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Moth Nov 17
blue lights
hot teas

cold feet
soft sleeves

quiet room
typing keys
solitude looks different to everyone this is mine
Moth Nov 17
beloved you are
gentle soft pillows
filled with feathers
that itch at my skin

beloved you are
sobbing on shoulders
acid on tongue
begging for love
that I've never known

beloved you are
the beat of water
the shower head
pearly tears fall down

beloved you are
broken like glass
an edged smile
at days of the end

beloved you are
chaining me here
clutching at nails
like knives in my hand
I just needed to get some stuff from my last relationship out... remember kids emotionally manipulating your partner into staying with you is still abuse.
Moth Nov 8
we all have thoughts
impulses, moments, similarities
we all know the actions
smiles, words, movements

out of sync, the feeling of missing a note
no arrangement to follow in a symphony
a world of music, no voice to sing

my own are broken
discordant, amiss, awry
my brain is hoping
wishing, waiting, wanting
some of my thoughts on living in the world that seems to know what to be doing or saying as a neurodivergent.
Moth Nov 8
writing, rules all different
art, with no color
music, with no instruments
all these but none at all
be it prose, be it lyrical, or be it free
poetry is distinct as it's own
a free flowing expression
a moment of emotion, of connection
just some thoughts I've been having
Moth Oct 16
burns lay across skin
fire touched finger tips
from reaching out to the sun
reddened and shiny blisters
peel away from shaking hands
leaving soft skin of innocence
a layer to forgive the fire
from a thoughtless star
you reach again
the cycle continues
Moth Oct 5
those slender fingers ache
with frost touched tips
when hands join not
and severance of limb
not of your own body
comes away like snow
falling from the sky
so naturally but so coldly
Moth Oct 5
body, what aches in you?
from dismantling joints
to decaying flesh
the rot only I can see

mind, what plagues you?
from late night thoughts
to the words of others
as I try to escape it

body, what are you?
to deny the mind
and wreck havoc on identity
to break me again

mind, what say you?
follow into darkness
and float ways away now
to a better place for us
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