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Harper Ladd Sep 19
The one constant thing in my life
That I can absolutely depend on
Is my retainer.
People change, places change, life is just one change after another
But I know for a fact that when I go home, it will be there
Sitting on my counter
The exact same piece of plastic
Following me from adolescence to old age
The truest lifelong companion there ever was
Harper Ladd Aug 11
Watch as I cry rabbit tears
A slow, calm, trickling stream that flows down my face
And fills my basin with water for the crocodiles to swim around in
Delicate, soft, white and pink tears
Semi true regret and sadness disguised as mal intent
Get in get out
Don’t run little rabbit
Harper Ladd Jul 19
Heavily inspired by M.F. Doom’s instrumental “Star Anïs”)
It is a thing of unimaginable, twisting, sinew-y horror.
It is out of control and absolutely horrifying.
Like a damsel strapped to train tracks on a blue-black night.
The belching and bellowing coal train runs her over and the blood is
You cannot avoid it!
It is Agrimony I tell you, Agrimony!
It is a chaotic and malicious black cloud that just is.
You are at home watching cartoons on a Thursday night.
Your mother is at work.
You are home alone eating fruit loops.
The villain in your T.V. reaches out and talks to you.
You try to resist it but this malevolent vacuum ***** you in.
You claw and grip onto your stained carpet but Dr. Agrimony wins.
It is so midnight-y in your television.
Demons prance about and cause mischief and pain and sorrow in the smoky air.
Harper Ladd Jul 15
I found God
Speaking to me through a statue in a Notre Dame
The great Iam
His lips moving in the form of Jesus
Nailed to a cross
All it said was
“Exit Through the gift shop, please”
So I, the ever devoted servant, did
As I left without buying anything I slipped on the ******* steps
And hit my head
I started bleeding
As Jesus once did for us
Sticky, sweet, and warm
I looked around, horrified
Pleading for help
The shop attendants did nothing,
Their eyes were upon God

— The End —