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Henley Mar 15

I've come to grips with the consequence
Of being a deeply closeted optimist;
My outer self is the opposite:

The birds jeer me
For the wind steers me,

Knocks me down with a flick;

At least the flowers are pretty.
Henley Mar 12
If it weren't for gravity,
The Earth would have no reason
To embrace me

If it weren't for solstice,
The stars would have no reason
To face me

If it weren't for my tree,
I would have no reason to flee

When darkness chases me.
Henley Feb 8
I'll die before my momma tells me:

"Man up"
Henley Feb 7
I borrowed the smile from your face 'cause I don't like to make waves
I fantasize about snatching it,
Just to watch your light fade

Lucky for all of us,
That's never been me.
Henley Feb 7
I couldn't bear to split the humble pie,
Now these hopeful waters run me dry
It's so hard just to try

I couldn't bear to share my cross with you
I'm sure you have your crosses too,
And I need one of us to make it

Two's a team,
Three's a crowd,
Me, myself, and I
can't figure out
Who gon' walk the plank
We flip a coin,
It's flyin' off the boat,

We jump after it.

— The End —