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Haunter Mar 17
I wish I could bottle up all this love and share it.
When everything just got super funny and you're feeling so fine.
For weeks on end.
Happy birthday to me, from my bipolar disorder.
Haunter Mar 5
When they come fishin'
for arguments.
Hooks and all,
Don't take the bait.

Swimming with the current is always easier.
Fighting waves will get you no where

I'd rather be ******* happy than entertain your anger. Thanks.
Haunter Feb 27
I'm smarter than my anxiety.
But peer pressure is one **** of a drug.
How can one know what they're supposed to be?
Its not like we were given a memo on this ****.
I dont know is an appropriate answer, only if you're being honest.
Haunter Feb 9
I am nothing
but a conduit
to a higher force.
Wire tapping
conversations that have a higher voltage than my own.
Current is but a dream.
In nightmare of statistics and variables.

What are we?
All dead with out peace.
Haunter Aug 2018
I'm everybody's fool in April,
showers can't even get me clean enough.

These days the filth I've become,
Is eating me alive.
Deep inside my heart.
Like prasites feeding off my soul.
I'm just as broken and just as ****** as the rest of you.
Haunter Aug 2018
Love is like the plague.
A black death triggered by unsettling feelings of false hope.

Trust is but an illusion.
On the lone road, I walk.

With all my friends that no one else can see.
Except for me.

I'm only alone on the outside.
You see?
Haunter Aug 2018
My element is fire and by golly, if I must, I will burn this ***** down to  the ground.
Just to prove my point.

You have nothing left to fear when you've already lost it all.

It's truly one of the most numbing and exciting times to be alive.

I'm Eating **** like it's going out of style.
But I digress, I was finished after seconds.

And no, I did not save room for dessert.
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