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Oct 2017 · 902
Mindfulness (10word)
Happynessa Oct 2017
Life tethers bodies
Mindfulness soars freely
Blissfully radiating loves light
Jun 2016 · 953
Call me
Happynessa Jun 2016
When all that glitters is not gold
And valleys mist your open eyes
Call me , for my own magic wings
Can fly you to clearer sunnier skies

If the black dog is again on your back
And all you feel is the darkest grey
Call me ,for my own magic heart
Can beat your fears , calm your day

When your sense of perception
Has hidden all that you you've got
Call me , for my own magic eyes
Will show you all that you've forgot

When your days are  never-ending
And your  nights are hard sharp steel
Call me ,for my own magic angel
Tender love for you is all I feel
Jun 2016 · 538
Happynessa Jun 2016
Being peaceful takes courage
It means to always be loving
Without fear of repercussions
Making peace stimulating and
Quite exciting when heartfelt

Look out for peace in all ways
And stand your ground peacefully
Awakening all those sleeping by
Shining your light at all times

Be happy that you are peaceful
Today put into motion all your
Good intentions and there can
Be no other outcome than love
Jun 2016 · 446
Happynessa Jun 2016
Sometimes the earth beneath my feet shudders
And I feel in the depth of despair a longing for
The one thing that has kept me grounded for all
These years causing me to look at my emptiness
And cry out for you to return to hold me upright

The light that once burned with such bright sparks
Now leaves me to find my way in the darkest blue
Stumbling blindly from one sad minute to the next
With a loneliness that batters my aching heart as
I cry out for you to return the love I give  to you
Inspired by grace
Jun 2016 · 510
Happynessa Jun 2016
She has a blissful soul
And a waiting heart
Ready and able today
For a brand new start

She has her total trust
In her crazy destiny
Feelings that are ready
To fly high again free

She has winds of change
Ready for the flow
She has the strongest will
To just let it all go

She has the song of bluebirds
Within her inner voice
She knows she will always
Make the right choice

She's happy and bright each
And every new new day
Knowing she's dearly loved
In the best possible way
Simple but true **
Jun 2016 · 649
First breath
Happynessa Jun 2016
Through the stillness
Miracles rush around
A bridge of white light
Allowing all the truths
To pour like silken rain
Into the waiting hearts
Of those who yearn to
Know and return home
Great love resides here
Upon the silence of your
Very first inhale of breath
Jun 2016 · 829
Happynessa Jun 2016
When we really care about someone
Their mistakes can never change our
Feelings because it is the mind that gets
Angry but the heart still loves and cares
Our dignity may be cruelly mocked but
It can never be taken away without permission
We can't change what has gone only what is now
Stand beautiful strong and forever proud
That's when we are at our most inspiring
Jun 2016 · 370
Tears vacated(10W)
Happynessa Jun 2016
You've brought your smile
Into my eyes and removed
Jun 2016 · 409
Eyes and souls
Happynessa Jun 2016
Wrap your soul around mine
For unconditional love devine
Open yourself to the dynamic
Nature of your peaceful bliss
Your outer world is a reflection
Of your precious inner thoughts
Shine your light brightly knowing
Stars live within your loving eyes
The magic has always been within
Whispering gently in silent winds
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
Blissful joy
Happynessa Jun 2016
Your soul knows that uncovering
It's natural happiness lies in
Extending it's happiness outwardly
Like a spring bubbling forth
With its precious life giving gift of water

You have always been able to cope
With each situation that has
Presented itself to you and this is true
Of your future as it is of your past

All is always provided for you on your pathway
So spread those wings my dear friends and fly
In large sweeping motions and soft subtle breaths
As your life changing force brings you blissful joy
Jun 2016 · 972
Happynessa Jun 2016
Our emotions are transient
And knowing they will leave
Can be very uplifting giving
Us a choice again to believe

We can't continuously be happy
We can't always avoid our fears
It's not realistic but if we can just
Accept how we feel  without tears

We can put our emotions into balance
And repetition seems to be the best key
We can ensure our thoughts are positive
And make pathways to just joyfully be
I'm doing a course on "mindfulness"
May 2016 · 947
Happynessa May 2016
I am not what you think I am
You are what you think I am
As above so below
As within so without
Your perception of me
Is a reflection of you
Love and light x
May 2016 · 815
White lioness
Happynessa May 2016
She lies patiently while her babes drink from her body
She is calm after eating the meal delivered by her mate
He sits in front of her protective of her and his young cubs

