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Leon Murphy Jul 2019
A storm is imminent when the sun had jumped over the horizon,
I am not waiting to be able to sing
and when the bell rings the pain starts to penetrate.

I'm all alone here while the nail sinks into my eye,
Here, almost the unbearable follows.
I just want to be able to sleep but
the hammer hits the anvil every time.
I'm hiding from the light while normally
we can get along very well.

It's dark here, it's quiet here,
however here, the bells are loud and unbroken.
My will has been beaten, black and blue,
a bogeyman of the night, a romantic couple of
All I can do is wait until the sun walks over
the sky again.
Leon Murphy Jul 2019
A small moment of peace bothered by the monkey mind,
distracted am I,
from the hardship of tranquility,
a nice forest where the tides of song and whispers
tend to hide their gown to humility.
I wish to sit with myself
and untangle all my fear and doubt,
as I will grow into a well polished compass
and tell you where you are meant
to be.
Leon Murphy Jun 2019
Now I am sinking further
in the deep glow of the night,
into the depths of my mind
I can't see very well I am personally
not used to dark.

Further down I slowly go,
Emotions coming and going
I don't know how to hold them
so I try and I try
To feel them but refrain
letting them grow old.

I struggle sometimes
trying to force my hand
bothered by things I don't understand
but I tell myself this very well
Reminding me to let the kite go
as the wind blows,
the clouds and the rain cover the globe.

Destiny, I am to be unfolded,
re wrapped and patched
to something more organic and loved for it
I will stumble out of stillness and fearfulness
to be brave and built strong, courageous

To let my shackles rust
My vitality rise
I will become a beginning
But first I must die.
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
When I look up to the sky
Wondering, wondering why
The clouds rain
The sun shines
Sometimes even
At the same time.

Together they create and later they dissapate.
When I look up to the sky
At certain times
The sky changes
Becomes inflamed
Dies, yet!
Does it truly!?

I see flickering dots of lights
Silently hanging
While ever so slowly
They shift and make their way
To a slightly different space.

So I wonder
Is there something?
Something that I'm missing?
Why does the sky changes so much?
It nearly looks like,
That it's alive.

A funny thing
If you think about it.
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
Correct me
If I'm wrong
When I'm bent,
Bend me back into form.

I don't fit in
I don't belong
But that doesn't mean
That I am wrong.

Beating me up
And claiming;
"It will make me strong".

Never has it been
Looked at properly
The scars
That ravish
My body and mind

I held up
A flower
But don't wish
To be saved
Just to make
A statement
I fit in
Just fine

But you had
denied me
That space.
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
As you were before
You stood out of the crowd
You were just the way you are
you never stood still even for a moment,
you didn't stand about.

Your my friend
Your my friend,
And I saw you falling
broken both your legs
on your way down.

Your my friend
Your my friend,
I never had a doubt
Stood up again and you reached out for another time
You clinged to me
you didn't even cry as you stood up again and set a limping foot in front.

Your problems had gotten worse
The light felt cold from your eyes
I tried to make you laugh but you couldn't even make a smile.
You didn't stand out of the crowd and you had blended unwillingly into the mass.

But then again
But then again,
Time heals everything
just not magically.
Eventually I saw your eyes
light up again.
Your breath didn't turn cold
as I was lucky to have a friend again.

A precious treasure just waiting to be uncovered as I am so fortunate.

As you fall
As you fall.

The sound of your head cracking
On the pavement.

It broke my heart
It broke my heart.

You went dark for a moment
Screaming on the ground.
Hitting everything around you

Your life was hard and your body was scarred.
Your breath turned toxic as you cursed your surroundings.

You slept for a while and slowly
But suddenly you became something that I can't describe.

Pain turned to love.
Suffering formed into joy
I couldn't even comprehend
What you had become.

Your my friend
Your my friend,
You challenged the world that makes you bend over
Never surrendered.

Yet you had risen
Yet you had ascended
You paved your own way
Across the globe
You tore down those walls
The cage of your own
Which you had became.

Hey there my friend!
I see you've become what you always had wanted to be
I stood by your side and it made me realize.
I was just like you all along.
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
You pushed me to the ground
You wished me every ****** sound
Nothing that we recognize was living in this moment.

A masquerade, a clowns display
A single scream
my head blackened.

We used to have fun
Used to laugh and cry until our muscles cramped up.
I held your hand and felt safe for the very first time, kissed you and such happiness.

Now all I see is a delayed face
Consumed by hatred and overthrown by ego,
every conversation a battle ensued
typically where everyone dies.

God! my god, humanity can't be this dark
like a demon you battered me in every possible way
escaping seemed very far away.

This is my only option
I had to run away
but this comfortable place is dark and silent,
for once peaceful and safe
however this humidity
is killing me.
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