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  Apr 2018 Zeeshan
This isn’t want I wanted
I just want you
I want to love you
I just simply cannot
But I go along
For the adventures
For the poetry
For sweet nothings whispered
By you, a stranger
Zeeshan Dec 2017
I'm your December,
you are my January.

The end of a year
and the begining of a new.

I am the despair,
you are the hope.

You love me,
I do too.


I just don't wish for you,
to share the same angst.
Zeeshan Nov 2017
Tears, in her eyes
Only phobia I ever had,

Tears, in her eyes
Only thing i'll ever crave.
Zeeshan Aug 2017
With thunders and lighting,
We bid farewell to the home,
Deserving the European chrome.

The rivals celebrated the win,
We wept in deep sorrow,
Not of defeated, Neither humiliation,
It was something far important,
Our home, died, on a night
even the sky cried.

The night, we won,
Yet lost everything we had,
There was deep sorrow somewhere,
In a city lit up with festive joy,
Thats where Vicente Calderon was,
The home to Los RajiBlancos.
A quick tribute to Vicente Calderon, the home to Club Atletico de Madrid for 51 years...
Zeeshan Aug 2017
Told how to live, how to dress, how to talk,
Taught how to sit, how to eat, how to walk,
We buried our freedom beneath the gloss of life.

The savages lived happily after all,
Not caring about the gloss of success,
They enjoyed the hell hole, called life.
Zeeshan Aug 2017
beneath his flawless public facade,
coated by the veneer of composure;
and the gloss of success,
he hid tragic despair of his life…
Zeeshan Aug 2017
never will I ever try to fit myself,
in a predefined mould of perfection,

until the day comes,
all of our fingerprints are the same.
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