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Oct 2014 · 883
Hermione10 Oct 2014
Why did you change?
You were great the way you were
I loved your bubbly laugh
And the way you
Flipped your hair
Why did you change?
We used to joke and laugh together
And you comforted me when I was depressed and gloomy
But now you're as cold was the wind on a wintry day
Never looking back or thinking about me
Why did you change?
This happened to my friend
We used to be BFF's
And then she moved to the popular side and was very mean to me
We haven't talked since
Oct 2014 · 811
Role Model
Hermione10 Oct 2014
I smiled
When you smiled
When you walked
When you talked
I followed in your footsteps
When you were gone
Now that the traces
Of your footfalls
Have washed away
What should I do?
Oct 2014 · 285
Hermione10 Oct 2014
If I wore prettier clothes
Would you like me?
If I wore makeup
And wore fancy clothes
Would you accept me?
Would you only have me if I was pretty?
Did what was inside matter?
Did you have to change me?
So I could be perfect?
This is a poem about being yourself
Tell me if u like it!
Oct 2014 · 466
Hermione10 Oct 2014
Falling down, getting a F instead of an A
A drop in your average, the difference between average and excellent
Intelligence, that you didn't have
Loathing that you feel at yourself for making mistakes
U feel as if the pressure of trying it do good is weighing you down
Remorse, that you couldn't be as good as your friends
Excellence, what you strive to have next time
This an acronym poem for failure
It is not that good
Oct 2014 · 328
Hermione10 Oct 2014
The slam of the door
The scream
The blood on the walls
Something was taken
Oct 2014 · 272
Hermione10 Oct 2014
I was there with you that day
You went to the doctor with the pain
I thought it would be ok
But we both cried
When the doctor
That you had cancer
I was with you every step of the way
You had the treatment
But still day by day
You got weaker
And weaker
Until you couldn't  eat anymore
They said you were going to die
But I didn't believe it
Till the very last day
When you lay there in bed
Knowing what was going to happen
You hugged me one last time
And said I love you
I turned away from the bed
I cried for days on end
Never stopping
I still cry today
But it's hidden
Just like you
In my heart
Oct 2014 · 197
Death of a Loved One
Hermione10 Oct 2014
A dark cloud hovering
Right above your head
Never lifting
It rains
And pours tears
Of sorrow on your head
I want to leave
To be with you
But I know you want
Me to stay
And wait till its time

— The End —