Jan 8 · 129
sleeping bougie
Hg Jan 8
beauty sleeps
every sunday
the rest she’s
dressed in lingerie

in bidding rooms
where men x-ray
as she stands stiff
scared et risqué

she’s forced to host
private soirées
for bourgeoisie
with filthy brains

while on the news
reporters say
she last was seen
on the subway

by now sixteen
she speaks français
her french family
won’t plot a grave

two years it’s been
spent incagé
bruised and abused
by those who prey

at least she sleeps
every sunday
that’s time enough
to plan escape

she lets a man
have child’s play
then she gets hold
of razor blades

then on the news
french police say
they found her
body in decay

sleeping beauty
slept sundays
but now she rests
toujours, always
for those who don’t survive
Jan 4 · 127
Hg Jan 4
little cinderella
can’t go to coachella
so she stays at home

sweeping through the fellas
swipe right and they tell her
that she’s beautiful

even though she won’t
find love on the phone
maybe she’ll have a ball

a one night dance
a club romance
a frog prince in a stall

with smeared mascara
and one glass slipper
she walks the road alone

her fairy godüber
pulls up to the corner
and drives the carriage home

slightly indisposed
feels it in her toes
the kiss of alcohol

vibrate on her phone
new message aglow
prince charming missed call
Dec 2018 · 483
Hg Dec 2018
rapunkzel, rapunkzel
shaved off her hair
goldie locks chopped off
long with her cares

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
takes every dare
she hits on death
as if it’s a snare

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
loves wearing sheer
shows off her tatts
and new ****** pierce

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
she never looks scared
cause once upon a time
she grew up in the fear

they held her captive
kept up the stairs
with no parents
put in foster care

never had a youth
or someone to care
dragged down the hall
by her curly hair

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
got out of there
got her own flat
and full length mirror

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
smiled and stared
at her buzzcut
at last feeling fair
Dec 2018 · 97
excuse me,
Hg Dec 2018
what’s the Wi-Tri password?
Oct 2018 · 3.6k
flowers of zinc
Hg Oct 2018
bouquets of powder
as white as flowers of zinc

skating thin ice
cutting thin lines on the sink

sniffing inhaling
until his nostrils would bleed

skip to the morning
they find his pale white body

he was so nice
in junior high when we met

his younger brother
smiled exactly like him

the death tore the team
they were closer than magnets

but he risked it all
to fall in the flower bed

is that what we get
when we encourage the dope

tuition’s forgiven
still the parents don’t cope

and i can’t imagine
how hard it must be to hold

a part of your brother
right underneath your own nose
Oct 2018 · 1.6k
a natural
Hg Oct 2018
she was quite the actor
always on a role

lights camera affection
putting on a show

she was quite the model
never had to pose

every tear was candid
such a natural
Aug 2018 · 1.8k
Hg Aug 2018
i’m friends with a chemist
she always got a flask

now she got a heartache
and a faded henna tat

lately i’ve been lonely
and she’s been really sad

so took to the roof
took the ***** threw it back

her finger has a tan line
but let's not mention it

i can’t hold down my liquor
or my laughter so i spit

she chugs it like it’s vody
she’s got those russian genes

the only thing i got in blood
are zits and heart disease

the sips leak out her lips
like cracks within a dam

some drip onto her wrists
rubbing the henna off her hand

i made a drunk comment
on her spiral designs

she says they’re meant to bring
good luck and blessings to the bride

and then she paused the night
by tightening her lips

our feet dangled in silence
off the slanted tile’s edge

then suddenly she cracked
her bottled up emotions

poured out what she feels
with swollen tears and words unspoken

**** love dude, she whispered
**** weddings and white dresses

**** me for ever thinking
he was ever something different

she looked down at the ground
as a ***** of thunder rolled

she looked up at the clouds and said
love’s just a chemical

she lifted up the flask
and took a final swig

as rain dropped on the clay
a bolt of lightning hit my head

love’s just a chemical
and that’s all it’s ever been

our bodies are just flasks
and love’s just a reaction
Aug 2018 · 7.5k
Hg Aug 2018
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Aug 2018 · 1.3k
love sick
Hg Aug 2018
when i was love sick
i kept all my snot

these pages are tissues
where i blew my thoughts
Aug 2018 · 13.8k
Hg Aug 2018
i can
her lips
and the way
they close

i can
her voice
and the way
it moans

i can
her pulse
on a

she can’t
do the same
with a heart
of stone
Aug 2018 · 13.8k
Hg Aug 2018
from the rose under her nose
a cloud of smoke made its escape

**** girl where you from, i asked
planet of the vapes?

a slow and hateful eye roll
traveled across the room

your jokes are the worst you know
you’re lucky that you’re cute
Jul 2018 · 3.5k
first high
Hg Jul 2018
take me back
to the first high

to the first time
that she and i

took a hit
of indica

dilating eyes

take more hits
to revisit

before we split
to separate lives

take me backwards
reverse time

to my first love
to my first high
Jul 2018 · 3.9k
Hg Jul 2018
why Hg
why Mercury
why put on this disguise

do you fill
liquid metal
in the pens you use to write

don’t be absurd
that’d make my words
like poison to the eyes

however see
I do much leave
something in every line

something different
something secret
something I’ve tried to hide

something so
******* personal
if you asked me I’d lie

so what’s this thing
I try to bring
to everything I write

it’s me, Hg
it’s Mercury
the element of surprise
Jun 2018 · 2.5k
to start a fire
Hg Jun 2018
we’re rubbing our twigs together
trying to make flames
but instead of that
we’re scraping back
our bark revealing rings

and things that we’re not proud of
times we thought we passed
struggling to hug
with ****** knives
stuck in our backs