She bats almost playfully at a blade of irritating grass that
Has been tickling her ear for what seems like a long time
The pups now sleep their tiny months still on her sore teats

She is calmer now for the run is over but inside something
Stirs maybe her female ancestors showing her new patterns
A new way of understanding almost forgotten by the others

She looks at her babies and softly purrs in her proudness
They **** absently in their sleep twitching in new dreams
She is relaxed serene could almost be sleeping herself

But do not be fooled by this white lionessfor she is strong
And she will fight to the death for her family her clan and
Her pride they are her reason for living her reason for being

She gently licks each of her cubs heads being extra careful
To avoid touching them with her huge sharp teeth thinking
Best to leave me and mine alone it's best not to try to hurt us
May 2016 · 321
Happynessa May 2016
Doing the right thing even when no one is watching
                                 That's  integrity
Not my quote but very apt x
May 2016 · 340
Happynessa May 2016
Restless yearning brings glass tears
To eyes blinded by regret
May 2016 · 484
Happynessa May 2016
New born babies apparently spend most
Of their time doing nothing ,just being

Their parents on the other hand are likely
To be in a mad whirlwind of non-stop doing

Most of us only go into Being mode on holiday
It usually takes a few days for us to wind down

We hardly ever have the time to just be ourselves
Mindfulness is a way of redressing the imbalance

You can gently retrain your mind to accept just Being
Your mind needs to rest as well as work ,try just being
My work for this week is
Just being ***
May 2016 · 375
At times
Happynessa May 2016
At times the emotions we keep inside
Seem almost too much to bear
Anger grief loss and guilt sometimes
Stay and refuse to go away
Until the only option is quiet despair

But somewhere from deep within your
Soul comes the sound you've waited for
And your swollen tearful eyes look
Upwards to see that chunk of light
That leads you to your place of peace

Keep looking my dear friend and you'll
See it's really there waiting for your
Gentle eyes to see life again in all its
Magical glory and its light will lead
You to the healing power of your soul
May 2016 · 582
Our souls(10w)
Happynessa May 2016
Loves tapestry unites us in
Interconnectedness and
Interdependence of souls
May 2016 · 391
Happynessa May 2016
Today I stand in the light
Of my own personal truth
Speaking loudly in the silence
To the magic that lies within

Today I surround myself in
The pink aura of blissful love
Rose quartz crystals sparkling
In my recently opened eyes

Today I resolve to focus upon
The love that underlies every
Situation bringing about gentle
Healing in undreamed of ways

Today I open my heart to love
Peace understanding and joy
Today I welcome you to join me
In this white pure light of love
May 2016 · 809
Happynessa May 2016
Loose yourself in nature
Fly with the winds
Of possibility
May 2016 · 7.9k
Choose happiness
Happynessa May 2016
Within the centre of your being
May you find peace
Every act of unconditional love
Echoes in eternity
Spread your wings and dance
Dreams into reality
If your situation  won't change
Then change yourself
The optimist is often as wrong
As the pessimist
But he is far far happier
Choose happiness
May 2016 · 992
Happynessa May 2016
Change is constant in our lives

Your perception of yourself
Affects your vibe so let only
The good vibes flow freely

Real transformation requires
Real soul searching honesty
To be your true loving self

Be the reason you feel awake
Elevated empowered and magical
Peeling back the layers of your ego

Spiritually its important to forgive
Those who have harmed or hurt you
So that you find your own inner peace

It seems nothing is impossible in our lives
May 2016 · 445
Happynessa May 2016
Sometimes the earth beneath my feet shudders
And I feel in the depth of despair a longing for
The one thing that has kept me grounded for all
These years causing me to look at my emptiness
And cry out for you to return to hold me upright

The light that once burned with such bright sparks
Now leaves me to find my way in the darkest blue
Stumbling blindly from one sad minute to the next
With a loneliness that batters my aching heart as
I cry out for you to return the love I give  to you
Inspired by Grace x
May 2016 · 491
Open your heart
Happynessa May 2016
We are blessed with radiant love
Open your arms and release the
Challenges that you've held tightly
Gripped in your arms and hands
Open your heart to the radiant love

Release tension and surrender the
Need to control and things will
Start to get better ensuring our
Happiness within our daily lives
Allowing our spirit to soar higher

Make the time to reward yourself
Keep your energy and motivation
At a consistently high level and
Make time for self care today and
Always open your heart to love

