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Hammy Apr 2020
A blank smile, a hollow shallow voice.

Empty sunken eyes, and a bland neutral laugh.

A monochrome colored feeling. Waiting and dreaming.

Let us see what the makeup of my love will be.

A watery smile, a gentle soft voice.

Zippy naive eyes, and a springy energetic laugh.

A rose-colored feeling. Blooming young and sweet.

The first turn is done. This is the makeup of my love.

A fiery smile, a loud booming voice.

Aggressive determined eyes, and a bold vivid laugh.

A crimson colored feeling. Thriving with passion and might.

The second turn is done. This is the makeup of my love.

A zephyr smile, a mellow wither voice.

Calm collected eyes, and a waning droopy laugh.

A golden colored feeling. Slowly setting and fading.

The third turn is done. This is the makeup of my love.

A frosty smile, a quiet silent voice.

Dull knowing eyes, and an icy stiff laugh.

A crystal colored feeling. Frozen and bitter.

The last turn is done. This is the makeup of my love.

Time again will change my love. The smile and voice.

Like sugar to spice. Like day to night. Like one’s eyes and laugh.

All the right and wrong reasons. All the colored feelings and their thoughts.

For better or worse. What do you think of the makeup of my love?
Hammy Apr 2020
You and I
Me & You
The best of the best.
Together we are a team

Split apart or joined together.
We are the dynamic duo
Just you and me. Just me and you.
Together forever.

No one can defeat us.
Not a single soul.
No one’s foolish enough to try and take us on.
Together we are mighty.

Hey? What?
Wanna rule the world?
I thought you would never ask!
Together we are strong!

POW! Nice hit!
Wham! Nice Punch!
Smash! Kapow! Bam! Boom!
Together we are invincible!


Wait? What?
You cannot rule!
Better than you!
No way! Get out my face!

Chaos descended upon the ultimate team.
The in-fighting reaching its peak.
Soon scars were etched deep to the bone.
Until the dust finally settled.

Who are we?
Who am I?
I cannot tell.
It is all a blur.
Hammy Apr 2020
Alone I sit. Alone I wait.

It is ok. “Because I am here”, my hero will say.

The heroes who fight, win, and save the day.

The heroes who care, smile, and lead by example.

It is only just a matter of time, as I wait for my hero to arrive.

Alone I sit. Again, I wait.

Everyone walks by and sees me there, only to just look away.

“No need to worry” they say. Why? “Because I am here”, your hero will say.

So, it will be ok. Now be good and wait for the hero to arrive.

The sun continues to shine, with such blistering light.

Alone I sit. Alone I wait again.

Was I not worth saving? Did everyone forget me?

Where are you my hero? Is anyone there?

“Because I am here!”

The sun ends, and the rain begins.

What do I do now? I sat there, withered, and torn for wear.

“You poor thing. You’ve been through a lot”

A voice finally calls out, as the shadow reaches out.

The words so sweet and assuring. The ones I always want to hear.

My face is wet and stained but I can no longer tell if it is the rain or tears.

“It is ok now. Because I am here.” I reach out only to stare into an empty lot.

— The End —