we’re just two wounded people
trying to start a fire
using wood
already burned
from the last scorching desire
Jun 2018 · 611
truth hurts
Jun 2018 · 573
Hg Jun 2018
poems are laced with mercury
like they used to use in hats
that’s why the best poetry
will often drive you mad
Jun 2018 · 2.5k
Hg Jun 2018
there were 2 at 2:22
1 was me and 1 was you

we took the night to pick our brains
open our thoughts and share our pains

you said you'd wear 2 pairs of jeans
cause kids thought you were too skinny

i said i think that love's a trick
cause everybody falls for it

you said you don’t know til you try
i said that is exactly why
then you read words within a prose
to my surprise they’re ones you wrote
i said i write poetry too
when i don’t know what else to do
cause paper is weightless, judgeless, dead
and pain weighs less outside your head
there were 2 at 2:22
the exact time of when i knew
for 2 poets to be happy
nothing on earth’s more unlikely
1 and 1 could make us 2
but fall for love i cannot do

i’m sorry if i made more pain
when i left and said nothing
Jun 2018 · 495
Hg Jun 2018
it might not mean
that much to you

but darlin if
you only knew

this red mark on
my arm you drew

is something i
would get tattooed
Jun 2018 · 437
Hg Jun 2018
little frog
from a little town
dreamed one day
to hop around

he played in sand
in rain, in mud
but he's older now
he's all grown up

momma frog
had a gentle soul
she took care
of eight tadpoles

dadda frog
was the rotten one
i'd squash him now
if he weren't gone

step father frog
was quite the suitor
till i learned he’s
a *** offender

us little frogs
from the lily pad
never had
any normal dad

we all hide
what we feel inside
cause amphibian
means double life

momma frog
had a gentle soul
she did her best
but i gotta go

this little frog
won't be around
this lily pad
this little town
Jun 2018 · 244
Hg Jun 2018
i wanna be a dinosaur
buried within the planet's core

i wanna die and decompose
so you could find my dino bones

i wanna be a dinosaur
preferably an herbivore

i do like meat; it's good for you
but fish are friends and dinos too

i wanna be a dinosaur
to only die by meteor

i wanna die and decompose
so i can help the future grow 

i wanna make the earth tremor
cause nothing here is forever 

you only echo if you roar
so be a ******* dinosaur
Jun 2018 · 450
Hg Jun 2018
you can find a jellyfish
swimming inside a screen
she posts at least one pic per day
just so she can be seen

she stings a lot of hearts
stunning them with electric feels
she rises up in likes
with the more skin that she reveals 

this jellyfish really shouldn't 
focus so much on beauty
she's quite adept artistically
and kills at call of duty

if you would dive the deepest depths  
beneath her chilly waters 
you'd see she's vast as seven seas
and just as full of monsters

but you confine this jellyfish
behind a piece of glass
telling her she's only liked
if she will show her ***

this instagram aquarium 
is full of jellyfish
trying to feel the love 
their parents hardly ever give

social waves have pushed us all
to wash up on the shore
got us hooked to think our looks 
have got to be adored

take your phone and put it down
who cares you're at the beach 
close your eyes, open your mind
and feel the ocean breeze
Jun 2018 · 1.9k
Hg Jun 2018
she reminds me
of the pills i take

her tongue leaves my tongue
with an aftertaste

so let me overdose
on that pretty face

after all love’s a drug
even if it’s fake
Jun 2018 · 13.1k
spider hands
Hg Jun 2018
i fear my spider hands
and the words
they spin to webs

they twist and twine
injecting rhymes
in every word that’s said

they type and type
and type biting venom
from in my head

i stay awake all night
writing till sunrise
stabs my bed

i feel arachnophobic
of these fangs
that can’t be fed

but everytime you grip them
you squash them
till their dead

with you holding my hands
I drop my pens and
my distress

with you holding my hands
my spider eyes can
get some rest
Jun 2018 · 5.4k
you can’t want love
Hg Jun 2018
you can’t want love
love’s not a want

you can’t write love
cause love’s not a font

you can’t say love
love’s not a word

you can’t hurt love
but man love can hurt
Hg Jun 2018
i keep on seeing stars
as freckles
on people's faces

i ask them ain't it cool
that you were born
with constellations?

but spots on skin to them

they think they need make up
to cover up
their galaxies

like this one person I know
looks like ice cream
that's been peppered

the dots on her arm
come from her grandma
who's a leopard

but she says that she hates them
she calls them

cause back in school
kids mocked her for
her speckled complexion

a bully
named georgina
used to call her a giraffe

more girls joined in
and even then
her friends began to laugh

internalizing this
like a black hole
inside her mind

the dots of her
self confidence
had never been aligned

then a tear streamed down her cheek
she sniffled
and shivered

i'd never seen her sad
didn't know what to do
so I poked her

poked her face to show
my favorite star
below her eye

told her when we speak
it's like i'm talking
to the sky

and every time she blinks
that freckle vanishes
from sight

so every time she cries
a star goes missing
from the night

shame is taught
to many of us
at such an early age

comparing our looks
to everyone
as if we're made the same

girl you are spectacular
no matter of

your tears are shooting stars
made up of cosmic ice
and chemistry

now i thought that that was clever
but saying that
was DUMB

cause as I'm seeing stars
she says she’s been
seeing someone

yeah Ice Cream's
got a boyfriend
right now he's just away

i should have seen
that coming from
a mile milky way

you wish upon a star
to find someone
that’s wishing too

maybe one day
i’ll meet that one
but i wish it was you

i gotta say goodbye
i guess it ain't
the time or space

it just ain't right
that every night
i still will see your face

— The End —