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I walk upon the flames of my regrets
Rip up the roots of consciousness
from the darkened depths

Someday when and where the river
kisses the sea
When all the stars choose to fall
And there is no longer a gift from the sun
Then I will let leaf
As we fall in love

Kissing feeling true love,

God watching from above,

As I softly kiss you,

We suddenly fall in love

Holding hands together,

Loving you forever,

As I kiss you... I Softly whisper...... I love you...
the stars lie on the water,
shimmer as night bleeds
all its blacks like a dark root,

summer’s yellows are now
forgotten, darkness chisels
water and sky,

blossoms stony and grey
like a colossal and
beautiful flower.
you're the figure in the window
with secrets hard to keep
double paned fogged over
turning up the heat

makes it so hard
when you can hardly see
all that you have done
why do you do this to me

you would think that you'd know better
with your reflection glimmering
that it really matters
in word and in-deed

life isn't always
always what it seems
a fault line runs through dreams
why do you do this to me

in way too deep
with my own company
with friends like me
who needs enemies

closing of the curtains
so even the fog you can't see
in charge of my own keep
why do you do this to me
We both can't be right
But we both can be wrong
Think about that hard
Think about that long
Think about everytime
We find time to fight
We both can be wrong
But we both can't be right
you don't trust me
you think i am weak
since you don't understand
you shut me down before i speak

you think i am evil
you think i'm gonna fail when i'm alone
but you don't understand
that i'm better off on my own

you think i am emotional
you think i cry too much
but i'd like to inform you that
i express myself just enough
Today, the sky was sunny and bright.
Like ice cream, cold but light.
Then, the sky turned gray
as the wind and snow welcomed the night.
I look up, down and around
and wish I didn't feel so helpless here on the ground.
I can't control the weather. This is true.
But there are things I can control and so can you.
We can control what we learn.
We control what we type.
We control whether we run or stand up and fight.
We control all these things and so much more.
But you never know what life has in store.
One more thing to think about.
If we could control everything,
life would be so much duller.
Maybe that's why my favorite thing I control
is how much of the world I see in color.
 Mar 2019 harmony crescent
A little piece of
my soul comes out.
Everytime I see you.
with your golden locks.
those beautiful eyes
lighted up by the sun.
I could talk about you all day.
the waves, i hear them

my name on your lips
the sand is wet under my hands

your hands, the wetness of dried pain
grains between my fingers

your lingering touch
the white trails of the waves

hot on my cold lips
the riptide of our love

hit me
with the force of our kisses

sweet and salt
have you found your home?
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