Hg 4d
bouquets of powder
as white as flowers of zinc

skating on ice
cutting thin lines on the sink

sniffing for hours
until his nostrils would bleed

in light of morning
they find his pale white body

he was so nice
in junior high when we met

his younger brother
smiled exactly like him

it tore the team
they were closer than magnets

the worst sort of death
is no goodbyes to your friends

but that’s what we get
when we encourage the dope

tuition’s forgiven
but still his parents can’t cope

can you imagine
how awful it feels to hold

part of your brother
right underneath your own nose
Hg 4d
she was quite the actor
always on a role

lights camera affection
putting on a show

she was quite the model
didn’t have to pose

all her lies were candid
such a natural
Hg 5d
he saved it for last
that last lucky cigarette
that was flipped in the pack
tucked into his back pocket

it’s a little fun trick
one that his daddy taught him
my bud’s been smoking since twelve
and yeah he’s wanted to quit

but he said that it’s too late
and that his lungs are too black
and that he’d rather die young
than just dry up old and *****

and that we’re all made of ash
so let’s just burn it and laugh
but bud i must say it ******
the day you puff puff and passed

you claimed that your addiction
came from your dad’s genetics
so they checked into your jeans
and found one last cigarette

ain’t that just bad luck my bud
to leave friendship unfinished
you know you lit more than luck
you lit the grins on your friends
Hg Sep 22
nothing’s on
the stereo

but the scuffs
of stilettos

midnight drive
on open road

blinker on
we’re merging zones

in my off-white

to our lame
school prom we go

one hand outside
the window

one hand holding
her shadow

glancing at
her darkened pose

can’t tell if
her dress is gold

in the wind
her hair unrolls

like t.p.
we used to throw

smile shines
an opal glow

waning moon
open and close

silver linings
sketch her ghost

then she goes

streetlights pass
i'm left exposed

in the frontseat
in plainclothes

she’s not there
i must’ve dozed

in the diamond
lane alone
Hg Sep 4
i like
the smart girls
that look cold
and read

the ones
with their feelings
at zero

the ones
that act ******
but not really

with acne
like sprinkles
of pink

when i meet
who can chatter
my teeth

i’ll scoop her
off her soft
molten knees

i’ll get her
ice cream
to show her
she’s sweet

if she’s
my flavor
a cold girl
that reads
Hg Aug 23
i’m friends with a chemist
she always got a flask

now she got a heartache
and a faded henna tat

lately i’ve been lonely
and she’s been really sad

so we climbed to the roof
we took the ***** threw it back

her finger has a tan line
but we don’t mention it

i can’t hold down my liquor
or my laughter so i spit

she takes it like it’s agua
she’s got those russian genes

the only thing i got in blood
are zits and heart disease

her sips leak out her lips
like cracks within a dam

some drip onto her wrists
rubbing the henna off her hand

i made a drunk comment
on her spiral designs

she says they’re meant to bring
good luck and blessings to the bride

and then she paused the night
by tightening her lips

our feet just dangled there
hanging over the house’s edge

when suddenly she cracked
her bottled up emotions

poured out what she feels
holding back tears her eyes were swollen

**** love dude she whispered
**** weddings and white dresses

**** me for ever thinking
he was ever something different

she looked down at the ground
as a ***** of thunder rolled

she looked up at the clouds and said
love’s just a chemical

she handed me the flask
so i took the final swig

as it began to rain a thought
was flooding in my head

love’s just a chemical
and that’s all it’s ever been

our bodies are just flasks
and love’s just a reaction
Hg Aug 8
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
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