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Heather Apr 2018
Seeing is believing
So see me
Believe me
And cast your hollow faiths to the ground
Heather Apr 2018
I’m in love with the way
You draw my breath from me
And twine my hair
Between your fingers
I’m in love with the way
The water changes colour
I will drown
Heather Apr 2018
I wish I had
As many words as you
To say what I mean
The way you do
‘Cause no one says my name
The way you do
Wrap your arms around me
Like the rings around the sun
And hold me closer
Lost in purple velvet kisses
If this is
All we get
I’m okay with that
‘Cause no one says my name
The way you do
Come home soon
Heather Apr 2018
These days, when I smile
My lips are glazed in your voice
As though they are yours
Heather Mar 2018
Perhaps every fold of a slumbering valley
Every sombre bowing willow tree
Every shiny slate on a python’s armoured back
Are all just hieroglyphics
I have etched upon the wall
To make my platonian cave
Less drab

If the only real thing could be
The shape of your name
On my paper lips
Would that nothingness
Not be beautiful
After all?
Heather Mar 2018
Tangled in your arms
As you whisper into my neck
Every church chime at midnight
A petal pulled off a daisy
Heart shaped balloons
Not just asleep
I don’t want to say the word.
Heather Mar 2018
I look to like
If looking likens likeness
To a likeness I should like
But your liking looks
Much more like a want
Than liking
Likewise I should like to look
For liking more that just anticipation
In you
Likely story
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