Turn on the universal light of love
Elevate your vision to a more loving
Vantage point seeing only the beauty
Affirm what you desire ,release fear
And open your heart to radiant love
May 2016 · 640
To You
Happynessa May 2016
Within you is the power
To rise above any situation
May the positive energy
Of the universe surround
You and flow through you
Peace to your mind
Love to your heart
Calm to your spirit
And happiness to your life
For all my HP friends x
May 2016 · 355
Happynessa May 2016
Only through casting your inevitable care and worries
To the true source of love can a partnership remain
On the highest spiritual plane possible for us

Friends are like a second family chosen by us for us
And in our minds and hearts we surround them
With the white blue light of forgiveness and love

Our family can help us feel peace and love allowing
Us to live in the warm light of happiness and security
For family is all we need  in our wonderful world
May 2016 · 406
Panic Attack
Happynessa May 2016
The blue sails of my bedroom
Offer me the solid protection
From the crazy winds that blow
Through my open wide searing
Eyes showing me the intolerable
Future that seems to be my fate

The yellow canary sits so quietly
Watching with a furrowed brow
While panic hovers red rainbows
With an ease that sound terrifies
Heartbeats thumping way too fast
And purple clouds plume skyward

The black dog beckons his spiteful
Realm into the darkening evil night
Again alive to speak dangerous words
To a frightened troubled forlorn soul
And under the blue I try to set my sail
Through stinking sludge sticking glue
I think the political phrase is " her position is untenable"
May 2016 · 360
Happynessa May 2016
In my magic land of make believe
My hair is blonde my eyes are blue
My fertile body is strong and young
Your love for me is honest and true
May 2016 · 278
We meet
Happynessa May 2016
We met in the sun's warm presence
Under the old clock towers time
It's like we have always known
Each other as we merge together

Our smiles are easy and comfortable
And closeness soon develops which
No one else can see even though it's
Crowded as people rush and dash

We sit together over frothy coffee
Añd plan our future long days
It seems like it's just us in the
Universe together at last forever
May 2016 · 524
Why ??
Happynessa May 2016
Why do negative people
Have a problem for
Every solution
May 2016 · 848
Great treasures
Happynessa May 2016
Those people whose first instinct is to smile
When you make eye contact with them
Are some of earths greatest treasures
And the pain that I've been feeling
Can't compare to the joy that's
Returning into my life giving
Me blessing after blessing
I'm truly grateful **
May 2016 · 353
Happynessa May 2016
Look inside my eyes and see my heart
Untold stories of pain and sadness
Something has broken inside of me
How many times do I smile crying
Tasting your mind loving it's flavour
Sometimes holding on is harder than
Letting it all disappear into the blue
Sometimes I just miss the memories
Now fading like an olden day fairytale
May 2016 · 298
Happynessa May 2016
I have tasted your mind
And cannot forget it's flavour
May 2016 · 377
Happynessa May 2016
The next time you're tempted
To judge someone else harshly
See their health and happiness
A more positive route can build
Self esteem and healing and you
Will notice how much better you feel

There are many universal laws
And among them is our free will
Allowing us to make good choices
And wise decisions that help all
Bringing you ideas and clear clarity
To understand the needs of others

Our strength and truthfulness will
Help when feeling victimized and
Will gently guide our spoken words
So we communicate our needs to
Others and loving assertiveness
Becomes much easier for yourself
May 2016 · 353
Long distant lover(10w)
Happynessa May 2016
Our garden reflects
Heaven on earth
But overgrown
May 2016 · 646
Happynessa May 2016
We're always a little more open minded at night
With forgiveness being the perfect painkiller
And wisdom the reward for a lifetime of listening
When we would have preferred to have spoken

The past can not be changed and opinions don't  
Have to refine our new and trembling reality
Happiness is always found within our souls
And our journey could take a change of direction

So dare we fly in formation just the two of us
Powering each other into the fresh cool air
Overcoming gravity with the ease of pleasure
And gliding on delicate feathery wings of peace
May 2016 · 387
Voice (10w)
Happynessa May 2016
There's a voice that does not use words
                     Just listen
Apr 2016 · 320
Touch and meet
Happynessa Apr 2016
I love my dreams ,that edge of reality
Where you and I touch and meet
Our pathway is not straight it's a spiral
You continually come back to things

