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Sep 2020 · 95
A House Full of You
P Sep 2020
I stand in front of a house
Your house.
I walk towards the door
Your door.
The door you open
the **** that you held,
The **** which now
my hand holds.
I open the door
all I sense is the cold.

I feel an empty house
your house.
I see your vacant chair
your stuffy sofa,
Covered in dust
and white ***** rags.
I see the windows on the wall,
the sun piercing through,
the sullied old curtains
you used to hang

The things I saw
only made me weep
The table
where you ate,
The kitchen
where you cooked
The bed
where you slept
The garden
you mended

All these things
reminds me of you
All these things
you used to do
now that you’re gone,
I am left alone;
All I have left of you
is this House;
The House that is full of you.
Written back in 2018, I think.
Sep 2020 · 65
Another Taste
P Sep 2020
'Twas another evening of delight
Of random spur across the parapet.
The chill in the air
so thick he could smell it.
It seeped and sapped
his strength.
The carriage drove on
For the journey
cannot be undone.

An excitement, yet indifference —
a contradiction that consists him.
Familiar face abounds
as he neared—he arrived.
Among strangers
amidst nervous delude
Time spent its motion
He met her once
on her own emancipation.

The world faded away
The two clung onto the other
For a moment, inseparable
An instant of pleasure
Innocent passion
Basked in youthful dreams —
It was then, he tasted
Another locket
of roses
It was then, he knew
His fate
was sealed.
P Sep 2020
I am but a man, a man like you –
Living every single day, a day anew.
Alas! I could not find, a find so fine –
I opt to belt a path of my own design.

I crave to live deliberately, free from my kind –
They who kept me tied, like a ball of twine.
Hence, I live, hither live alone –
A wooden cabin, built on my own.

In a brown, hard bed, made of twigs and hay –
A plain, old man; there I go and lay.
Here, I think and think again!
About what it is, I seek to comprehend.

Beneath the sky, a sky so wide –
I lie and sigh; the laden pond, beside.
With a sloth in body, an owl in mind –
I explore unfettered and divined.

A time in the woods, while basked by the sun –
In pursuit of a truth, attained by none.
The rousing clouds, the glowing gleams of sheen –
Lo and behold! A lovely damsel in between.

Whence I look, look upon her figure –
Thence I smile, as she were upon her nature.
But a lucid dream is what it seems to be –
Forevermore, drowned in reverie.

For What I Seek, I find reclusive;
And Where It Lies, remains elusive.
So, I’ll think, and think, and think some more!
Until I find what it is, I am looking for.
A poem for school purposes, written in 2019 in the point of view of Henry David Thoreau as he writes the iconic book 'Walden. Ou la vie dans les bois.'
Sep 2020 · 75
P Sep 2020
Sparks of fire, up in the sky
As people watch, heads up high
The momentary beauty that's fleeting by
Amazed and stunned, with wonder in their eyes.
Glad and merry, they said "Hi,"
A moment later, they bid goodbye.
How sad and lonely, a life short-lived
All those years spent, the blood and tears,
life and death, both swift.
Inspired by fireworks. Happy New Year!

*A poem written back in 2016. Left to sit in the corner of my drafts. Which I now decided to post despite my misgivings due to the apparent naiveté of my younger days. I hope I've improved, at the very least.

Sep 2020 · 53
Unknown Feeling
P Sep 2020
It spills
—from whence?—
a cold and utter desolate feeling.

Emptiness tramples every crevice of my chest.

A moment of sentiment
—with whom?—
gone within a second's passing.

Indifference crawls upon the contorted curves of my spine.

Disappointment. Dread; An inkling of defiance.
—What does my heart tell me?—
None, as I feared.

It is quiet.
It is still.
It is dead.
idk. random rambling
Feb 2020 · 69
P Feb 2020
I've spoken of death several times before.
I've imagined the feeling countless times more.
Yet no matter how much I think of what it would feel like.
Its sudden - unpredictable - declaration of presence,
shook my very core.
It feels surreal. Unreal.
That who was once a person yearning to feel,
is now gone.
My dear friend - a brother;
What was a meeting set in years - now a lifetime.
May it not be eternal.
"No one deserves to be forgotten, no one deserves to fade away."
Sep 2019 · 108
P Sep 2019
It is upon the descent of silence,
that the demons are exhumed
from the abysmal darkness of our thoughts.

It is during these times,
that I find my pathetic self more
deprived of hope - of solace.

It is a wonder that all still living
continues to breathe despite such evil
embedded within them.

It is by no surprise, then,
that the world hinges on destruction,
as its creatures chose their own demise.

Through the time of peace won,
the horrors of the past lie masked beneath
the surface of time - I surmise.

As humanity continues to charge
headstrong into the expansion of its machines,
tainting all that ever existed;

Including that which houses our existence
on the vast vicissitude of space,
what wrought have we, in the end.

It is upon the descent of silence,
in the brief moment of respite,
that I am drowned with gleans of what we might truly be.

