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Heather 12h
I'm sitting there,
Blade running without a care,
Sometimes I wish I could die,
You just sit there and ask me why,
I have no response but "I want to die"
Heather Feb 3
Why does it hurt to hear your name?
Everytime I hear your name I lose it.
I start breathing harder.
My chest gets tighter.
So why call you father?
  Jan 7 Heather
Orion Lesneski
When will I learn,
And start to discern,
What would happen if I yearn,
To turn,
Into a Mimosa pudica fern,
So I can burn.
  Dec 2019 Heather
Zack Ripley
You broke my wings
That helped me fly.
You broke my heart
With your broken promises and lies.
You broke my bones
And taught me to fear.
But you know what?
***** you.
Because I may be broken,
But I'm still here.
Heather Dec 2019
I'm done breathing,
I'm done smiling,
I'm done smoking,
And I'm done crying
Heather Dec 2019
Running them deep in your skin
Pushing it deeper into your skin
Watching the blood drain from your wrist
As your bath water turns red
Your sister breaking the door open
You lay there light headed telling her to leave
You faint feeling shortness of breath
Just to wake up the next day
To feel even more pain
Heather Dec 2019
I feel empty
So I make myself feel pain
Tears in my eyes
Wishing I didn't feel this way
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