My mind went on a vacation and left me alone.
My thought’s were my only accompany.

I can’t think straight without my consciousness.
I’m exposed to his touch.

He’s taking advantage of my body.
He’s using me.

I’m fading.

My life is slowly breaking down.
He’s destroying my only heart.

Marking my body with his cold hands.
The abuses I've led.

It’s another time now.
My tears that I’ve never shed.

I’m never healing.
He shattered my only will to live.

He’s tearing me down.
Draining me from everything I have.

No one is there to tell me about right or wrong.
The exploitation I can’t escape.

He’s emptying me,
Using my emotions, the only thing left.

He’s wounding my heart.
Making me bleed for his love.
It’s like time never continuous.
It’s stuck like we all are too.
Can’t grown, won’t know.
Never are we ever leaving.

Complain about how bad your life is.
How miserably can you be.
Just stop talking and take a look around.
No one’s there for you when you finally can breathe.

They push you from left and right.
Dragging you down, you hesitate to struggle.
You want pity?
You just want attention.

It’s not my fault everyone’s like that.
I despise every side of your personality.
Your beauty is nothing compared to your attitude.
It’s nothing compared to me.

So do the only thing you can,
Mute the world’s noises.
Play the music from your heart.
Without ruining the single melody your life has.

It’s the song everyone knows,
And the only thing you know how to play.
It’s on repeat,
Using your mistakes as nodes.

It’s a sad song,
And you’re playing it for yourself only
I fell and I fell,
I’m still falling.
Deeper and deeper down,
it’s endless.

I thought and I thought,
and I’m still thinking.
Forgetting and forgetting,
more and more.

Errors and errors,
you reside in my mind.
I’m getting blind and blind,
you’re the only one I see.

Colder and colder,
you kept the warmth.
Silence and silence,
you’re the only one I need.

Darker and darker,
you and me.
Abuse and abuse,
still you’re the one I choose.

Wounds and wounds,
can’t heal them all.
Sane and Insane,
that’s what we are.

Alone and alone,
time’s longer.
False and true,
I still love you.
You’ll have to be insane to
*feel sane.
I’m lost in a box of toys.
My childhood memories.
It’s little world for someone small,
Even a demon could fit inside.

I used to play with them.
But never did I realize
that they were the ones playing with me.
I'm a doll.

It was never a secret,
But it was something I could never speak of.
The voices I heard at night.
The shadows scaring me for life.

They wanted me to play, and play and play.
I was trapped in a corner of their twisted intentions.
I didn't give in to them.
I was calm but with a hint of fear.

Now I'm running in circles.
Getting chased by living things.
It’s still a little world for someone big,
Even a demon could stay.

Run. Hide. Repeat.
Scream and scream for them to stop.
No help, no listeners for my prayers.
It’s endless.

It should’ve been the opposite.
But I had to pay for my sins.
They put me back,
And closed the lit.

I was never a human to begin with.
I’m the doll that are meant to be abused.
Forever and ever.
I’m still lost in a box of toys.
I’m running out of ideas.
They never come to me.
I have to find them.
But they’re all just the same.
                            I don’t need help.
Going from place to place.
I always end up in the same spot.

Writing and writing.
Just to throw it away.

I light a cigarette.
Lean back and relax.

Clear my mind of everything.
But everything's the same.

I have a place for all my ideas.
But there’s nothing for me to find.
                                     It’s broken and old.
I’m left with only one thing on my mind,
And that’s filling up the empty jar I still hold on to.
Doctor, oh doctor.
Please help her remember.

Help her.
Help her.
Help me.

Get her out of the fog.
Lead her the right way.

Wake up.
Wake up.
Don’t sleep.

The abuses behind my back.
The darkness swallows her.

Don’t go.
Don’t go.
Come back.

                                   Doctor, oh doctor.
Would you please do something.

So lifeless.
So lifeless.
So dead.

She’s disappearing.
Her memories’ slowly fading.

Get it.
Get it.
Give it.

Give her the antidote.
She’s so toxic.

Always remember.
Always remember.
Never forget.

She was my medicine.
But now she’s expired.

Remember me.

She’s my drug.
She made me an addict.

Take it.
Take it.
Devour it.

Once you take a taste,
You can never forget.
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