And it scares me.
For that is what I, as well,
really am.
I wrote this some time ago. It's impromptu.
I'm leaving it as it is. Hopefully it will hold more meaning that I intend it to have.
Aug 2019 · 105
P Aug 2019
There she was,
facing a group of people no better
than strangers.
In a room filled with noise
and disturbance,
amidst the cold aura of the spectrum.
She stood: pondering.
In the brief span of a millisecond,
she thought up an answer to the
question presented to her.
She smiles.

She scans the room.
And for some inexplicable reason,
a coincidence;
In fact - nothing more than a whim of chance;
She met my eyes.

Instantaneous - it was.
It look less than a fleeting second - our gaze.
Yet, to me, that memory remains an eternity.
It took less than a fleeting second - for her
to shake my stagnant heart, my deadpan soul,
my enfeebled spirit.
It took nothing more than a smile,
to make my heart beat again.
Aug 2019 · 102
A notion in silence
P Aug 2019
A bleak future
is all I see:
A dark, eerie, and dreary place.

As the radiance in me
derisively fades:
A soul clouded in all kinds of shades.

And I can't stop to think of it
as colorless lies:
All the laughter and smiles.

Amidst the silent search
for something,
I always seem to find
one answer:
the future feels really hopeless right now.
Nov 2018 · 204
Not I
P Nov 2018
Some may shed streaming flower of rivers upon venturing uncharted places;
but Not I.

Some may laugh at the face of the unknown, and bravely face it head on, smiling all the while;
but Not I.

Some would break their bones, grind their teeth, and shatter their minds through the spectrum for that condescending god-like existence.
But Not I.

Some would dream basked in sunlight, living their lives freely and without plight; Not I.


The one who merely passes through, pretending to be anything and everything. Living aimlessly and uncaring.
That, is my truth.
I wrote this a while back. and I'm posting it only now because it's 5:58 and I just finished coding, and I can't think of a new piece because I'm so **** tired. yet I wanted to post something so here it is.
Aug 2018 · 663
P Aug 2018
Here I am, in the middle of the night.
The wind, cold; the room, silent.
My eyes, blinded by the white light,
reading words that formed images of the past.

Words that I wrote.
Memories that I sought.
Sought I did, not to forget.
but to remember.

It was painful. Once.
But not anymore. No longer.
Now I smile, upon the beauty of naivety. Immaturity.
But most of all:

Words built upon childish love.
The little kid who thought,
he knew Pure Love.
But it was merely a whim.
A desire.
A choice.

He dove head-on,
without knowing anything at all.
And that he did, and he was
full of joy.

That's why he did not cry.
He did not even try.
He only felt cold. Empty.
Because he knew he lost something.
Something he held dearly.

And so, I lingered. 'Till now.
It's time to formally close that chapter.
And for new memories,
I shall wander.
Life, I guess.
Jul 2018 · 248
For too Long
P Jul 2018
For too long, my life had no meaning,
Until now,  a direction is still what I'm seeking.
And I feel conquered by the darkness of my own making.
The holes inside my soul keeps on growing,
The Devils released from the depths of my own being,
asking things I'm incapable of answering.

For far too long, my life has gone stale and tiring.
From a heart still broken which time is slowly mending,
my mind uninspired and so I've stopped writing,
I've had enough of doing nothing,
of constant wondering,
of questions I, myself, am still asking.

Or Have I?
For far too long, I've lived without living
4:14 AM
Purpose. Find it. For what drives a man is what makes him live.
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
A Night filled with Dancing
P Feb 2017
The hall drowns with laughter and romance,
As couples sway together and dance.
Some sits aside, staring enviously,
Thinking how frivolous it can be.
Some laugh and shout instead,
Imagining they're dancing too, but only in their head.
Yet no matter how much corny it may seem.
Dancing with someone you like, is an attainable dream.
We're having our Valentine's party now, Feb. 28, 2017. I'm just sitting here so I decided to write a poem.
Feb 2017 · 378
My Valentines' Sorrow
P Feb 2017
All I felt this Valentine's day is the cold of the night,
The sheer chill of the wind,
and the whiplash of my momentum as I travel down the road,
Speeding towards somewhere.

And I arrived, finally.
Here; nowhere.
Whereas, all I saw was the damnation of lives--death.
Men killing each other mercilessly,
driven by vengeance,
Wreaking havoc everywhere.
These clash ends in bitter regret.
And I do nothing else but shed an invisible tear,
Feeling sorry-at everything, at myself.

The plans, the concepts, the ideas, the images-gone.
The flowers I sought, the words I wrote.
Everything I wrought--all for naught.
I could not see its worth.
The anticipation I felt, the excitement I desired-was, in the end, not met.
I am left unfulfilled.

This feeling of sadness, of sorrow.
All because I couldn't settle.
All I got this day is a feeling of bitterness.
A taste of something I'll soon remember forever.

How disappointing it is this Valentine's day.
How disappointing it is for me to live everyday.
Late post of the poem I made on Valentine's day. I watched John Wick 2 alone when I was supposed to be with a girl.
Jan 2017 · 757
Stuck Outside
P Jan 2017
I am stuck; here, outside.
No one's home to open the doors,
Plus I'm tired, lonely and coarse.
The insects are swarming me,
They won't leave,
For I am food in their eyes,
Exposed and out of place.

