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P Sep 2020
I stand in front of a house
Your house.
I walk towards the door
Your door.
The door you open
the **** that you held,
The **** which now
my hand holds.
I open the door
all I sense is the cold.

I feel an empty house
your house.
I see your vacant chair
your stuffy sofa,
Covered in dust
and white ***** rags.
I see the windows on the wall,
the sun piercing through,
the sullied old curtains
you used to hang

The things I saw
only made me weep
The table
where you ate,
The kitchen
where you cooked
The bed
where you slept
The garden
you mended

All these things
reminds me of you
All these things
you used to do
now that you’re gone,
I am left alone;
All I have left of you
is this House;
The House that is full of you.
Written back in 2018, I think.
P Sep 2020
'Twas another evening of delight
Of random spur across the parapet.
The chill in the air
so thick he could smell it.
It seeped and sapped
his strength.
The carriage drove on
For the journey
cannot be undone.

An excitement, yet indifference —
a contradiction that consists him.
Familiar face abounds
as he neared—he arrived.
Among strangers
amidst nervous delude
Time spent its motion
He met her once
on her own emancipation.

The world faded away
The two clung onto the other
For a moment, inseparable
An instant of pleasure
Innocent passion
Basked in youthful dreams —
It was then, he tasted
Another locket
of roses
It was then, he knew
His fate
was sealed.
P Sep 2020
I am but a man, a man like you –
Living every single day, a day anew.
Alas! I could not find, a find so fine –
I opt to belt a path of my own design.

I crave to live deliberately, free from my kind –
They who kept me tied, like a ball of twine.
Hence, I live, hither live alone –
A wooden cabin, built on my own.

In a brown, hard bed, made of twigs and hay –
A plain, old man; there I go and lay.
Here, I think and think again!
About what it is, I seek to comprehend.

Beneath the sky, a sky so wide –
I lie and sigh; the laden pond, beside.
With a sloth in body, an owl in mind –
I explore unfettered and divined.

A time in the woods, while basked by the sun –
In pursuit of a truth, attained by none.
The rousing clouds, the glowing gleams of sheen –
Lo and behold! A lovely damsel in between.

Whence I look, look upon her figure –
Thence I smile, as she were upon her nature.
But a lucid dream is what it seems to be –
Forevermore, drowned in reverie.

For What I Seek, I find reclusive;
And Where It Lies, remains elusive.
So, I’ll think, and think, and think some more!
Until I find what it is, I am looking for.
A poem for school purposes, written in 2019 in the point of view of Henry David Thoreau as he writes the iconic book 'Walden. Ou la vie dans les bois.'
P Sep 2020
Sparks of fire, up in the sky
As people watch, heads up high
The momentary beauty that's fleeting by
Amazed and stunned, with wonder in their eyes.
Glad and merry, they said "Hi,"
A moment later, they bid goodbye.
How sad and lonely, a life short-lived
All those years spent, the blood and tears,
life and death, both swift.
Inspired by fireworks. Happy New Year!

*A poem written back in 2016. Left to sit in the corner of my drafts. Which I now decided to post despite my misgivings due to the apparent naiveté of my younger days. I hope I've improved, at the very least.

P Sep 2020
It spills
—from whence?—
a cold and utter desolate feeling.

Emptiness tramples every crevice of my chest.

A moment of sentiment
—with whom?—
gone within a second's passing.

Indifference crawls upon the contorted curves of my spine.

Disappointment. Dread; An inkling of defiance.
—What does my heart tell me?—
None, as I feared.

It is quiet.
It is still.
It is dead.
idk. random rambling
P Feb 2020
I've spoken of death several times before.
I've imagined the feeling countless times more.
Yet no matter how much I think of what it would feel like.
Its sudden - unpredictable - declaration of presence,
shook my very core.
It feels surreal. Unreal.
That who was once a person yearning to feel,
is now gone.
My dear friend - a brother;
What was a meeting set in years - now a lifetime.
May it not be eternal.
"No one deserves to be forgotten, no one deserves to fade away."
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