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Feb 2017 · 628
Memories of the Lonely
TheDaisyDancer Feb 2017
I see a memory pop up on my feed:

                 "January 16, 2016- 1 year ago"

It's a quote. It reads:
                 "Lonely. I'm lonely in the frienship way and boyfriend way. I pray every day for something, anything to make this dreaded disease go away."

One year later. Which is today. I am alone in my room on a Saturday night. I remember telling myself that things will get better. But I'm just as sad. Just as lonely.
Jan 2016 · 359
Wanted: A friend
TheDaisyDancer Jan 2016
I'm lonely.
In both the friendship way and a boyfriend way.

I no longer feel wanted by my friends and too **** quiet to even have a guy talk to me.

It pierces my heart, and also my brain with a gush of longing for love, and comfort.

Yet, everyone I know has a group of best friends or a boyfriend. Yet here I am, alone on Friday and Saturday night just wanting to feel loved.

I'm so deprived of having fun with other people, that I'm crying.

I want someone to just be there for me, because I will always be there for you.

I want someone that will make me laugh, because I will always make you laugh.

So god, all I want is the feeling of loneliness, and sadness to dismiss.

I no longer want to feel lonely.

All I want, is a friend.
Sep 2015 · 1.6k
I Deny Crying by your Side
TheDaisyDancer Sep 2015
You don't know
How much I cry.

Because when the words stop,
My tears fly.

I wish I could control it,
But I can't deny.

Because for every tear I shed,
I wish I was by your side.
TheDaisyDancer Aug 2015
I say goodbye,
And I know you already forgotten about me.

Because you know prettier girls,
Than I could ever be.

And I keep going back to you,
Like the fruit on a poisonous tree.
Jul 2015 · 932
When Good Means Bad
TheDaisyDancer Jul 2015
Do you know that feeling,
When hot water,
Feels cold?
That is like your love.

You give the illusion,
Of being good,
When deep down,
I know you're bad.
Jul 2015 · 483
The Life as a Poet
TheDaisyDancer Jul 2015
No one knows,
This hobby of mine,
Where I write down thoughts,
And try to rhyme.

I may be very uncomfortable,
When sharing a poem with you,
Because I feel my thoughts,
Should always stay true.

So if I ever shared,
A poem with you,
I shared it because,
I felt comfortable with you.
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Jun 2015 · 564
Our Eyes See Differently
TheDaisyDancer Jun 2015
All I see,
Is my smile,
And can be viewed as,
"Out of style".

All I see,
Are my eyes,
That I wish,
I could disguise.

All I see,
Is my hair,
Nothing like the others,
so why do I compare.

All you see,
Is my smile,
that could go on,
for many miles.

All you see,
Are my eyes,
That sparkle,
Like the night skies.

All you see,
Is my hair,
That flows,
Out of nowhere.

All I see,
Is nothing like,
What you see.

We are so critical of ourselves,
until we take a step back,
And look around.
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Jun 2015 · 418
Follow for Follow
TheDaisyDancer Jun 2015
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Jun 2015 · 1.1k
Left Out
TheDaisyDancer Jun 2015
You say we're friends,
and so do I.

But why do you never include me,
in this mess of time.

But that's okay because sometimes,
I don't even like myself around.
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Jun 2015 · 5.6k
Walk their Shoes
TheDaisyDancer Jun 2015
The shoes were red,
and stood at 7 inches high,
perfect to look sophisticated,
and to feel like she was touching the sky.

Everyone criticized her,
because they thought she wore them to get attention,
and co-workers would confront her,
to give her a ***** mention.

Only the people don't understand,
because she feels self conscious of her height,
and the heels are the only opportunity,
to make her feel alright.

              . . .

The shoes were brown,
covered with mud and dirt,
shoe laces tangled in a mess,
and didn't have any way to avert.

People overlooked him,
when he wanted something,
because they thought he didn't care,
but who are they to be judging!

The truth is,
in fact he did care,
but didn't have enough money,
to buy nice shoes to wear.

             . . .

The shoes were neon,
like the color of the sun,
they had bright shoes laces,
that he wears when he runs.

People thought they were ugly,
because they were off brand,
and they lacked the character,
that all the cool shoes had.

But really he was trying,
to just fit in,
but they would reject him,
every time he begins.

              . . .

Be kind,
for everyone is fighting a conflict,
that you know nothing about,
so don't judge nor depict.
This poem is based off  the book, "To **** a mockingbird" by Harper Lee. "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."- Atticus Finch. Thank you!
Jun 2015 · 3.1k
I Miss the Old You
TheDaisyDancer Jun 2015
Minutes go by,
Hours go by,
Days go by,
and there is not one moment when I don't miss you.

I miss the old you.

The one that holds my hand,
and not my heart.

The one that laughs with me,
instead of at me.

The one that only had one ******* his mind,
and that one girl was me.

if it were ever possible,
I want to meet the old you,
and teach you how to stay...
The old you.

The much simpler times. The kinder times. The loving times.

I want to go there.
I usually think poems need to rhyme, but I decided I should switch it up a bit.

— The End —