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 Jul 2016 Santiago
On this dry day
my tears fill the rainless void
Wash my cheeks and soul
as hanging clouds would
falling to the sound of singing
 Mar 2016 Santiago
Dhaye Margaux

You held my hand like you never wanted me to go away
You kissed me passionately like you just want me to remember it each day
We danced gracefully with the solemnity of the bright night sky
We made a vow under the blue moon with tears in our eyes...


Once upon our time...and it will never change.
 Dec 2015 Santiago
Aztec Warrior
I Fell In Love With You**

I fell in love with you
syllable by syllable,
word by word,
poem by poem
imagining the moon’s
dancing affair with stars,
twinkle by twinkle.
And then
all at once
like the explosion
of a super nova
affecting distant galaxies
and down to my very soul.
I fell in love with you gently,
the way a dew drop
glistens in the morning sun,
the way a flower often opens
to a moonlit song.
But like all love worth holding,
it turns to fire-
wild and consuming;
you have become the flames
dancing across my skin,
smoldering brightly
within my heart
turning me into the sweet smell of ash.
I fell in love with you
then quickly,
the way a meteor flashes
as it skims across the night sky
or hearts melt
within an ******* sigh.
I fell in love with you.

Aztec Warrior 12.4.15
forgot to add the music.. enjoy
 Dec 2015 Santiago
Sadness is easy
 Dec 2015 Santiago
Sadness is easy.
Sadness is fluid.

Sadness is a teardrop
that flows
to a river
Sadness flows.

Sadness is the rain
that pours
on a Sunday afternoon
Sadness pours.

Sadness is a long drive
in a strech of a road
without trees
without people
without houses
Sadness stretches
Sadness is never ending.

Sadness is looking outside
the airplane window
seeing nothing
but clouds
no ground
no greens
no blues.

Sadness is looking up
at the sky
at the vast dark sky
without stars
without clouds
without the moon.

Sadness is the abyss
Sadness is blank
Sadness is flat
Sadness is stagnant
Sadness is easy.
 Dec 2015 Santiago
Ariel Baptista
You have heard it said that
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
But truly I tell you that
I am that I am that I am that I am
Dripping with Jehovah and stardust we fell to earth
Pieces of atmosphere pieced together
And who can trace the mythology of our chemical compositions
Or rewrite the narrative of our anatomies?
I fell to earth soaked in Yahweh and covered in snakebites
Black holes where the fangs sunk into the astronomy of my freckled skin
All the galaxies of my body each with their own elliptical orbits
Connect the dots to form two wolves in my milky way
Romulus and Remus –
My ******* bear venom white as the purest lamb
Whisper astrology and
Remember the day we built Rome by stacking corpses
Remember the day when all the stars burned red for us
But that was millennia ago and
I’m not your Venus anymore –
I’m nobody’s ******* Venus anymore
It was the age of Pisces and we came out drenched in Messiah
You found me picking painted roses on asteroid planets
With a blonde-haired child and a fox
In the garden green snakes and white roses
Thorns and soft pink ribbon-tongues
Fangs and velvet petals
Two drops of blood in the white sand like Mary,
I bore a son and named him Ares
I named him Mars
I named him Set
Boys will be boys will be boys will be monsters, you know that
I am that I am that I am that I am.
Swim down deep enough into the black waters and you’ll reach the heavens
Keep drawing blood from thorn wounds and you’ll drag out the atmosphere
Stare out intently into the abyss and the abyss will stare back into you
These are the things we knew
When we reached the outer boundary of the cosmos
And realized how hydrogen is nothing but celestial amniotic fluid
We, motionless
Smothered by God and Carbon and perfume and poison
In this ****** we named universe
On this fetus we named Earth
I am that I am that I am that I am
Truly with you until the end of the age
Until the afterbirth of star matter gets tossed out with the baby and the bathwater.
You have heard it said
A rose called by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet
But truly I tell you
A rose is only as beautiful and fragrant as its thorns are sharp
And if you want to know what fills the space between protons and electrons
The gaps between breaths
The light-years between planets
Then listen to the sound of your own heart beating
Counting down the gestation period of our own reality
I am that I am that I am that I am
I’m more than a Rose.
 Nov 2015 Santiago
Randy Johnson
The almighty Jehovah is my Master, he is the one who I serve.
He has my love and obedience and that is what he deserves.
If loving God is wrong, I don't want to be right.
He is my best friend, I praise him day and night.

Having faith in Jehovah can move mountains, that is true.
I hope that you love him because he certainly loves you.
Jehovah can also be your best friend, turning to him makes plenty of sense.
He will always be with you if he has your love and obedience.
 Nov 2015 Santiago
burning bright
I asked you to be
always honest with me,
to never tell me things
you don't mean.

I guess it took me
too long to realize
you stopped saying "I love you".
Be careful what you ask for.
I haven't been able to concentrate today.
Everything is out of focus,
except for you.
You are in painstaking clarity.

You are flooding my mind
and I am drowning
Submerged in memories
that play on a loop

We've become entangled
and we enjoyed it
because we only considered the present
and ignored the inevitable future

Now its crashed all around us
I'm struggling to untie the knots
Because I don't want to
Because I'm afraid you'll drift away

But then I remember why I fell for you
Because we have an insane amount of things in common
Because you are fun to talk to
Because we make each other laugh

Thats when I know
that everything will be alright
That I can breathe easy
That we'll always be friends
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