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Kai Oct 10
to define it is hard
but you will know
once you communicate
through eye contact
from thirty feet away
before you're bursting
with peels of laughter
Kai Sep 26
I came upon a man
weary now with age
with a deep cracked tan

He looked and told
of the old forest
that reflects ones soul

Is that why I walk
and only see eyes
that follow and stalk

Me through the trees
dark and sunken
as they peer at me
He was an old god. His knowledge was a warning.
Kai Sep 25
Her eyes were brown
not sweet like honey
or cracked with gold
with green flickers

Her eyes were holes
deep pits of darkness
That held me tight
and pulled me in

Her eyes were dark
They held secrets
from iris to pupil

Her eyes were beautiful
Don’t give me the romanticized golden or light brown, I want pools of night looking deep into my soul.
Kai Sep 24
sweetened chamomile
settle me down now
and let me breathe
in and out again
away from today
I just need to settle myself after a long day sometimes.
Kai Sep 19
we could crash
we would burn
shaking wings
slight turbulence
metal monster
flying above
jittering nerves
gnawing anxiety
Time for me to head out to Washington! I've never flown before and I am downright terrified. Hopefully I won't die tragically today.
Kai Sep 19
a different love
platonic and familial
but never ******
Kai Sep 17
hug all your friends
and keep them close by
cause when times are hard
on them you will rely
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