Hers Oct 10

Cradle me

Hers Oct 4

Broken boy
With broken toys
Broken words
With broken verses
Brok windows
With broken home
Shattered glass
I don't want to pick up the shards

My heart's broken
And I don't know
If all the king's horses
And all the king's men
Can put me back together again

Hers Oct 4

I wish pain
would stop holding
all my poetry

Hers Sep 11

Scratches & Notes
I take over
What once was wrote

Found & Found
I will never be without
My lost soul again

Bring back the power
Bring back the hurt
The fights will never end
With my love in a hearse

Hers Sep 6

Love means
forwarding truth
reversing lies
overcoming obstacles
With underwhelming power

Hers Sep 6

Although I can't tell you
what cures
I can show you
what ailes

I suspect neither logic nor words
will save the heart from pain
But a coalescence of the two
will reveal the lock your key shall open

Hers Sep 6

But at the end of a line
The start of a poem
Scratched off mid-
sentence after sentence

But off a torn-out page
Beneath a pile of books
Rewritten until perfected
To the shape of your romantic dreams

Where do dreams go?
Where all words go...

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