You see deeper truths in untold stories
Fragmented energy from the same source
Because what we put out returns back
We live a little differently than before

We look at eyes and see inside hearts
We taste minds and recognise hunger
Ribs become cages for wild animals
And love shines again in molten gold
Apr 2016 · 1.5k
The Great Pretender
Happynessa Apr 2016
I pretend to be wise
I'm not
I'm as foolish as a fooler

I pretend to be strong
I'm not
I'm as weak as a new born

I pretend i am happy
I'm not
I'm as sad as my username

I pretend it's so easy
It's not
It hurts my tired soul

Be gentle my precious world
I don't want to be a pretender
Just one of those days x
Apr 2016 · 995
Weeds or Wishes
Happynessa Apr 2016
A field of dandelions
One hundred weeds
Or one thousand wishes
Your choice
Thanks B
Apr 2016 · 829
Happynessa Apr 2016
Never trade your authenticity for approval
Always be the exception
Apr 2016 · 346
A Long Night
Happynessa Apr 2016
There is a weariness of fairy tales
A magical desire to just surrender
To sleep dark and seamless space
And let the gaze follow the black

Shifting sand with nothing to hold
Onto,dust falling through fingertips
The gap in the curtains showing the
Black dog the way to a saddened soul

Smooth sea that never made a sailor
Years of education that never taught
How to love yourself or have dignity
Or how to nurture with open hearts

A child's high voice sounding like
A spash of pennies falling together
A life waylaid by regret drowning
In shadows,untruths and uncertainty
Apr 2016 · 254
Happynessa Apr 2016
I will hold you up when you can't stand
I will wipe tears away when you weep
I will fight for you when you give up
I will love you always and forever

The one who loves you will keep you
Centered and fill your heart with life
Trust the wisdom of your loving soul
And choose wisely who you empower
Inspired by native American laws
Apr 2016 · 2.2k
Happynessa Apr 2016
The awakening to knowledge of yourself
Is an individual process of seeking truths
Allow the stillness and find your peace
Nothing in nature blooms for all the year
Sometimes we can not escape the darkness
But we can learn to love ourselves there and
What we find may be a blessing in disguise
Apr 2016 · 464
Happynessa Apr 2016
I understand the importance of anchors
And know what can happen when the
Rope that ties them to their life is cut

But here in the warm sea of creativity
I can feel the wings of happiness beating
As geese draw giant arrows in a red sky

Love cherishes these precious moments as
It anticipates the next heartbeat of potential
While mother tide puts the salty beach to bed
Apr 2016 · 337
Happynessa Apr 2016
Allow yourself to spontaneously
Celebrate love and its glorious colours
Apr 2016 · 349
Happynessa Apr 2016
Mystery seemed to attach itself to him
Years ago when the dream was new he
Had known he was looking for someone
That he had to go in the right direction

No matter how many times he dreamt
He just couldn't seem to find them and
Eventually he always found himself lost
Snipped out of reality with sharp scissors

His mind shied away like a horse refusing
To jump and his memories in the dark
We're shiny threads that swayed and
Moved almost ready to snap with sorrow
Apr 2016 · 741
Fall inside
Happynessa Apr 2016
She wondered what it would feel like
To escape the rigid boundaries of words
And speak in the fluid language of art

The chemical pull of the pen was exciting
But the blissful sensation of the brush
May give way to time losing its meaning

Her love of art came from her childhood
Story books when opened meant she
Could fall inside the wonderful illustrations

Years of life and years of passion spent inside
Black and white sketches and drawings
Magical incredible frightening and amazing

She feels the silence between poetry and art
She feels them expand and soften until it seems
Like a giant bubble that holds them both
Apr 2016 · 464
Happynessa Apr 2016
With her heart on her sleeve
She tells him who deceives
She'll love him till her dying day

With a sneer in his eyes
Very coldly he replies
He's waiting for that day

With truth on her lips
The poison she sips
Silently ends the day
For Carel
Apr 2016 · 543
Circle of love
Happynessa Apr 2016
You smile and my love cherishes the moment
As it anticipates the next heartbeat of potential
It's like a precious tapestry that unites us all
In its rich colours of rainbows in bloom

You smile and my heart beats stronger ,faster
Pushing love all through my body and out of
The top of my head causing a flood of white
Light to cascade on all who come into contact

You smile and my eyes shine unconditional
Love for you my family and all humanity
Caring is a way of sharing from the heart
Circle of love is completed if you just smile
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