save it
Hillary Magee May 26
I'm just tired,
Your boo hoos
And my boo boos
Makin' bookoo
Drama you do
But Daddy I'm
Done dining'
Wipe my whites
And take off
Hillary Magee May 22
Your love feels like
My toes frozen over
Sunken in the sand
Of the winter time

Your affection feels like
A puddle in the desert
A mirage

And now I vow
To not worship this
I let go
Of the winter time
And the desert

I am deserting self-pity
In my party of 1
I am moving on
Hillary Magee Apr 28
If I delete U
I'm stuck with TV
In movement
With time
The thought approaches
That most of them
Are unnecessary

feeling something
Vocabulary to express

Words escape
The string
That holds
The beads of meaning

I move and move
Running out of pieces
That made sense
And wonder if
My paintings miss
Their ballerina
Hillary Magee Feb 28
Your brother has been
Turning me
Ever so slowly
Like an angel atop of the
Christmas tree
For eternity
And you shine
Shine and shine
In me your
Wildest dreams
Come true
Then fall back down
Into slumber they do
And I find
That I’m the one
Among nine
To be in your heavenly place
The witness of
Your heavenly grace
Our love is so true
Hillary Magee Feb 27
Faces passing
Walking in
I see them
Coming in
Off the ships
Looking for
A restful spot
A haven
Maker’s Mark
No raven
Has loch’d my heart

You will be victorious
Your men circling
They’re your warriors
And we will forever
Be accommodating
In our

And I’m so interested
But I’m always wishing
On you
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