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Ben A Cha Jan 10
She was my angel
My only one

I saw her
And she saw me

We declared love
‘Til death do us part

I was happy
And she was too

We were here
Here in London

Then one day
She went out for no reason

She walked, and walked
And never came back

I was worried
I started searching

And I found her shoes
Right next to the Sen

Now it is time
Water, let us embrace

Pull me down
And swallow me

And lead me
To my wife’s tomb, we’ll see
Ben A Cha Dec 2019
There's a fire,
In my heart,
It burns, So furiously
That my mind
is molten.

Whenever I see you,
It sparks to life,
and heats me inside,
of between the hardest

What not a shame
That God made us blush-
We can express
our feelings in a hush.

There is a fire,
in my heart,
It burns, so furiously
that my mind
is molten.
I think whenever I see someone who I love, it sparks a little fire inside me. Don't you guys too? Anyways, Merry Christmas, fellow poets. Bye!
Ben A Cha Dec 2019
A wisp of crimson,
And a scream.
What is enough,
To that traitorous being?
32 people,
Bruised and hurt,
Return to their refugees,
But to no avail.
Soon windows shatter,
Then shards flutter.
Then comes the scream.

A wisp of crimson,
And a scream.
“Shhh, Go To Sleep.”
Ben A Cha Nov 2019
Long ago, Men and Beasts, Ruled their Land and had their feasts.

Then one day, Chaos came-
A massacre broke within their fame.

The war was over, the humans were victorious-
All monsters were considered notorious.

Centuries passed In Mount Ebott-
A human came to stumble upon.

He fell down, down to the Ruins-
And as the days pass, should he adventure through.

Sit down Children, do not quail; peace and love will sure prevail.
If you climb along this trail, You will hear the Undertale.
-Dedicated to Toby "Radiation" Fox!-

— The End —