Hers Nov 2017
Sometimes it takes blood
To clean the burning wires
To cool the life of the strands of others
That your heart is so connected to

Always bleeding
To find a new route
Because you might bleed on the outside
And that time might be the last
Hers Oct 2017
Cradle me
Hers Oct 2017
Broken boy
With broken toys
Broken words
With broken verses
Brok windows
With broken home
Shattered glass
I don't want to pick up the shards

My heart's broken
And I don't know
If all the king's horses
And all the king's men
Can put me back together again
Hers Oct 2017
I wish pain
would stop holding
all my poetry
Hers Sep 2017
Scratches & Notes
I take over
What once was wrote

Found & Found
I will never be without
My lost soul again

Bring back the power
Bring back the hurt
The fights will never end
With my love in a hearse
Hers Sep 2017
Love means
forwarding truth
reversing lies
overcoming obstacles
With underwhelming power
Hers Sep 2017
Although I can't tell you
what cures
I can show you
what ailes

I suspect neither logic nor words
will save the heart from pain
But a coalescence of the two
will reveal the lock your key shall open
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