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Kai Jun 15
The futures vision is pale
a bleak world of white
from an ignored plight

As we make oceans boil
we ignore the damage
and use it to our advantage

Filling our world with carbon
an element needed in all life
that is now creating strife

Ripping away the color
from our oceans and reefs
not seeing our misguided beliefs

killing off beauty and life
just as humanity kills algae
not seeing a problem we dally

A world without vibrance
starting with bleached beaches
we should be considered leeches
Just a poem I'm submitting for a scholarship for ocean awareness. It's mainly on coral bleaching.
Kai Jun 14
Sometimes I need to chat
have a sit down
pour some tea
and talk to myself

I need to explain
everything I've done
and thought
through the week

So I understand
who and what
I have become
through my actions

I have to learn
how to love myself
even though everything
may seem bleak
Just posting a bunch of stupid poems about talking through everything is very therapeutic.
Kai Jun 14
You feel the pressure building
and nothing may seem easy
but it's going to be alright

just talk to me

It may seem dark out tonight
but we'll survive the night
hold on tight and it'll be okay

just talk to me

fall asleep and find a dream
a place we can be just fine
come inside and sit down

just to talk to me
Based off the song of the same name by Cavetown. His songs are poetry in themselves and I find both inspiration and relatability in them.
Kai Jun 14
Love isn't a concept
strapped down to romanticism
it's like light through a prism

Reflecting itself in different ways
you can love someone platonically
or even inconsistently

Love no matter the form
however you take that to be
will always be love to me
Love is love in any shape or form we believe it is. Love your spouse, your child, your pet, and your best friend. Love isn't just some fairytale meeting. You can find love in anything.
Kai Jun 9
Everyone has something
that makes them doublethink
when they're standing
at the railroad crossing
Inspired by the song "Dear" by Cavetown.
Kai Jun 9
Did their updates cease
when their minds gave them no peace.

Did the positive become like shadows to the negative haters,
and those who hated became their annihilators.

Their relatability was more than you knew
as your thoughts strangled you theirs also grew

But while you had their expression
their expression left them in a depression

You wondered where they went
Tortured Artists is such a cliche, but it is also often the truth.
A revised version of a previous poem that was messed up and inconsistently done. Shoddy writing on my part then.
Kai Jun 8
Learn a little self love
your the only one
when you feel undone

Learn to hold yourself above
the crashing waves
you're all that remains

Learn to have the most of
what holds you up
be your own back-up
Remember in the end you're the only one there for yourself. Learn to love yourself just how you are. No matter what they say or how you feel it's all temporary.
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