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Playing basketball is fun
You can play it in the Sun
Yes, playing basketball is fun

You can play it at night
Even though you may just
Need a little light!

You can play basketball with a friend,
Passing bouncing lots of fun
Don’t have a friend won’t **** the fun.

Now go ahead and play basketball,
Go enjoy and do some more!
Who LOVES holidays?
Of course is me!
Who doesn’t like holiday?
Not me!

If you don’t like...
You can go playground or...
Play something amazing!

If you like holiday,
I will introduce some places you can go!
Fly on an airplane..
And go to..., my favourite is
   let’s count.. 1..2..3
🇯🇵 Japan!
I lie on the bed 🛌
Feeling so puffy and soft,
If I put blankets, and...jump on it
Is bouncy!

If I put some cushions...
We can... play a game!

If we put.. cushions and blankets!
We... can play ...
Bouncy game!
Cheese stuck in my throat!
Brings out best strength of me though...!
Lovely cheese we know?!
Princess is beautiful and elegant
Elegant as she is
Her beauty is not defined by beautiful dresses

Prince is handsome and charm
Charm as he is
His charisma is not bound by a coat

Legacy to pass on with a daughter to hold on
Elegance to be in born
With beauty to build on
The leaves the colours
are beautiful
Red, yellow, green
We pick them home and do some drawings...

The leaves the colours
are beautiful
but is not in spring
it is red
But we can still take home too!
Moon rises from the sky
shines brightly when I sleep...

Sun rises from the sky
shines brightly when I learn...

In tandem they serve the earth
Love of which we need not yearn
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