I keep on retaliating, consistently,
But there seems to be no end to my misery.
I'm tired of waiting; I hit the doors,
Knowing no one will answer - I pound some more.
Begging, crying; someone please open the doors.
-This is me literally speaking, but please, search your heart for another meaning

I'm stuck here outside my house :( no one's home. I just got home from school and I'm waiting for my mom to come back. But I fear it'll be hours before she does. So here I am, stuck outside.
Jan 2017 · 501
For no Reason at all
P Jan 2017
I write for nothing,
I write because of no one,
I write, simply, because I think.
My words are just thoughts expressed in humanly words.
These random, confusing thoughts;
I do not understand.
So I put it in paper,
Hoping one day, someday,
someone out there,
I don't know why I write; Therefore I write.
Jan 2017 · 671
P Jan 2017
The heart of one sublimates,
The solid love of youth,
It turns to air - thin and gone.
Reckless to refute.

All those years - turned away,
As if it never was.
The wasteful love, sublimates.
Gone as air but there.
I made this short poem during my chemistry class. We were discussing about sublimation and I got bored; so I made a poem to pass time. Hope you guys like it.
Jan 2017 · 284
You and your spectrum
P Jan 2017
Your smile is like a butterfly
with wings of different colors,
Your laugh; bright and ever-changing,
Your skin--soft as cotton and smooth as silk,
And as I caress your head like that of a baby's,
With your head lying on my arms,
I could feel my heart beating all the while.
And all I could think of was how beautiful you are.
And if yours was beating as hard as mine.
With future worries no longer in mind.
My mind is trapped in this moment in time,
Wishing it could last forever,
With no end, for all eternity.
Random XD
Jan 2017 · 604
The Road Back Home
P Jan 2017
Here I am again,
At the road I've walked a million times before,
But never appreciated its splendour, until someone showed me how.
I look down at the pavement; at the brown, greeny soil.
I watch as one foot steps in front of the other,
A never ending cycle,
One falls back; the other jumps forward.

I lift my head up high,
Looking at the wide blue sky
I see the birds that fly by,
Seeming as free as the water's tide,
And the Sun's shine that grazes my eyes.
I bow, and I smile.

I look at everything that surrounds me,
The row of trees that show my way.
The leaves that rustle as the wind blows hard,
The people that smile when your paths cross.
I continue onward - forward.  
And as I have walked the road I've walked a million times before,
Here I am. I am home.
I wrote this poem when I was walking home. There are some reasons that inspired me to write but it's personal :)
But it does involve a girl.
Dec 2016 · 525
Lost Heart
P Dec 2016
When you're hurt by someone,
You lose sight of who you are,
You see the world as a coaster that's bringing you down.
You mistake every good thing as something painful.
Your sight becomes narrow,
You grow bitter and old.
You forget that you are someone beautiful and kind.
When this happens,
The world becomes lesser than it already is.
For your heart is lost, nowhere to be felt.
Inspired by a brokenhearted girl
Dec 2016 · 337
Moonless Ground
P Dec 2016
As the stars on the dark sky shines,
The ground stars sparkles in kind.
With no moon on both sides,
Its place in the middle of it all,
Looking at the two scapes visible to its eyes.
Deciding whether to stay or go back,
To a place where he is adored and looks upon,
But ever alone -- torn in pieces.
Or a place where friends and stranger alike greet his presence with love.
His mind is in peril. Still he decides.
Inspired by the moonless sky
Dec 2016 · 369
I don't drink
P Dec 2016
I don't drink, this is why:
They all tell me that it is fine,
That I'll like it and have some fun.
Well the truth is - I do not want to,
To lose control of myself,
When even now - sober - I have none.
"Just a sip" is where it starts.
That is when, you can't say no to another.
Until next time, you'll be drinking a whole lot more.
I don't drink, that is why.
Inspired by non-drinkers, such as me.
Dec 2016 · 536
Because of what I've done
P Dec 2016
Because of what I've done,
I've lost you, you who is the most important of all,
I tried to give what I could not,
A life better than mine,
A love that grew dull -- promises that I broke.
I found you because of a mistake,
And for the very same reason,
I lost you, you who is the most dearest of all.
But there's a truth that I've forgotten,
Rather ignored - the irrevocable truth,
How can I say that I've lost you when you were never mine.
Because It was not me that you loved.
It's my words that got your attention,
Not my heart that's been a beggar for your love.
It pains me to say,
That I lost you, you who is the captor of my soul.
Inspired by a girl who lost a boy who was never hers.
Dec 2016 · 335
Just a Slice
P Dec 2016
When your greed takes over,
Your desires and cravings become unbearable,
And your choices become stained by  the mistakes you made.
You lose your will to the devil,
And to him, you kneel.
Surrendering your pure soul over.
And your bourne destroyed forever.

Piece of advice; a slice will suffice.
Made on a whim. Inspired by A girl who don't want to get fat, but eat too much.

— The End —