Hg Jan 8
beauty sleeps
every sunday
the rest she’s
dressed in lingerie

in bidding rooms
where men x-ray
as she stands stiff
scared et risqué

she’s forced to host
private soirées
for bourgeoisie
with filthy brains

while on the news
reporters say
she last was seen
on the subway

by now sixteen
she speaks français
her french family
won’t plot a grave

two years it’s been
spent incagé
bruised and abused
by those who prey

at least she sleeps
every sunday
that’s time enough
to plan escape

she lets a man
have child’s play
then she gets hold
of razor blades

then on the news
french police say
they found her
body in decay

sleeping beauty
slept sundays
but now she rests
toujours, always
for those who don’t survive
Hg Jan 4
little cinderella
can’t go to coachella
so she stays at home

sweeping through the fellas
swipe right and they tell her
that she’s beautiful

even though she won’t
find love on the phone
maybe she’ll have a ball

a one night dance
a club romance
a frog prince in a stall

with smeared mascara
and one glass slipper
she walks the road alone

her fairy godüber
pulls up to the corner
and drives the carriage home

slightly indisposed
feels it in her toes
the kiss of alcohol

vibrate on her phone
new message aglow
prince charming missed call
Hg Dec 2018
rapunkzel, rapunkzel
shaved off her hair
goldie locks chopped off
long with her cares

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
takes every dare
she hits on death
as if it’s a snare

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
loves wearing sheer
shows off her tatts
and new ****** pierce

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
she never looks scared
cause once upon a time
she grew up in the fear

they held her captive
kept up the stairs
with no parents
put in foster care

never had a youth
or someone to care
dragged down the hall
by her curly hair

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
got out of there
got her own flat
and full length mirror

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
smiled and stared
at her buzzcut
at last feeling fair
Hg Dec 2018
what’s the Wi-Tri password?
Hg Oct 2018
bouquets of powder
as white as flowers of zinc

skating thin ice
cutting thin lines on the sink

sniffing inhaling
until his nostrils would bleed

skip to the morning
they find his pale white body

he was so nice
in junior high when we met

his younger brother
smiled exactly like him

the death tore the team
they were closer than magnets

but he risked it all
to fall in the flower bed

is that what we get
when we encourage the dope

tuition’s forgiven
still the parents don’t cope

and i can’t imagine
how hard it must be to hold

a part of your brother
right underneath your own nose
Hg Oct 2018
she was quite the actor
always on a role

lights camera affection
putting on a show

she was quite the model
never had to pose

every tear was candid
such a natural
Hg Aug 2018
i’m friends with a chemist
she always got a flask

now she got a heartache
and a faded henna tat

lately i’ve been lonely
and she’s been really sad

so took to the roof
took the ***** threw it back

her finger has a tan line
but let's not mention it

i can’t hold down my liquor
or my laughter so i spit

she chugs it like it’s vody
she’s got those russian genes

the only thing i got in blood
are zits and heart disease

the sips leak out her lips
like cracks within a dam

some drip onto her wrists
rubbing the henna off her hand

i made a drunk comment
on her spiral designs

she says they’re meant to bring
good luck and blessings to the bride

and then she paused the night
by tightening her lips

our feet dangled in silence
off the slanted tile’s edge

then suddenly she cracked
her bottled up emotions

poured out what she feels
with swollen tears and words unspoken

**** love dude, she whispered
**** weddings and white dresses

**** me for ever thinking
he was ever something different

she looked down at the ground
as a ***** of thunder rolled

she looked up at the clouds and said
love’s just a chemical

she lifted up the flask
and took a final swig

as rain dropped on the clay
a bolt of lightning hit my head

love’s just a chemical
and that’s all it’s ever been

our bodies are just flasks
and love’s just a reaction
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